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I’m sorry I missed the recap last week. Life gets in the way.

Ok, Quick Recap for last week. Both gyms hate each other, ATT named a guy that is ready to take control, Blackzillains brought out another guy. They fought, Lay and Pray 101, and Dana hates boring fighters. NEXT.

More on the fight from last week.

Dana even says that the BLackzillians are laying on the guys from ATT. Hey Dana, you picked them.

The is a missing bottle of wine. The Blackzillians go around accusing ATT members of stealing it, and yes, someone stole it. Yawn. Mike stole the wine, just to be an ass. A couple of ATT guys talk about Mike is just laxing since his loss.

ATT team meeting. They name 3 guys- well that’s out of the 6 guys left. I got an idea, how about a guy that can defend a takedown?

Steve Carl gets the nod. ATT mentions that they have 9 or 10 WW already in the UFC. That used to be a lot more impressive. Steve Carl

Over at the Blackzilians, Rashad wants to just bury ATT. Baby Monster gets the call. Hey! Its another Brazillian. He’s got a black belt in Judo and Ju-Ju. Oh good, we are gonna get a standup war.

Dana loves this fight. Will he feel that way in 30 minutes of show time?  Araújo is 14-5- but 3 of 5 losses is by KO.

Dan Lambert says Baby Monster is a perfect Blackzillian as he was recruited from another gym.

Carl misses weight by 3/4 of a pound. Whole lost of stress over a 3/4 of a pound? Whining about using the Blackzillian sauna. Tyrone Sprong wants them kicked out, and goes to ATT. Nathan Coy takes the lead in trying to get Sprong to let him stay.  Dan Lambert does mention its a smart move, but they would not act this way. uh, its 3/4 of a pound! How about Shaving his head? I’ve seen a fighter SHAVE HIS LEGS to help an ounce or two. Still a bitch move by the Blackzillians.

Dana blames the home gym advantage. He seems to agree with Sprong.

More Hype for the fight. Carl is 21-4? Dayum.

Steve Carl (21-4) ATT  vs.  Valdir Araújo (14-5) The BlackziliansValdir Araújo

Round 1

Baby Monster with some good kicks, and a TAKEDOWN IS STUFFED~! Film at 11. Steve “I bring Pressure” Carl is doing a good Mayweather impression. Takedown #2 is a bit more successful, but Carl bounces up twice. Clinch game and Carl reverses on the fence. Carl keeps giving guillotine chances but nothing. Randy Couture must be loving this clinch work. 30 seconds left, and Baby Monster tries a throw but blows it BADLY, but we are back to the clinch game. Hard to grade, do you give the point for the boring hold against the cage or the guy with the one good slam that lasted a third of a second? Can we give the point to the ref since he was the only one that did damage by talking away 5 minutes of my life?

Round 2.

We actually get some haymakers but nothing really solid from Carl, Baby Monster should have been doing this all fight. Oh Goody Carl with the Couture offense. He tries a double but doesn’t have the power. Reversal after nothing and its Baby Monster Couture! Reversal again. Baby Monster is going to take this round due to Carl giving up Guillotine attempts. Carl gets chocked out on guillotine attempt #87 .

Dana blames Carl. He went for the clinch the whole fight. I think he got caught and didn’t want to get hit anymore.

Steve Carl says he preformed like (Bleep) and this was his first fight for ATT. Uh, what? He’s not homegrown? I thought that was the whole point?

Next week, rinse and repeat.

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