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 Food for thought…

joe11) I’m gonna annoy some people… piss ’em right off in fact… if that’s how it’s gotta be then that’s the way it will be. What the fuck am I talking about?



Listen up folks… this is not whether I think the man should die or not for what he did… and… understand what he did was horrific and if ever the death penalty could be applied this just might be the spot where it is and would be most applicable. That’s not my problem.

Truth be told, the people that matter the most… the relatives and loved ones of those who were murdered or maimed for life were most subdued and solemn… none were joyful when the sentence was announced… no one shouted with joy that a human being was going to be sentenced to the ultimate determination… death. Some people cried…

One victim there in the courtroom… a person who almost bled to death and whose mom lost both her legs said “My mother and I think that now he will go away and we will be able to move on. Justice. In his own words, ‘an eye for an eye.’”

And understand… I know not how I would be if I were any of the people most effected by what the puke did when he and his brother used their pressure cooker bombs to commit their atrocity against those folks in Boston… and… frankly… I hope I never need to find out how I would feel or react.

I believe this… whatever the people had to deal with about what went down… whatever they felt… it had to be a terrible hurtful reality, a defying gut wrenching force that was and is embedded in their souls… their minds… forever and forever… a sentence they will never ever probably be truly freed from… but no one in that courtroom expressed the words that the New York Daily News did on that front page headline.

When I saw and read that headline my brain simply said “What the fuck?!”

Why? Because as much as the people, who felt the most harm from the terrorist puke who did the murderous deed against them, were solemn… the Daily News pandered to a segment of our society with depravity and crassness…

Yeah… there are those who probably said “Hell, yeah” too, when the sentence was delivered by the jury and announced in the courtroom but a newspaper is there to report the news not create the news. And, it is not supposed to glorify death in any way, shape, or, form…and.. that is exactly what I feel they did when they declared on their front page “Hell, Yeah”.

The puke probably does deserve to die for what he did but for the News to glorify that… someone’s death… I think it’s wrong and misdirected and not the purpose of what a newspaper should be doing…

Think what you want and say what you want… that’s just me… I do not find anything worth exalting about when and where death is concerned.

I have used this line before… I use it again now…

Jesus don’t like killing no matter what the reason’s for…

Substitute whatever deity, god or iconic figure you want for the name Jesus but it’s all the same… they don’t like killing no matter what the reason’s for… at least any deity, god or iconic figure that I would want to believe in.

The Daily News did a disservice to newspaper people and newspapers, as well as their readership, when they ran that headline in my mind. Yes, thy want to sell newspapers but not at the cost of their reputation and conscience.

Death is not something to rejoice in no matter whose death it is. Maybe it’s deserved but it is not a moment that is an occasion for a celebration… sorry… no “Hell Yeahs”… it’s not a sporting event… with cheerleaders and pompoms. Report the news and save the editorializing for the editorial page.

Justice can often be hard and cruel and usually deserved… and in this circumstance let the man be doomed to the fate that he wrought from the dastardly deed that he did…

Let justice be served…

But do it with dignity and not crassness.

Food for Sustenance…

Snap, crackle, pop…

2) Former Texas congressman and three-time presidential candidate Ron Paul has long been one of the most vociferous opponents of interventionism in American foreign policy, but the libertarian-leaning conservative has some harsh words for some of his allies in that fight.Ron Paul

In an interview earlier this month with Lew Rockwell, Paul said that members of the Congressional Black Caucus oppose military intervention abroad because they’d rather spend funds on food stamps than war. Specifically, he said… “I was always annoyed with it in Congress because we had an anti-war unofficial group, a few libertarian Republicans and generally the Black Caucus and others… are really against war because they want all of that money to go to food stamps for people here.”

Ironically… I think that’s a good thing… paying for more folks who need to get food to get that food through food stamps as long as they deserve the assistance. But, something tells me that’s not what Ron Paul was meaning when he said what he said. Maybe, I’m wrong… lord knows I do that often enough sometimes… but I just don’t.

3) Talking about food stamps…

Weird thing I recently saw strongly suggest that it turns out that the people who are the most negatively affected by Republican cuts in food programs… are Republicans.

Seems statistics reveal that the city holding the most beneficiaries of the SNAP program… aka food stamps… which just so happens is a program that the elephants seem to target a lot… is 99.22% white and 95% Republican. And where be that city? Happens to be in Majority leader of the Senate… big cheese elephant Mitch McConnell’s… territory… Owsley County, Kentucky. The poorest county in America…

Yeah, I said city and now I’m saying county but the fact is Owsley only has… as of the 2010 census… 4755 folks living there… so… it’s like it’s one big but small sad little city that’s really a county… it is what it is…


Anyway… besides little old Owsley County… a TIME analysis of county-by-county food stamp enrollment data, shows elephants represent more districts that have large amounts of folks that use SNAP than the donkeys.

From the TIME report:

“While congressional districts with the absolute highest levels of enrollment are more likely to be represented by Democrats, many rural districts with very high participation in the program are represented by Republicans leading the charge in cutting billions from the program. In Kentucky’s 5th district, represented by Republican Hal Rogers, 1 in 3 people receives SNAP benefits. (And) After the House passed its version of the farm bill, however, (Kentucky Congressman Hal) Rogers wrote: “Struggling children, seniors, veterans and families, clearly in need of assistance … compete against scammers, lottery winners, gamblers and others who may be able to work, but simply refuse.”

Now… a lot of economists tend to say that food stamps spur on money being spent when poor folks use them which really makes up for what the program costs. But, usually the elephants say “Naw, that ain’t really right… it’s tax breaks… (that mostly go to millionaires and billionaires because it ain’t us babe)… that encourages the big bucks to be spent .We need to be cutting those wasteful programs that do things that feed peeps” … which somehow seem to be their own.

Simply put… these are the top states with the most people on food stamps (Info is current as of February, 2015…

7) Louisiana… Number of food stamp recipients: 877,340; percentage of the state’s population on food stamps: 18.87% and total cost of the benefits is about $108.22 million… cost per person is $23.27.

6) West Virginia… Number of food stamp recipients: 362,501; percentage of the state’s population on food stamps is 19.59% and total cost of the benefits alone is about $44.71 million… cost per person is $24.17.

5) Tennessee… Number of food stamp recipients: Just over 1.31 million; percentage of the state’s population on food stamps is 20.04% and total cost of the benefits is about $161.9 million… cost per person is $24.72.

4) Oregon… Number of food stamp recipients: 802,190; percentage of the state’s population on food stamps is 20.21% and total cost of the benefits is about $98.96 million… cost per person is $24.92.

3) New Mexico… Number of food stamp recipients: 430,622; percentage of the state’s population on food stamps is 20.65% and total cost of the benefits is about $53.12 million… cost per person is $25.47.

2) District of Columbia… Number of food stamp recipients: 142,707; percentage of the state’s population on food stamps is 21.66% and total cost of the benefits is about $17.6 million… cost per person is $26.72.

1) Mississippi… Number of food stamp recipients: 656,871; percentage of the state’s population on food stamps is: 21.94% and total cost of the benefits is about $81.03 million… cost per person is $27.06.

Notice anything about these seven states and one district? Four states are blue… three red plus the DC is red… but the top three SNAP giver outers? All elephantine…

So why ina hell do the elephants wanna cut their own peeps throats by always talking about cutting back on the food stamps program?

Any takers on this?

4) Clarence Blackmon, an 81-year-old, 115 pound North Carolina man with cancer, was months in a hospital when he was released to his home… there was nothing edible in his refrigerator… at the end of his wits… alone… he called 911.

He said to the operator, “What I need is someone to get to the grocery store and bring me some food because I need to eat something. Whatever you can do to help. I can’t do anything. I can’t go anywhere. I can’t get out of my damn chair.”


Man calls 911 for food
Man calls 911 for food

Why in the fuck was this man left in this position? Alone… wheel chair bound… with no assistance… I mean even if he has no insurance the damn hospital people didn’t know any of his situation at all?

That is beyond the pale. Simply unbelievable and inconceivable. He was months in a hospital how could they not do some type of research on where they were releasing him and then make sure he had some type of assistance… which obviously he needed?

Marilyn Hinson, answered the man’s call… and when she disconnected from the conversation, went to a grocery, contacted some cops and they delivered bags of stuff to Clarence’s home.

Hinson told local station ABC, “He was hungry. I’ve been hungry. A lot of people can’t say that, but I have. I cannot stand to see anyone go hungry.”

After the cops brought in the groceries, Hinson filled his refrigerator and then made Blackmon some sandwiches.

And freaking finally… he’ll now have the help of a home health care nurse twice a week, according to ABC.

Blackmon said, “It was like a little miracle ringing in my year.”

Luckily an angel answered his call and pleas for somebody to care…

5) A Kentucky woman didn’t get out of her home very often but when she did she would usually go to fast food place Qdoba Mexican Grill. The woman, with physical disabilities, would catch a bus, get off and then wait in the restaurant’s parking lot until someone would let her in.

Qdoba employee Ridge Quarles
Qdoba employee Ridge Quarles

An Qdoba Mexican Grill employee, Ridge Quarles, knew the woman was a regular customer but he never learned her name…some weeks ago he brought he her usual lunch order… a taco salad with hot sauce and cheese — and asked if she had everything she needed…

She said, “Sir, if you don’t mind could you help me eat?'”

Quarles put on gloves and began feeding the woman her food…

An amazed customer, David Jones, started filming the scene… he later told media sources she did it so he could show his friends “there’s still some good people in the world.”

When asked, Quarles said, “She needs help and if I wasn’t going to do it, no one was.”

A woman simply wanted a taco salad… instead she got that plus a side order of kindness…

Quarles has since been praised by media around the country, including and NBC News.

PS… according to his Facebook page…. Quarles has since left Qdoba and is now a client coordinator at a web design company.

Let’s hope someone has learned from Ridge’s example and keeps on serving them damn side orders with the meals.

Food and a simple act of kindness. It’s not that much but not always around when some people need it.

Mr. Quarles was given an opportunity and fulfilled it well… very well indeed.

 And other news…

6) Rutherford County Sheriff Sgt. Jon Levi was first on site at a fire in Lascassas (TN) and he immediately that then family was out of the house safely… except for their dog, Abby.

Levi ran inside the house and found the dog unconscious in her kennel. Abby was not breathing.

He grabbed hold of the dog and ran outside to fresh air… laid Abby down and began breathing into her snout.

Abby gasped…

Sheriff and Abby
Sheriff and Abby

Abby, has a small cough but will fully recover.

One of Abby’s owners said, “He didn’t have to do what he did, but God placed him there at the right time, At the right place to do what he does, and I am forever grateful for that.”

Al I know is every living breathing creature deserves a chance to live as long as they can on the third rock from the sun… but… ya just never know when the time is up.

Sheriff Levi for whatever reason decided to give a living creature another shot at living… to most folks Abby was just a dog but to Sheriff Levi Abby was a part of someone’s family who deserved to be saved. So he did what he had to do to take a shot at keeping a family together.

And, as he said “It worked.”

7) A Wisconsin woman, Rachel Lysne, said she and her husband felt they had to “do something” after watching the news of slain NYPD Officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu on TV.

Lysne said she and her husband were sitting at the kitchen table talking about what their alternatives to help pay off the mortgages for the two murdered officers’ families when their eldest daughter, Gretchen, said, “I’ll give my money.” Then the younger daughter. Victoria, immediately said, “I will too.”

And that’s what they did… the sisters… Gretchen, 9, and Victoria, 7… donated $20 to the Tunnel to Towers Foundation, which raised over $800,000 to pay off the officers’ mortgages.

When asked why she did what she did, Gretchen said, “I did it because I wanted to make the widows happy and I just wanted them to have a good life without their husbands.”

Out of the mouths of babes… simple… honest … direct.

When the word got back to the charity’s organizers about what the young children did they were astounded… they called the Lysne family last month to invite them to New York City.

Mom says, what her daughters did still amazes her but that there is still something that amazes her more… “I guess the biggest thing I have to say is I just can’t believe the $20 each meant so much to this town, to these people.”

Meaning the Big Apple… NYC… and the people who must of seen it all but maybe they hadn’t… when it was said and done maybe two little children’s innocent and honest gesture of caring and love softened even tough New York City hearts. Gretchen and Victoria presented with FDNY sweatshirts and hats

So, on Friday, (5/15), the girls and mom and dad, were invited up to the 23th floor of One World Trade Center, where top officials from the FDNY and the Port Authority presented them with gifts for their thoughtfulness. Port Authority Executive Director Patrick Foye handed the girls oversized blue Port Authority Police jackets with their names embroidered on the front.

Foye said, “It’s a gift from the heart for two girls from America’s heartland.”

FDNY Commissioner Daniel Nigro added pull-over sweatshirts also embroidered with their first names sewn on the right side and their last name embroidered in the center of the FDNY logo.

Gretchen, with a beaming smile from ear to ear, said, “It’s really nice and it’s really cool.”

All during the festivities Gretchen held a teddy bear that was wearing a blue jacket that matched the one she now wore… gretchen and victoria

It seems that before she was invited to come to come to NY, Gretchen went to a build-a-bear party and all on her own she dressed her personal teddy in a police officer’s uniform… she named the teddy… Rafael Ramos.

Director Foye said, “It’s just an inspiring story.”

I got nothing to really add… except… children not only say the damndest things; they sometimes they do the damndest things too… 

8) Been noticing some real dumbass peeps in the news lately… quite a few in fact… now I think I know the reason why… at least… a real feasible possibility for the peeps being dumbasses…

Humans now have shorter attention spans than goldfish… forget about being smarter than a seven year old or however old that TV show says the kids are… some of us can’t even focus on one simple task for as long 8 freaking seconds… Gold fish do 9

Microsoft researchers looked at three different types of attention: Sustained attention is the ability to focus on one task continuously; selective attention is the ability to respond when distractions come up; and alternating attention is multitasking. To get a measure of focus levels, the researchers asked 2,000 Canadians to take online surveys, play games and have their brain electricity measured.

What was discovered was that the increased use of digital devices… all our cell phones, tablets, laptops, etc… messes up our sustained attention… the good news.. eys there is some… the increased digital stuff we use? It doesn’t affect our selective attention, and actually improves our alternating attention.

And???? So?

So, go freaking figure…

But, right now gold fish got longer attention spans than we do… and… I think that’s why it seems there is a lot of dumbasses running around doing dumbass stuff…

Hell… it’s all I got right now to explain, some of the stuff peeps be doing, so, I be sticking to it.

8) File this under nothing’s really free….



9)  Remember last week I wrote about the Veteran with PTSD who smashed a car window to rescue a trapped dog from dying due to being overheated? hot-car

Yep… the one where when the woman whose car and dog was involved got all pissed off and demanded the cops bust the dude’s ass?

Ken Mauldin, district attorney for the Superior Court of Athens-Clarke and Oconee counties, dropped the charges Monday… and the dog owner agreed with the decision.

Mauldin said, “She didn’t realize at the time an arrest would be made.” Okayyy…. Believe that and I got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell ya’

Mauldin also noted his victim advocate had had a few words with the lady, too.

No report on what was said… but… I can only imagine that it wasn’t all sorts of pleasantries being distributed around during the conversation.

Bottom line… Michael Hammons is free to go his own way and that’s the way it should have been from the get go… the only crime that was committed was when that damn lady locked that poor pupdog in the car.

10) A California mother who created an Instagram account to document her toddler’s tough ass war with cancer was left heartbroken and without any answers when the social media photo sharing site deleted the account. 

Lauren Hammersley had wanted to show her daughter, when she was older, what she went through to beat the odds and overcome the cancer… but… now she fears she is left with nothing. hazel21n-4-web

Over 7 million people had viewed the accounts photos with many folks leaving words of encouragement. 

Hammersley said, “There were quite a few photos and videos that I did not save. But more importantly, it was the comments that I wanted to share with her someday. I wanted to show her the impact she had on the community.” 

On April 21, 2013 her little girl, Hazel, was diagnosed with stage 3, high-risk neuroblastoma. Hammersley created “Hope For Hazel” Instagram account… it documented how her daughter fought the good fight … and won… beating her cancer. 

Hazel is now strong and being a child… 

So why come Instagram did this? Anyone got a reason? Seems like it was really some dumbass shit that went down.

The fact they are being very, very, very quiet speaks volumes in my mind.

This week’s gratuitous pictures…

Lena Johanna Gercke (27) is a German fashion model and television host.Lena-Gercke-1226454 lena%20gercke%20image%201920%20x%201200



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  1. Joe,

    I’m with you on the death penalty. The position of societies with the death penalties is absurd: It’s wrong for an individual to kill, but it’s okay for the society to do it. Nuts.

    With respect to:

    “So why ina hell do the elephants wanna cut their own peeps throats by always talking about cutting back on the food stamps program?

    “Any takers on this?”

    Representatives in our society tend to get elected by money spend and votes cast by the rich and “almost rich.” The majority of those with limited resources and opportunities do not vote. The result is that who do have the resources don’t want the poor to steal what they have worked so hard to accumulate.

    So there are many cases of people locked into their own homes (perhaps even in chairs they cannot get out of) and who cannot care for themselves.

    Some society, eh.

  2. minor point… when you say steal I would use quotation marks so it reads “steal”… but maybe that’s just me.

    Otherwise, I hear, ya…

  3. Joe, point taken. I would put the quote marks around more of that sentence, however:

    The result is that who do have the resources “don’t want the poor to steal what they have worked so hard to accumulate.”

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