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The first round is in the past and we look towards the second round of the NBA playoffs. We discuss that and more on this weeks edition of the NBA Roundtable.

Here we go!


The Clippers vs Spurs series came down to the final seconds, in the final game. Was this the best series that the NBA has seen in recent memory?

Steve: It was a great series, but I don’t think I will go as far to say that it was the best series that I have seen in recent memory. The Pacers vs Heat series that went down to the wire was a good one, that could have gone back and forth, even the Spurs vs Heat Finals that went to Game 7 was just a little bit better, however, I will say this, that this was the best Game 7 that I have seen in a long time. I was a little bummed that the horn went off because the timekeeper got a little trigger happy and started the clock, basically giving away their play. I really think they should have been awarded at the very least another time out as they were the visiting team. Be it as it may, it was a great game, and a great series.

Bill: The Spurs/Clippers series was definitely right up there in terms of competitive quality and that’s exactly what you’d expect out of a relatively even pairing. That series could have gone either way and the end result showed just that. I’m somewhat surprised at the end result, but I did pick the Clippers earlier on before the playoffs started. It would be better if other series were just as solid as this one but the apparent disparity in talent between team spoils it and this is clearly evident in the Eastern Conference.

Chad: Definitely ranks up there in recent memory; would put the spurs/heat 7 game final ahead of this series.


Do you give the Clippers any chance against the Rockets in the second round?

Steve: I don’t think the Clippers can beat the Rockets. I’m not saying that Houston is a far superior team to the Clippers, but the Rockets had a surprisingly easy series against the Mavericks and are well rested going into the second round. The Clippers are coming off a long hard fought series against the Spurs, and Chris Paul is not going to be one hundred percent, and is even questionable for the first game. There is no way LA can win without Chris Paul in the lineup, they have to win at least one of the first two games of this series. If they don’t this will be a short series, as I even predicted the Rockets will win in five games, even after a Game 1 win.

Bill: I absolutely give them a chance. The Clippers have a pretty well rounded team, so they’ve got just as much of a chance as the Spurs may have had if not better seeing that the Clippers are younger and faster. I could easily see this series going at least six games.

Chad: With a a game 1 I definitely give the Clippers a strong chance in the series especially if Chris Paul returns



The NBA is set to announce Steph Curry as the NBA MVP. Is this the right choice?

Steve: Yes, no doubt about it, Stephen Curry is the MVP of the NBA this season. He led the Warriors to the best record in the NBA, and are the favorites going into the playoffs. While Harden, LeBron, Westbrook, and Davis all had great seasons, and this was a fun topic to debate over the past month. Curry is the MVP.
Bill: In my mind? No. Curry was outstanding and helped to shoulder the load of that team, but I have a problem with the best player on the league’s best team being named league MVP when that’s often nowhere close to the truth. There are several other players who are far more important to their team but aren’t in the playoffs. The Warriors are loaded to the gills with talent and having Curry out wouldn’t likely hurt them as much as if, dare I say, Kobe Bryant were out instead. The fortunes of the Warriors don’t hinge upon Curry as much as those of the Lakers do with Bryant and as such, Bryant (or any other player who’s vital to his team) is far more valuable.
Chad:  Absolutely he was the best player on the best team in the league. Harden made a case but Curry deserves it more.
With Kevin Love out for the remainder of the post season, are the Cavs championship hopes finished for this year?
Steve: I want to say yes, just because I still think the champion is coming out of the West. But they still have LeBron, and he always finds a way to win. So I don’t think their hopes are dashed as they still have James and Kyrie leading the way. I still think they are coming out of the East, but watch out for the Wizards, they are playing some very good basketball right now.
Bill: No. Ruling the Cavs out seeing the roster they have even without Love would be ignorant. Actually, Love being out may end up helping them more than hurting seeing that his role wasn’t as clearly defined in CLE as it was in MIN. Love hasn’t been an ideal fit and because of that, I don’t expect him to be back on the Cavs next season. I could be wrong, but I just don’t see him fitting in there as well as many had hoped.
Chad: Yes, I don’t see the Cavs getting past a healthy Bulls team w/o him let alone beating whatever team comes out of the west.
Do you agree with the 2 game suspension of JR Smith, despite his past history? Was it enough? Was it too much?
Steve:Its the playoffs, and the front office does not want to have that controversy surrounding it. I think that what I would have done, is suspended him for 5 games, with the first two games of the next round, and then defer the remaining three games to the start of the regular season next year. A little unorthodox but it could work.
Bill: Agree. Smith has shown several times that he is dirty, be it striking another player in the face or trying to deliberately untie his shoe. The two games was sufficient.
Chad: I have no problem with the suspension in the playoffs I think when it comes to the playoffs you have to be careful with suspensions but 2 games is ok with me

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