Ultimate Fighter Season 21 Episode 4

TUF 21 LogoUltimate Fighter Season 21 Episode 4

This is the one we got previews of one of the fighters having a “life threatening issue” and an ambulance coming in.

Pick jump in after the last fight. Dan Lambert has some problems with Carl’s heart. We get a rah-rah speech. Hayder Hassan is still talking smack, but his hand is still hurting, so he’s not fighting. Typical “hold me back hold me back” posturing. Steve Mongomery is the pick.

Carrington BanksBlackzillians are not fooled by Hayder Hassan, and think Nathan Coy is the next guy up. They pick Carrington Banks, who hasn’t fought in 18 months and is moving up from lightweight. Damn, talk about a cutoff.

Now we get the big problem. Steve Montgomery has drank too much water and over-hydrated himself. He’s ok, but the house is scared. He has to leave the show. Sabah Homasi is picked to be the next man up. He jokes about his other job as a Male Entertainer . . .of ladies. He says if you want an exciting fight put him with a striker, want a boring fight? Put him against a wrestler. Well, he’s in there with the Blackzillians, so he’s screwed.

Fight Time! This gym is loud!

Ok, lets talk this fight.

Standup is actually pretty even. Guy 1 hits bigger shots, but Guy 2 hits more often.

Grapping is hard to decide, Guy 2 spends a lot of time holding Guy 1, who actually gets more offense while being held, but never really gets any control or dominate position, but spends a LOT of time just being held.

Octagon Control Guy 1 keeps cutting off the cage, and making Guy 2 move where he wants him, but never really unloads the hands. He pretty much does keep Guy 2 on the outside of the cage, I don’t think Guy 2 ever made it to the center of the cage after the first 10 seconds.

So who do you take

A) Guy 1
B) Guy 2
C) Don’t care- it was boring!

If you take C, then you might not only be the President of the UFC, or this writer, but correct as well. Guy 2 is the winner, Carrolton Banks.Sabah Homasi

Sabah Homasi goes straight douche by jumping on the cage as soon as the horn sounds on round 3, and yells like he just knocked out GSP. Almost makes you happy he lost. ATT is stunned, but you can’t win by posing and stalking in the cage- that is NOT Octagon control.

Dana rightfully shits on the effort of both men. Banks can get the grapple, but can’t get him down, and the “exciting striker” goes 10-20 seconds without throwing a punch.

ATT = 0
Blackzillians = 100

ATT has got some problems. None of the 4 guys have really done shit to make me think they can come back and fight higher stakes. One guy is gone, so they either have to go 7 on 8 or bring in another guy who wasn’t first cut. Plus they have a guy that his hurt, and has to fight twice more to get to the Finale, so quick turnaround is going to be a problem.

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