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Game of Thrones

Welcome to our Game of Thrones 5.6 — “Unbowed” Q&A,  If you are just joining us, neither EJ or I have read the books, and I cannot speak for EJ, but I have watched all the extra features on the Blu-Ray (thank you YouTube!) So no spoilers in the comments, so please don’t be that person.~David

FYI- Flipped the script this week, normally I send EJ the questions, then I add my answers after he replies, this week, I answered them, then sent them to EJ.

1) WTF Cersei?Cersei

David: Monster play by Cersei- she did better than I thought she would do, in nailing both Loras, her betrothed, and the queen herself. Just a massively smart move. She did however make two bad moves, 1) The King might actually miss his queen, and this could backfire on her badly, and more importantly 2) The Queen of Thorns in in the capital. If you think she won’t go all Ozzy on the Sparrows, you don’t know GRRM. With her son gone off to the Iron Bank, she is in charge, and she knows her son doesn’t have the spine to do what has been done. I fear if things don’t settle soon, The Tyrels might start sending troops. Baelish might be very happy to see the Tyrells burn Kings landing while on the way back from the North.

Earl: Cersei Lannister is continuing her power play. She has Loras and Margaery where she wants them, she thinks she has left Olenna powerless, and now she has the added benefit of possibly getting her revenge on Sansa Stark. All appears to be well in Cersei’s world. However, it could all come down on her pretty quick. The Faith Militant could find out about her own abominations, Olenna could scheme her way to the upper hand, and you really can’t trust Littlefinger can you? Cersei may think she has it all now, but I got a good feeling that it’s all going to go to shit in the next few weeks.

2) General Baelish?Lord Baelish

David: It’s harder to pay for a way than to win one.  History is littered with Kings who were crappy generals. Baelish might not be able to beat either Stannis or Lord Bolton in one on one combat. But he’s outlived the Starks and Arryns who could beat him one handed. I don’t think Peter has forgotten the lesson of what real power is from Cersei.

Earl: Littlefinger moves in another direction, and now you really have to wonder if he’s just operating from the seat of his pants. Littlefinger doesn’t strike me as the general type, so let’s hope for his sake that the knights of the Vale are truly committed to him or to the idea of kicking the Boltons out of the North. I don’t see why the Vale would readily commit to Petyr Baelish but Littlefinger does have a way with persuasion so things could get pretty interesting in the North.

3) Did the Sand Snakes fall short in their debut?Sand Snakes

David: Well, its early, but considering how badass the daddy was, and how tough the woman talks they did kinda get punked out. Jamie had more trouble with a common soldier than he did with his- and if Bronn wasn’t thinking of bedding them, eh would have wiped out the other two. True, it’s early, but man to they stink on ice. Going to be fun to see Jamie meet Dr. Bashir next week (or so) and see what happens there. I would like to know who the kids are- is that another brother, a legitimate son? A grandson? Cousin? What?

Earl: Honestly? I expected more from the scene where Jamie and Bronn encounter the Sand Snakes. It felt short and rushed, so yeah you can say that they felt short in their debut. To me that is an error on the part of the show runners and the director. You cut a scene from elsewhere in the show, to make that scene longer and more intense. I understand there are still four more episodes and plenty of time for the Sand Snakes to go, but their introductory fight scene does feel like a letdown.

4) Are Jorah and Tyrion worse off now?Tyrion and Jorah

David: Well, we knew Jorah was gonna end up in the fighting pits, thanks HBO previews- so it wasn’t a shock. I do love how the jousting bit was laughed off, since that is a rich man’s sport- kinda like someone saying he’s a great polo player to a bunch of rugby players. I expected to see a Jorah vs a slaver fight to prove how badass he is, but still could be seen next week as well. I do feel for the guy, just finding out his dad died. Now he really has nothing but Dany. Since Freemen are the only ones that can fight I’m guessing the slavers are going to “sponsor” Jorah in the pits, most likely to keep Tyrion alive.

Earl: It looks that way but I think they might be better off. Yes they are in the hands of slavers but at least they are on the way to Meereen. Once there, the two men are going to have to create their own luck if they are to get closer to Daenerys.

5) Scale of 1-10, how much did you expect Reek to snapSansa

David: I’m about an 8. I expected Reek to break and get slapped around some. I don’t know why Ramsey is trying to force Theon on Sansa.  With Theon losing his favorite toy, I was starting to wonder how bad it was going to get for Sansa. I get the feeling that Sansa is going to snap soon, with her being the one wanting to get out of Kings Landing, to get away from the snow, and get to a “gentle” man to take care of her and let her spend her days playing with flowers. Kind of sad, really. I think Sansa snapped and killed Reek before Reek snaps. If Theon can take what Ramsey did to Sansa, I don’t think he’s going to break.

Earl: My expectations were pretty low. I only gave it a 2. It would have seemed too convenient to have Reek snap back to Theon at that moment. Game of Thrones is a show of slow build. I definitely think we are on the road to seeing Reek become Theon Greyjoy again, and I absolutely believe the actor playing Ramsay Bolton shouldn’t plan on being a part of Season Six, but I didn’t think Reek would snap in that scene.

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