Brain Droppings 5/11

brainBrain Droppings!
Its amazing we are in May already. The time just flies when you look at the calender. For some reason, when the clock is sitting at 9pm, and I get off at 11pm, that time tends to just crawl. I do enjoy my job, when I’m allowed to do my job, but time just seems to drag. Yet you look at the calender, and days have passed.

I’m sorry I didn’t get you a serving of Brain Droppings last week, no real excuse, just didn’t have anything I wanted to speachify on. Its stunning to me how Joe and Earl put out quality work week in and week out, as well as the Lady Jane in this spot.

AliensWhats even worse is I’m working on a youtube channel as well, so I need some ideas on it as well. My Son wants me to go Geek on it, and talk comics and movies, so I might just do it. Lord knows I can’t think of any ideas. You got any ideas for a recurring segment? The only idea I really want to do is a quick 2 minute movie segment. I’ve done a ton of movies, and quite a lot that I havn’t posted, and some really don’t deserve the full treatment. I’ve got a 50 Movie  Horror set, I’ve got a HUGE Hitchcock set, thats not even counting the stuff I’ve got on DVR and DVDs I’ve picked up. I think I can breakdown some of these movies in 2 or 3 minutes to get through a lot of these. I won’t be logging these on the Movie Reviews, but I will be tagging them.

avengers 2One movie I do need to get done is Avengers 2. I took my sons to it on opening day. The last movie I saw on opening day- the whole waiting outside for tickets, and yes I bought them when they went on sale- and getting there an hour before, I don’t think they ever have. Due to some fun stuff, we got there a half hour before. They didn’t have the line outside, so I was thinking we just got lucky, since I wear glasses, and the 3D don’t work well with me, I got the 2D tickets.  We walked in the theater 20 minutes early, and it was PACKED. We ended up sitting row TWO. Ouch. I won’t make that mistake again. The other issue is we had 20 more minutes of previews, so sitting there for 40 minutes before a 2.5 hour movie just was a chore! I’ll get it up for you soon.

Manny vs MayweatherIts kind of funny to hear people still fussing about the Mayweather Pacquiao fight. The question is out there. How do you rank him all-time? Yes he waited about 5 years for the Pacman to get slow, but don’t scream out Rocky Marciano being on the GOAT list- and Mayweather did the same thing, and you can’t name anyone either of them beat. Oh wait thats not true- I can name a few for Rocky: Joe Louis and Jersey Joe Walcott. You know Joe Louis right? 66-3? Yeah, that guy. Lets throw a few more facts; Marciano has the highest knockout percentage of any heavyweight champion in history with 87.76%. Marciano was knocked down to the canvas only twice in his professional career. Mayweather has 26KOs in his 48 fights. By the way, he has 2 KOs since 2006. The last time Pacquiao knocked someone out was 2009! Yeah, keep telling yourself that you were stunned in that fight.

Well, I’m out. Enjoy your week.

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