ask7poundHello again wrestling fans, it is time for another Q & A with #ask7pound. This week we discuss the territories of the 70’s and 80’s.

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Now it is time to finish off David’ Top Ten managers. Over the past ten weeks we have given you clues to try and guess the manager.  Before we reveal the number one, let’s recap the top ten.

10) Miss Elizabeth

9) Mr. Fuji

8) Paul Ellering

7) Jimmy Hart

6) Sensational Sherri

5) JJ Dillon

4) Paul Bearer

3) Paul E. Dangerously

2) Jim Cornette

And the number 1 manager according to the eyes of David. First, the clue:

Look at the list of his his clients. Name me who on that list could talk an Eskimo into a sauna. There is only a handful- but compare to the roster of people he’s taken to main eventing major events.

Who else could it be but: Bobby The Brain Heenan


We are working on another top ten and will bring to you shortly.


For now, here are the questions this week.

Michael from Bloomington IL. starts us off with the territories.

How many different wrestling territories were there in the late 70s to early 80s?


There were so many territories throughout the years with the main stay being the National Wrestling Alliance, which ultimately became World Championship Wrestling. Here are a list of many other territories along with the founders, and the years they were in existence.

Southwest Championship Wrestling, Joe Blanchard 1978

Smokey Mountain Wrestling, Jim Cornette, 1991

International Championship Wresting, Angelo Poffo, 1978

World Wrestling Association, Jim Barnett, though the 1980’s (Scott Steiner, Verne Gagne, The Crusher, Baron Von Rashke

United States Wrestling Association, Jerry Jarrett 1989

Eastern Championship Wrestling, 1989. Became Extreme Championship Wrestling

New Japan Pro Wrestling, Antonio Inoki, 1972

All Japan Pro Wrestling, Giant Baba, 1972

Central States Wrestling, Orville Brown 1948, ran through the seventies and eighties.

St Louis Wrestling Club, Harley Race ran through 1983

Southeastern Championship Wrestling, Ron Welch 1978

Pacific Northwest Wrestling, Herb Owen ran through seventies and eighties

Stampede Wrestling, Stu Hart 1970’s early 80’s

Mid South Wrestling, Bill Watts 1979

Georgia Championship Wrestling, Paul Jones 1976

World Class Championship Wrestling, Fritz von Erich, 60’s through 80’s

Continental Wrestling Association, Jerry Jarrett 1977

Championship Wrestling from Florida, Eddie Graham, 1971

American Wrestling Association, Verne Gagne, 70’s and 80’s

World Wide Wrestling Federation, Vince McMahon Sr. 60’s through early 80’s

Jim Crockett Promotions, Jim Crockett Jr. 1973

I am certain that there were many more, but these are just a select few.

Ben from West Philadelphia born and raised

I heard somewhere that the WWF had plans to put the World title on Chyna back in 1999, is there any truth to that?



There was a time where Vince McMahon entertained the idea to actually make Chyna the WWF Champion. The writers had a plan in place on how to book her as the champion. However, that fell through because Vince feared that there would be too much backlash in the locker room, and he felt that there would be a possibility that some of his top guys would walk out. Keep in mind that in the late 90’s, WCW was still active and running, while they were spiraling out of control at this time. If they had some of the top stars of the WWE again leave the company for the WCW with a chance to be at the top. So that is the reason that the eighty sixed the idea of putting the title on Chyna.

Colt from Osh Kosh WI wants to know about Hot Rod

Why was Rowdy Roddy Piper never given a run with the title. Wasnt he over with the fans?



I get this question quite often with many other stars, like Jake Roberts for example on why they were not given opportunities at being the top guy in the business. For Piper, there are really two reasons why he was never given the shot at the title. Well really three. First, Hulk Hogan was being built as the top guy in the entire industry and there was no way he was going to drop the title to anyone, including Piper. However, Piper back in the 80’s never suffered a pinfall defeat to Hulk Hogan, so he was never given the ever so vicious leg drop and pinned. Second, he simply did not need to be champion. Hogan being champion made sense for the business because of what he was doing for wrestling. Piper was the top heel in the company, and they made headwaves everytime they met. They even had there own pay per view named after them in the War to Settle the Score. And Finally, Piper was just in the wrong era, and that was due to Hogan being the top guy. If Piper were in his prime in the attitude era, I have no doubt he would have been champion.

Also, At Wrestlemania III, Piper said he was retiring and his match at Mania would be his last match. He went on to wrestle for another 10 years or so after taking a couple years off. Was he really going to retire in 1987, or was that just a way to give him some time off?



Piper stated that his retirement in 1987 was to be able to spend time with his family, especially his son. Over the course of a year, Piper got the urge to com back to the WWF, as he made his re-debut at Wrestlemania V on Piper’s Pit. One of my personal favorite segments of all time at Wrestlemania. It was supposed to be a one time deal for Piper, and he would continue to make appearances every so often. He was so home sick so to say after being away from the action, he was offered a chance to come back to the ring, and he could not pass it up. He was set to retire in 1987, but like most top stars, he just could not stay away.

Tre from Detroit MI. 

I have been watching Ring of Honor wrestling, and it seems that some of the stars of TNA like Chris Daniels, Kazarian, and now Chris Saban have gravitated towards ROH, and not the WWE. Why are these guys going to Ring of Honor instead of either staying where they were in TNA, or moving up to the WWE?

daniels roh


Well first I would not consider Ring of Honor a step down from TNA, I would think it would be a step up, as ROH has a TV deal in place with FOX, and can be seen on several other channels. I would think that ROH is probably the second best wrestling program in the United States. So gravitating to that organization is not uncommon, and not a bad business move. There is some great talent in Ring of Honor, they have guys like you mentioned Daniel, Kaz, and Sabin. They even have Alberto Del Portro (Alberto Del Rio), put them with guys like the Briscoes who have owned ROH for the past couple years. It is a top tier organization. As far as them not going to the WWE, they were just either not offered contracts by the organization, or they were afraid that they would get lost in the mix with all of the superstars in the WWE.


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