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Hello again Wrestling Fans. We are back with another edition of the Wrestling Roundtable. First of all, is anyone else getting tired of John Cena talking before every US title defense? I mean we all know what you are doing, just get on with the match. I seriously thought Bret Hart was going to come down and tell Cena to shut his mouth. But hey it was awesome to see the best there is, was, and ever will be. And Sami Zayn coming out? Awesome match.

Did everyone check out the LIVE Roundtable that was conducted last week? We had a blast doing it, you all should check it out. Sure the audio is a bit off, but we had a tight budget to work with..but hey we learn from what we have to work with now.

Next week, we are going to try something a little different, we are going to open this up to the fans, and you will be able to select the questions that we ask on the Roundtable. We will select one or two from the mailbox and post them right here on the site. You can send me a tweet @StephanHall or email the Roundtable Wrestlingrt@gmail.com

Let’s start with this weeks Power Rankings. 

1. Roman Reigns- Looked impressive against Randy Orton, but can he “Reign” supreme with the added addition to the main event at Payback?

2. Randy Orton- Took a pinfall loss against the New Day, probably the only reason Orton is one spot behind Roman Reigns.

3. Seth Rollins- The WWE Champion suffered a huge loss on Raw and now has to face three other guys at Payback. Things are not looking good for the champion.

4. Dean Ambrose- The lunatic fringe pinned the WWE Champion on Raw, Could he do the unthinkable and walk out of Payback as the new WWE Champion?

5. John Cena- The United States Champion still holding strong in the Power Rankings. Will he be ready for the “I Quit” match at Payback?


This week in professional wrestling. 

Wildfire Tommy Rich lost the NWA World Heavyweight Championship, to Harley Race just six days after defeated Race for the title.

Curt Hennig won his first AWA World Heavyweight Championship defeating Nick Bockwinkle.

Vince McMahon had the toughest match of his career as he faced off against “God”



And now here are the questions this week. 


With respect to last weekends Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao “Dream match” in boxing. What would be your dream match that we have not seen in wrestling that could potentially still happen..if there even is one. 

Steve: I really don’t think there is one at the present time. Im sure the popular answer is going to see Sting vs Taker, but honestly, I really have no desire to even see that match anymore. Taker did not look great against Wyatt at Wrestlemania, and Sting, while he looked good, just cannot carry the Undertaker, and his weaknesses would be too obvious.

Eric: This past weekend we saw a dream match in the world of boxing, something we never thought we would see. So this has proposed a question what is a dream match to happen in the world of Professional Wrestling that is still possible? I thought long and hard about this. I thought of many great match ups and it still comes down to one match I want to see and still think it is possible. Sting vs The Undertaker. These are two men who were the franchise of the respective companys. Both men busted their butts for many years to get to the top and stay at the top. Yet, there was always the question of who is better? I would love to see this match happen one time and finally lay it to rest once and for all. This match has classic and money written all over it. This would be an amazing match to see and I hope one day we finally get this match.

Josh: I think the dream match that everyone would want to see would be Sting v. Taker.  However, I would not see that as an exciting match.  Those two in their primes…sign me up, but they are both aged and showing the signs of wear.  The match I would like to see, would be Kurt Angle vs. Daniel Bryan.  That would be a technical clinic and one exciting build up to a match.  I can see Angle as the heel, being as arrogant as ever against the smaller Daniel Bryan.  And anything Angle shows as far as slowing down with age will be more than made up for by Bryan’s high speed approach….that would be phenomenal.

Chad: the only match I could think that would be entertaining would Bryan vs Neville two technical guys that can move the way these two can would make for an entertaining match


What is your take on Kane and the authority? Do you see a face turn by Kane in the near future, or will he once again be the savior for Seth Rollins?

Steve: I think that Kane eventually will turn face again, because he tends to have a face/heel turn every year and a half or so. However, I do think he will find away to screw over three other guys at Payback and Seth keeps his title.

Eric: The WWE has been playing up the story line for the past several weeks of a feud brewing between Kane and Seth Rollins. So the question is what will happen with it? I think we will eventually see a face turn by Kane and we will see him continue to feud with Rollins. I predicted last week that Rollins will retain the WWE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP at WWE Payback and I stand by that prediction, I think that after Payback however Seth Rollins will start to feud more with Kane for the WWE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP.

Josh: The real question is…does it matter?  When is the last time anyone actually cared about Kane?  So he turns face…then what?  What do they do with him?  Are they going to push him to the title picture?  Probably not, I wouldn’t see what a face turn could do for anyone.  Being the heel lackey of the authority is the perfect place for Kane right now.  He gets to help push Rollins and can survive losses to midcard guys that the WWE wants to push.  If I were booking this, I would not have him turn…UNLESS YOU ARE PUTTING THE TITLE ON AMBROSE…that is the ONLY time that a face turn by Kane would be worth it, otherwise, let him stay where he is.  But this is WWE…

Chad: Well the seasons are changing which means time for turn by Kane and I think we see the demon in the mask one more time to go after the authority possibly after Orton as a way to say that Rollins slated a giant.


Was adding Dean Ambrose to the Main event at Payback a good idea, or is it overkill?

Steve: I think its a bit overkill, I mean having the triple threat match made sense because that is how Seth Rollins won the title in the first place, so it really made sense for him to defend it in a triple threat. Having a fatal four way? I just don’t see why this is happening, no disrespect to Ambrose, I think he is ready to be a part of the main event scene, but a four way just doesnt do it for me.

Eric: The main event at WWE Payback has now been changed to a fatal four way match and Dean Ambrose has been added to the mix. I for one am very excited to see Dean Ambrose once again main eventing a ppv. I think Ambrose is a great talent and potential for greatness. Do I think he will win at Payback? No, although Ambrose is a great talent and great potential, I don’t think it’s his time yet. One day we will be seeing him as the WWE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION,  but it will not be at WWE Payback. Big thumbs up to WWE for adding Dean Ambrose to the main event, it makes me want to see this match more than when it was a triple threat match. Now we wait for Payback to get here.

Josh: BEST IDEA THEY COULD HAVE HAD!  Before this, I was thinking Seth walks away with the title easy.  Now, I actually wonder if they will put the strap on Ambrose.  Most “experts” are saying that Ambrose is only added to give Rollins someone to pin to retain, to protect Orton and Reigns…but seriously, you have Ambrose, a guy who clearly delivers CONSTANTLY, and who is more over than either of the other two faces in the match…this might be the guy you want as champion going into the summer season.  Have him retain into SummerSlam and defend against Lesnar…this would give Lesnar the opportunity to remain a heel (which is a role he more naturally fits into).

Chad:  I would lean towards overkill I think at extreme rules with a stipulation it might have worked better. To me for a Fatal 4 Way needs the right guys to have a chemistry and thus a better match and with this I’m not quite sold.


With just three weeks separating Extreme Rules and Payback. Is it too soon to have yet another Pay Per View event?

Steve: Does it really matter? These mid level pay per views are just going to be glorified Raw events. This one is going to be no different. So far my interest level in this show is about the same level as it was for Extreme Rules. I guess they have two weeks to change my mind. Good thing it is on the Network, because no one would pay good money to purchase these shows lately. After an amazing Wrestlemania, Extreme Rules was god awful, and Payback doesnt seem to be much better.

Eric: There is just a 3 week difference between WWE Extreme Rules and WWE Payback. I have said it before and I’ll say it again the WWE has too many ppvs and not enough build for them. Their is a show every month, I understand why they did it years ago when their was competition with WWE but no there is no competition for them. If they maybe did a ppv every other month I think it may bring in more viewership and more time to build stories and make the ppvs even bigger. I think now the schedule is too crowded and everything runs together and most of the secondary ppvs turn into a glorified RAW. I think it would do wonders for the WWE if they started to limit their ppvs they have every year and took more time building the stories up.

Josh: Yep.  As I have said before, Extreme Rules felt like a glorified RAW.  I don’t see Payback being much different, which is why they are shaking things up.  I have consistently said that WWE should go down to 6 PPV’s per year, one every other month.  Royal Rumble, Mania, King of the Ring, Summer Slam, Money in the Bank and Survivor Series.  Two months is a great amount of time to build up feuds and really make the PPV’s seem special.  This is a little too soon, now that being said, the matches on the card have me infinitely more intrigued than the card for Extreme Rules, so if anything, they could have done without Extreme Rules and gone right to Payback.

Chad: I don’t think it’s a good idea having ppv’s so close together it causes accelerated story telling and can also cause rash booking decisions. It was the same issue the company faced having Raw; Smackdown; and co-branded ppv’s.


With the fans starting to get behind Lana, Do you see Lana separating herself from Rusev? If so, how do you start to book her?

Steve: She is starting to get over with the fans, and I think she separates from Rusev early in the summer. You book her as a top valet, as you can use her as a face, heel, or anything else. She is a good looking attraction, and people will support whatever role she will have.

Eric: I think it is on a matter of time before we see Lana and Rusev separating and Lana going on to a singles carrer. First thing I would have her do is cost Rusev the match at Payback, after that Rusev fires her. What happens to her after that, I’m not sure yet. I have only seen her as a manager, I have yet to see how she performs in the ring. I think once I see how she can do in the ring, I would be able to give more of an answer on how I would say to either book her as a wrestler or to continue having her as a manager. She could be a potential future divas champion or she could be awful and would be better off as a manager. I don’t know yet, I’d have to see how she does in the ring first before making a decision.

Josh: You have to be careful.  You only split her if she can wrestle.  Lana is a heel manager, one of the, if not the most beautiful women on the roster, who is starting to go over with the crowd.  The last person that reminds me of is Trish Stratus (as she was manager of T&A).  We found out that Trish could wrestle, extraordinarily well, but can Lana.  Most of the consensus is that she is a phenomenally gifted athlete and great dancer, but I have yet to hear about her wrestling ability.  And wrestling is the only way that splitting her from Rusev would work.  If she doesn’t wrestle, you can’t just plug and play with a manager, as even Paul Heyman couldn’t save Curtis Axel.  There has to be a real chemistry and right now her best work is with Rusev.  I do not see anyone else on the roster working as well with the Ravishing Russian, although Damian Sandow would be the best bet.

Chad: The rumor I’ve heard is the way I would go have her come out under real name and as American and say that her relationship with Rusev was all a ruse. I think it can give the character an edge and help her along.



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