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Its that time again Wrestling Fans for another round of questions with the expert panelists on the Wrestling Roundtable. Last week, I challenged you fans to send me a question that you would like to have answered by our panel. The response was awesome, as I got a few questions that we are able to use.

Lets start with our Power Rankings.

1. Roman Reigns- Reigns seems more dominant than ever in his quest to become the WWE Champion.

2. Randy Orton– Orton looking to become the 13 time WWE Champion this Sunday at Payback.

3. Seth Rollins- The WWE Champion seems a little distracted for his match this Sunday in the Fatal Four Way. Can he keep Kane off his mind?

4. Dean Ambrose– the wild-card in the Fatal Four Way this Sunday, can Ambrose pull off the impossible?

5. John Cena– The United States Champion is ready for his final encounter against Rusev.


And now this week in professional wrestling.

One of the greatest matches of all time occured with Ric Flair vs Ricky Steamboat at Wrestle War 89. Flair captured his 6th World title by defeated Steamboat in the third and final match of their big feud in 89.

Ring of Honor filmed their first ever Pay Per View event.


And here are the questions for this week. 


This question comes to you from Phil from Bloomington Minnesota.

With ESPN having an hour long special on E:60 in the world of professional wrestling. This, I believe was the first time ESPN ever featured something on the WWE, that does not have to do with another sport, Brock Lesnar (UFC), Floyd Mayweather (Boxing), Karl Malone and Dennis Rodman (NBA), you get the idea. My question is What does this do for the WWE, now that they have been featured on ESPN just for their own product. Are they now accepted into the world of professional sports?

Steve: I had a chance to watch the E:60 show and thought it was very well put together. Seeing some of the behind the scenes in NXT, and then in the Performance Center, I thought was really cool to see. It really humanized some of the stars like Adam Rose, Xavier Woods, and Corey Graves. It really put things in perspective that these guys really have families outside of wrestling, and put in so much work, so much blood, sweat, and tears just to have a shot at making it in the main roster. So do now think that the WWE is now in that category where it is recognized as a serious sports entertainment company, and is now on the map with just not wrestling fans, but sports fans all around. This is a big deal for the WWE and their future as they reached out to a different type of fan base.

Eric: Last week, ESPN aired a good documentary on the WWE and some of its stars in NXT. This was very well produced and if you haven’t seen it yet, I would recommend checking it out. I think this is a big step for the WWE. I feel the WWE is being now accepted into the world of professional sports by airing this documentary on ESPN. This opens up many doors for the WWE to make more apperences on ESPN programs and is also good publicity for the WWE Network. The more exposure it gets, the more people will want to get the network and then more money for the WWE. So this a great thing, two thumbs up to WWE and ESPN on this.

Chad: With the recent ESPN special that really opened the doors to the world of WWE and specifically the NXT world was eye opening but as far as being accepted into the world of professional sports I don’t think that will happen. I think that ESPN does accept that athletic ability of the competitors. I can not see ESPN accepting the world of pro wrestling as anything more than an entertainment option . If ESPN I would be pleasantly surprised



Hulk Hogan has stated that he wants to wrestle one more match at Wrestlemania 32 next year. In a two part question. First, would you like to see Hogan wrestle one more match? And Second, who would be face that could give him a good match?

Steve: HELL FREAKING NO!!!! I have no desire to see Hogan in any match, not to mention a match at Wrestlemania. It would just take up space and air time for some of the real wrestlers who would kill for an opportunity to compete in the WWE’s biggest event. But Hogan will get his way, like he always does, and more likely than not, if he wants to wrestle at Mania, he will. So who will his opponent be? Who else could it be, but Curtis Axel. You have him mocking Hogan right now, so that would make the most sense, it would be a little bit of comic relief, and it wouldnt be devistating if Hogan went over, because you know damn well he won’t lose. You can’t waste a match with a guy like Cena, Orton, even Undertaker for a waste like Hulk Hogan appearing and wrestling at Wrestlemania 32. However, I would not mind so much to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I would never have to see Hogan wrestle in a ring again.

Eric: So the immortal Hulk Hogan is interested in having one more match next year at Wrestlemania 32. I think this is a bad idea. The Hulkster has nothing left to prove in the sport of Professional Wrestling. The man is a legend and is already in the WWE Hall of Fame. There isn’t even anyone on the roster that I think could have an actual good match with Hogan. He is way past his prime and has seen he better days already gone past him. There isn’t anything left for him to do,  I think he needs to leave well alone and just not wrestle next year at Wrestlemania. This can only not be good for the fans and whom ever Hogan would decide to wrestle against.

Chad: After the attempt by TNA to have Hogan in a match on their biggest show of the year where Hogan could not physically could not do anything of substance I do not care to see Hogan in a match at Wrestlemania. However, if Hogan and the WWE insist on having a match at Mania I would say that the man I would say that it would have to be Cena just to get enough people interested in that match.



Alfonso from The United Kingdom asks the next question for us

Do you guys think that the money in the bank still has some prestige? I fell like Seth Rollins held it for too long before cashing it in. I mean I like the match and all, but if you could tweak it at all, what would it be and why?

Steve: No, I think it works how they have it now. I love the match that they have every year, as it always brings out some very exciting spots and moves. It can also be a career killer as well. I think the only thing that I would change, kind of goes along with your point. I would make him cash in the briefcase by the end of that year, so it would be a guarantee of six months or less that the winner would have to cash in. That way it would make things a little more interesting and could develop a story where the said wrestler is running out of time.

Eric: The money in the Bank ladder match. I do still enjoy the concept of the match. The winner gets the a contract he can cash in at anytime in the next 12 months. Although I think that match having its own ppv is a little much. If it was me, I would have this match at Wrestlemania. It’s the perfect multi man match for that event, I think it would be much better being there like it was originally. I think it having its own ppv makes it a little less special. Maybe one day we will get it back at Wrestlemania and eliminate the ppv of it and the WWE will cut down on the ppvs and make the remaining ones more relevant.

Chad: I think that the Money in the bank still does have prestige and importance because of what it has done to elevate the careers of guys like Edge; Punk; and Rollins. However, one thing I would like to see is to have the briefcase defended like a title to give some spice and intrigue to the Money in the Bank.



Are you satisfied at the way Daniel Bryan relinquished the Intercontinental Championship? And do you think his wrestling career is over?

Steve: Yes, he had to. I mean the whole point of putting the title on Bryan was to bring back relevance to the championship, just like they did with the United States title. Bryan was the right choice to put the title on, but injury once again got the best of him and now he is once again no longer champion without losing the title. Do I think he is done as a wrestler? No I dont, I think he will be back some way or another. However, do I think you have seen Daniel Bryan as a top star in the WWE? Yes I do. But that is okay, because at least he has Brie Bella to go and he can make babies with her. That is not to bad of a deal if you ask me.

Eric: This past Monday on RAW we saw Daniel Bryan relinquish the Intercontinental championship. It was a very sad moment for me. I am a huge Daniel Bryan fan, I think he is an amazing athlete and has all the potential for greatness. I am sad to see him have to give up another championship like that, but I do agree with him. We deserve a fighting champion and for Daniel to go out and do it like he did, that was a class act. Have we seen the last of Daniel Bryan in the WWE? I hope not, I hope Daniel can get healthy once and for all and come back to in ring competition. I for one would love to see him come back, I think he still has unfinished business in the WWE and more stories to tell.

Chad: I mean if there is a good way to relinquish a title on live tv that would satisfy me. In the case of Daniel Bryan I suppose I would rather have him tell the truth on TV and not have some B.S. storyline to have the title taken off of him. As far as his career I have to believe it is over because of his style and the fact that the WWE has given him a WM moment two years in a row and not been able to go with it.



Luis from Little Rock Arkansas wants to know about some finishers.

Which finisher from the past, would you like to see reinvented, and who would you think would be a good choice to use said move?

Steve: The Hulk Hogan Leg drop…yeah no. I would like to see the DDT come back as a top finisher. You saw guys like Jake Roberts, Michael Hayes among a few that could hit the DDT from any position and completely take out their opponent. As far as who could pull it off in today’s world? Gosh it is such a simple but effective move, anyone could really do it. My first instinct is to say Randy Orton as he already does the DDT from the second rope, but then again he already has the RKO as a top finisher and is sort of similar. So I would go with Dean Ambrose. His speed and charisma could bring back that move and make it a dominant finisher once again.

Eric: There has been many classic moves over the years in the world of Professional Wrestling. The one I would like to see brought back would be one that I don’t remember seeing in the WWE but it was used quiet often in TNA by a gentleman by the name of Petey Williams, yes that’s right I wanna see the famous Canadian Destroyer used in the WWE. If you have never seen this move before, I suggest you go on YouTube and search for it and sit back in aww over it as it is amazing. The person I think this move would be great for is Finn Balor. This could be another move in his bag. It could be a great finisher for him once he comes up to the main roster. So, let’s hope it happens.

Chad: For me I would like to see Dean Ambrose try to do his version of a Macho Man elbow drop to me that would a way to give Dean Ambrose’s character a jolt and a change that I think the fans would like.


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  1. Great job guys. I read your roundtable every week, and despite not watching wrestling regularly I do keep up.

    The E:60 program was pretty entertaining. It was great stuff and I’m with y’all: hell no do I want to see Hulk Hogan wrestle again. Honestly, my memories of Hulk in the ring ends in WCW. My high school and college days. In a perfect world Hulk would have stopped way back then and called it a day.

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