Game of Thrones Q&A Kill the Boy

Game of ThronesGame of Thrones Q&A: Kill the Boy

1. Is Daenerys doing the right thing in marrying?Danerys

Earl: Daenerys to me feels like she’s made mistake after mistake, and she’s not really being true to herself right now. Marrying Hizdar doesn’t feel like the right thing to do but it feels like something she has to do right now. She doesn’t know what to do in Meereen and the one person’s counsel she seemed to really trust is gone now. Without Ser Barristan around, this feels like something she thinks she has to do.

David: This is a bad idea in my eyes. She’s not sure she can trust him, he might be a leader of one of the great houses, but thats like marrying the Head of Walmart to start your Airline. He didn’t build his great house, and all he’s done is maintain what was made on the backs of slaves. None of that really sets him up as a great leader in a post-slavery world.
2. Was showing Reek off to Sansa a wise move? Did Ramsey put Miranda up to it?House Bolton

Earl: Ramsay is a psychopath. That’s been shown time and time again. However, I expected Roose to reign him in and that dinner scene was played out delightfully. It was full of snark and it was pretty dark. Sansa more than held her own against Roose, his wife, and Ramsay in that scene. If anyone was wondering if Sansa was strong enough to survive in that environment, I think she really put any doubts in her abilities to fend for herself to bed. She’s strong enough to handle Ramsay’s psychopath ass.

David: Outside of seeing if Sansa has a cruel bone in her body, thats about the only reason I could see showing her Reek. If there is one person to have Sansa go all Joffery on someone, that’s him. I do think Ramsey made Miranda show Sansa the pens. I think this could backfire on Ramsey though. If Bolton has a son, then that dipshit isn’t needed.

3. Is Jon Snow’s plan a smart move?
Jon Snow
Earl: Considering his plan has everyone pissed off at him, I’ll say it’s bold move, but it’s not a smart one. It’s definitely a man’s decision though to make an unpopular decision and carry through on it based off of your convictions. With that said I think it’s going to backfire on him. The Wildings might be facing certain death but I don’t see them accepting Jon’s offer of safety and I can’t see the Nights Watch, even those members who voted for Jon, backing him for this.

David: I think its a wise move. The North is depopulated, and better to pull all the fighting men together south of the Wall then have where they can be picked off by the Walkers.
The Problem? Stannis killed the King North of the Wall. The Lord of Bones might not have that kind of power or sway. Not to mention that how is the South going to put up with Frikken Giants running around?
4. How do you like the secrets of the Stone Men?Stone Men

Earl: Great scene. Seeing the Doom of Valyria shot like that was exciting and seeing the end product of Greyscale really pieced that whole thing together for me. The Stone Men attaching Jorah and Tyrion made for great television, and for a few uncomfortable seconds I actually thought the episode was going to end with Tyrion drowning.

David: I also thought it was over when Tyrion sunk. Not reading the books, I thought the Greyscale was a form of Leprosy, that drove you insane at the end. Doing this makes it far worse. It does seem there is a cure, so Jorah might not have to die, but his chances with Dany are even more buried.

5. Poor Jorah just can’t catch a break, can he?Grey Worm

Earl: Exiled, and now infected with Greyscale? Poor S.O.B. If Stannis’ daughter was saved from being fully infected, maybe Jorah can fight it off but it’s definitely another tough break for the guy.

David: Ol’ boy got less of a chance with Dany now than Grey Worm does with Missandei.

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