Movie Review: The Road Warrior

Road WarriorMovie Review:
The Road Warrior

As I stated Last week, This is where the series starts for me. The movie pretty much ignores what happened last time, as Mel Gibson’s time as a cop, his wife and kid, everyone else is pretty much glossed over. Since the last one, we have had a war between the two superpowers- guess who- and the main fight now is over vanishing supplies of petrol. Lets get into Mad Mad 2

Road MowhawkGibson is trying to get away from yet another gang- no relation to the other, as far as we know, and he is able to kill a pair of them and the others leave, Gibson then comes across a tanker truck, and is able to find some gas. A little bit later, he find a Gyrocopter and is taken by surprise by the pilot that is buried under the dirt. Max quickly turns the tables, but the pilot says he can take Max where there is more gas than he’d ever want. We get to a refinery, that is protected by a ring of cars, buses and trucks and under attack from the same gang.

Max and the Pilot watch as a group makes a run for it (in broad daylight) and they get caught, and we get beewb shots. Max goes to save them, and is able to get there before the leader dies. He promises all the gas Max can carry if he can get him back to the group. When Max gets the guy back to the group, he is treated like an invader- as you would think he would be, and when the guy dies, he is basically told to F* Off. and no petrol since the deal was with a dead guy. Nice people. They also act like they are going to steal his car. He tells them he knows of a tanker truck, and promises to bring it to them in exchange for the gas, and to get his car back. For some reason, now they trust him.

Now Mel goes off goes and gets the truck, with help from the Pilot, a but he makes it back in the circle. The Gang arrives full force and we have the stand off.

So How is this one?

Road Lord HumoungousThis one is MUCH more fun. We get the Ferral Kid, we get the S&M gear we get more of a battle between Max and the gang. Once the action starts, it doesn’t take 15 minutes out to show Max hanging with the wife and kids. Its a bleaker movie, since Max is the the only thing that can take on the gang, but since we don’t care about anyone BUT Max and the baddies, its all good. This movie just feels more 80s action.  My DVD set is a bare bones edition, but you can bet if I ever see an anniversary set for under 5 bucks, its mine. Maybe we will get an edition with the reboot. I’m going an 8 here. The is no major drag going on, the villains are fun, and it really doesn’t try and pander to the kids. Just a rock-solid action movie. Only the the climax prevents this from seeing double digits.

Just for fun, after the spoiler tag, I’ll throw out some questions, and my problems

Spoilers Shead

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  1. yup… great action movie… make some popcorn, get your favorite beverage… maybe some milk duds or sumpin and turn off your mind and float with the action…

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