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Been a while since I been able to sit for any length of time at the old puter and just type away on a bunch of different topics… but here goes nothing… … maybe if it was possible could we just stop the world because I just wanna get off for a while and rest my weary brain…


Been scrambling around the newspapers as well as the internet and boy o boy o boyo have there been a lot of dumbass stooges out there… some just comically sad and then some very tragically so sad it begs the stopping of the world…

First, just simply a trio who just may be related to the famous Three Stooges themselves…

joe11) Nothing subtle about three dudes in Mt. Morris (NY) last Sunday when they went and broke into a place called “Build A Burger & Ice Cream”… they smashed in the glass of the front entranceway with a rock and then simply tore out the surveillance camera… and ransacked the place. Then made their getaway.

However when police arrived it was soon to prove to be an open and shut case… seems the three desperadoes left a trail of the macaroni salad… a smashed up cash register… some loose change… some of the surveillance equipment and a glove along a nature trail that led into the woods behind the burger place. At the end of the trail… the three dumbasses who were promptly taken into custody and charged burglary, criminal mischief, and grand larceny. And maybe the reason for the entire debacle occurring in the first place… one idjit was also charged with possession of a controlled substance as well as a hypodermic instrument.

Build A Burger...
Build A Burger…

Wanna bet besides whatever dope the dopes were doing that some alcohol was also involved?

Luckily these three asses only did some so-called minor damage to the the eatery but still… because they most likely were stoned in one fashion or another and then acted irresponsibly they harmed some folks livelihood when they broke into that business and wrecked some of the fixtures inside of the premises and stole some stuff including money from the register. The people had to close their business… spend a day to take an accounting of what all was messed up and then file all sorts of paperwork so they could recoup some of the stuff that was either destroyed or stolen… not to mention they had to make some more of that damn macaroni salad that was left along the trail that led the cops right to the three little piggies… oops… I mean stooges.

Look… wanna get fucked up? It don’t mean diddly to me. But, once ya’ll start messing around with other people’s stuff and interfering with their lives then ya’ll need to be held accountable. To some this may seem like a small thing… but me? I hope the court throws the book at them and gives them some time to sit in the pokey for a day or two and then some serious community service time.

2) Next dumbass… and this one is a lot more tragic and serious…

Sierra (C-Babi) Mccurdy wrote on Facebook, “2 police officers was shot in Hattiesburg tonight! Got em.”

The post was referring to the murder of Benjamin Deen and Liquori Tate, two Hattiesburg cops who were making a supposedly routine traffic stop last Saturday night. Three people have been arrested for the crime, two of whom face capital murder charges.Facebook post

Mccurdy also wrote on Facebook… “Police take away innocent people lives everyday now & get away w/ it , fuck them… (no mercy).”

A Subway spokesman said “This kind of behavior is unacceptable and does not represent the values and ethics of our brand. The franchisee has terminated the employee, effective immediately.”

Fucking damn A…

I try to be in the forefront of speaking out against bad cops who do bad things like killing citizens without cause… but I hope to hell that anyone who has read my columns realize I also try to be in the forefront for saying cops got a damn hard job to do and that they sometimes put their lives on the line to protect lives, too. Myself and my 7Poundbag colleague Earl who writes Friday’s column “The Blog About Nothing” have both been saying that all lives matter…

Killing cops who are doing what they get paid to do investigate suspicious behavior and protecting us civilians will accomplish nothing except to further foment hate and misery… as well as further perpetrate that “us against them” feeling that sometimes seems is at the bottom of all this damn asshole behavior…from both sides of the street.

Murdered cops...
Murdered cops…

We all need to work together to fix the problem and killing cops… or civilians… is not working together in any way, shape or form… it’s just freaking damn stupid and ignorant. Killing ain’t solved anything no matter what some peeps may think. In fact, killing folks is probably the worst and lest efficient method to solve problems that there is. If truth be told if there is any killing to be done then the only thing that we should try to kill is HATE itself… no matter how it’s exemplified…

Hate is what we need to be killing not people…

As for Mccurdy… whatever charges can brought against the asshole needs to be brought and the dumbass needs to spend some time in jail… some long hard ass time cooling her jets.

3) I recently read that a jury in Raleigh, N.C., ruled that police Lt. Matthew Kohr would not receive any money from a lawsuit he filed against Starbucks after he suffered third-degree burns from a free cup of coffee three years ago.

What actually happened is this: The jury was deadlocked at 10-2 and both sides agreed to go along with the non-unanimous decision… which was in Starbucks favor.coffee12n-2-web

Now… when I read about the case I kinda sorta was with Kohr… Kohr claimed the lid on his morning beverage popped off and the lid collapsed, which caused the hot liquid to spill in his lap. He said that caused him to get scalded which created some burn blisters. He also said it triggered his Crohn’s disease and that he needed surgery to remove part of his intestine. Kind a of a stretch there but I ain’t a lawyer and I kinda figured if the lid wasn’t on right and he got burned that bad then he had a case….

In any case… he sued for $50,000 in damages… fair enough… and another $700,000 in pain and suffering… (cough, cough)…

Now of course Starbucks said Kohr was negligent…


But then during the trial… Kohr testified that he first drove home to take pictures of his injuries… hmmmm… but then he lost when this came out… he waited more than two hours before seeking medical treatment.

You got burned so bad that your skin blistered but you wait more than two damn hours before getting medical treatment? Why? Why wasn’t the hospital the first freaking place ya’ll went? And then after that the claim for emotional pain and suffering in the amount of $700 grand?

I might be being a whole lot of snide here and now…but wanna bet the other two jury members drink Dunkin Donuts coffee?

Bottom line… this case deserved to be settled the way it was settled… the only thing it should have been 12-0 and not 10-2.

4) Read this story on Tuesday…

Police in Georgia arrested an Army veteran Saturday after he smashed the glass on a car to rescue a trapped Yorkshire terrier from a sweltering yorkie

Hammons had spied a group of people around a car and wandered over with his wheelchair bound wife to take a look see… what he found was the peeps were waiting for police to arrive to get the dog, who was panting heavily and had no water, out of the damn car. So, he took the foot rest from his wife’s wheelchair and busted one of the cars windows and freed the pupdog.

Michael Hammons, A Desert Storm vet, said “I’ve got PTSD, and I’ve seen enough death and destruction. And I didn’t want anything else to happen if I could prevent it.”

Now… that’s all fine and dandy but here’s why this is a bigger story… Hammons could be facing a stiff fine or maybe some time sitting in the cooler.

What happened was the oblivious to reality dog owner came back from wherever she was; saw what had transpired and said she was only gone for a few minutes … and this lunatic did this… bust his ass.

Some called Hammons a hero, but the dog owner was furious when she came out of the store and sized up the scene, told the Daily News.

Witnesses contradicted her accounting about how long she was gone from the car and the suffering dog.

Oconee County Sheriff Chief Deputy Lee Weems said that once the owner told deputies to press charges, they had to follow through.

Michael Hammons
Michael Hammons

So, Hammons was busted and charged with criminal trespass and released on his own recognizance. He could face up to a year in prison and a $1,000 fine if convicted.

Weems himself said, “I understand why he did what he did, but (cops) don’t get to decide whether people are guilty or innocent. That’s why we have juries.” He also added that the doubted any jury would decide to convict Hammons.

Interestingly, the Georgia Assembly passed a law, effective as of July1, that grants immunity to those who trespass to rescue children or the elderly left in hot cars. The law does not grant immunity who intervene on behalf of animals.

Something tells me after Hammons story, and the trial that will follow, that law may wind up being emended. I certainly hope so.

Now just so ya’ll know… The dog owner was cited by Oconee Animal Control Services under county ordinances for cruelty to animals… and she faces a $250 fine and community service hours for a first time offense.

She should also not be allowed to own or possess any animal what so ever…

Fact: the temperature that day was 86 degrees… and the heat in that car would be well over 115 degrees within just a half hour… Even if that pupdog was in that car for even a short period of time… like the contested “few minutes” she says she was gone… that heat in that car would already be building and approaching intolerable levels.

She does not deserve to have an animal in her care if she can’t grok the fact of her own personal irresponsibility and careless ineptitude in what she almost did to the poor pupdog and her so-called pet.

5) This is kinda, sorta a PSA… public service announcement…

Some readers may be aware I recently lost my own beloved dog… Shaggy. For bthos ewho aren’t… I did and it broke my heart.

For non pet owners, ya’ll may find this hard to grok but Shaggy was literally my best friend… and as much as I loved him I always felt he returned that love in innumerable and in unmeasurable ways.

He was a great dog…

He was also a rescue dog…

About 2.4 million healthy, adoptable cats and dogs… about one every 13 seconds… are put down in U.S. shelters each year. Most of these dogs are stray or abandoned cats or dogs… often these animals are the offspring of cherished family pets. drtv-background-puppy

One solution starts with each of us taking one small step: getting our own pets spayed or neutered.

Another solution… looking for an addition to the family in the form of a pet? Then,  consider adopting your next pet from an animal shelter or many other organizations that specialize in finding homes for either abandoned or rescued cats and dogs.

Just type in on your computer’s search engine “adopt a dog” or “adopt a cat”… and viola… you will be on your way to making a difference in some animals life in a big way… as well as making a big difference in your own.

Please, give a poor critter a chance and adopt…

You will not regret what you are about to do…

All lives really do matter… even the lives of those four legged critters.

6) Read about this in the NYDN… Terrence Pendergrass, an ex-Rikers Island captain, now faces a maximum of 10 years in prison because he was convicted of denying Jason Echevarria, a mentally ill inmate, care after he ate a soap ball which resulted in the man dying in agony.

His lawyer, is arguing for leniency in his sentencing…

Terrence Pendergrass with Jason Echevarria inset
Terrence Pendergrass with Jason Echevarria inset


In his attorney’s argument… “(He) will be the target of inmate anger and potential violence for the entire period of his imprisonment. It is likely that his only security will be in being placed in protective custody. . . . What time this court does give to Mr. Pendergrass, it will likely be served in the most restrictive setting possible.”


This is a problem?


What mercy did he allow the inmate he let die when he could have made a simple call for medical help?

Simply put, the puke should have thought of the potential consequences when he made a conscious decision to act like a depraved and inhumane speck of crap when he let that man die in utter agony.

Seems to me the fact he is only facing a possible ten years of his life in jail… no matter how restrictive… that he has already received a measure of extreme leniency.

7) My friend Dan recently posted this on Facebook…

facebook post

Forget that who said this… that’s inconsequential as far as I am concerned…  the fact is I believe the question to be factual…

Can someone answer the question with any other answer that the one given?

8) Another one from Dan… he posted a picture that for the purposes of his column was aptly labelled on the bottom of the posted picture… “Stop the world the Teabaggers want off”…

It shows Marco Rubio being quoted as saying that “… felons should not have their voting rights restored even after they have served their sentences.”

Right… okayyyyy… Do your time and get denied your chance to vote forever and forever unto perpetuity…

He said that back in March of this year… Marco Rubio

Then just about a week or so ago… 5/6/15 to be exact… he said this… “Of course convicted felons should be allowed to own guns after they’ve done their time. It’s their constitutional right.”

Now let me see if I got his right… Commit a felony and lose your tight to vote but keep your right to have a gun.

Just as a matter of curiosity which is more dangerous in the real and fragile world we live in… people who have been convicted of some type of felony… including some very violent crimes… walking around every other year or so voting for an elected official or the same person walking around with a loaded gun?

9) When the riots in Baltimore forced the Baltimore Orioles to take an unplanned road trip the game-day employees… ticket takers, security, hotdog and peanut vendors, etc…. were suddenly out of work.

No work, no pay…

Oriole play game without any people in attendance
Oriole play game without any people in attendance

Except… the Orioles management recently posted a letter next to the employees time clock that said, “Due to the extraordinary circumstances that led to several cancelled or rescheduled games, the Orioles organization will compensate all hourly employees for hours that would have been ordinarily worked the week of April 27. This adjustment will be added … to your 5/29 paycheck.”

Kudos to the Orioles for doing what is not necessary but is, in my opinion, morally correct…

10) And in what can only be called a case of what goes around comes around or fucking instant karma’s gonna get ya… zimmermann vehilcle

A man down in Florida recently took a shot at George Zimmerman…

Yes, that George Zimmerman…

He said Zimmerman had been threatening him and that he was standing his ground in self-defense…



This weeks gratuitous pictures…


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  1. Joe, another swing that connects for a long fly ball to center field . . . it’s going . . . going . . . ahta here. Have you ever tried to write a blog in which your readers are left wondering where you stand on an issue?

    With regard to Mccurdy who posted that remark about “getting” two cops. You are quite right that it is wrong just as emails in police electronic networks which disparage citizens are wrong. Both are motivated by fear. A fear based on lack of understanding of people with different experiences and different cultural values. A fear based on stereotypes. A fear which is supported by the company each keeps and that part of society each lives in. A fear which produces a reaction of hate for both.

    I agree with you that it is wrong. It leads only to more violence and separation of people who see each other as “different.” I am not trying to justify this kind of behavior by saying it is understandable.

    But is exceedingly important to understand it for all parties, since that is the only way to get clues about how to avoid the fear, to lessen the violence and tension, to give all parties the breathing room needed to gain some insight about how others see the world. Understanding is the only way we can have a world which works for everyone.

    So when you scorn Mccurdy, shouldn’t you also scorn those in law enforcement who do the same thing (if in a somewhat different manner)? And perhaps, rather than scorn, perhaps there is a way to build bridges across the abyss which separates people?

    I have no answers although I wish I did. But part of the answer comes from Gandhi when he told the military-minded British that they would grant India independence because it was morally right. Another part of the answer comes from King who taught civil disobedience while being willing to pay the consequences would overcome injustice. A third part of the answer comes from Mandela who asked only confession of previous actions for amnesty from prosecution.

    They worked for them! How can we get there with less fear and violence?

  2. Yep, I should also scorn the peeps in law enforcement who do what Mccurdy does… perpetrate fear…

    Maybe I didn’t make it real clear but that’s what I meant when I wrote “I try to be in the forefront of speaking out against bad cops who do bad things like killing citizens without cause…”

    And maybe I also made an assumption that my readers know my stance from past columns where I have lambasted certain police union leaders for using that same type of fear for their own selfish purposes… My bad… for as we all know you should never assume because all it does is make an ass out of u and me.

  3. There is a beautiful irony in the fact that the man who shot at Zimmerman is claiming stand your ground as a defense. Yes, all lives do matter, but you can forgive me when I say that his life doesn’t. Not rooting for anything bad to happen to old Georgie, nor do I wish it, but if news ever breaks about this guy’s life coming to an end, I’ll smile. I will.

  4. When and Where did Marco Rubio say that? I looked everywhere for his 5/6/15 statement about felons owning guns, and I can’t find it anywhere on the net. I searched for the quote, and it only shows your site. Where did he say that? What is the source? I think the quote is BS.

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