Game Of Thrones 5.4 Sons of the Harpy Q&A

Game of ThronesWelcome to our Game of Thrones 5.4 – “Sons of the Harpy” Q&A,  If you are just joining us, neither EJ or I have read the books, and I cannot speak for EJ, but I have watched all the extra features on the Blu-Ray (thank you YouTube!) So no spoilers in the comments, please don’t be that person.

Also, I know the first 4 episodes have been leaked, I haven’t watched those either –David

Spoilers, Duh.

1. Ok, lets get the biggie first.Grey Worm

Gray Worm vs Barristan- One lives, You Pick.

Earl: Well, I think it’s fairly obvious that at least Ser Barristan died in that skirmish between the Unsullied and the Sons of the Harpy. I’ve seen the episode twice now, and to me it’s pretty clear that Ser Barristan is no more. However, if I had to pick, things being 50/50, I would keep Ser Barristan around. Grey Worm is a likeable character but something about Ser Barristan being that old fatherly protector type helping Daenerys learn more about her ancestry was cute to watch.

David: Well, I wouldn’t say its obvious. I mean the Mountain is still around. But the question is, if I can have only one survive? I’m taking Barristan- He’s a link to the Targarian past, he can hopefully get into some fan theories we are all hoping is true. Grey Worm is fun, but we can get another Unsullied to fill his role- not like he can really have a romance, now can he?

2. Is Cersei really going to kill Mace Tyrell?Margaery Tyrell

Earl: It sure looks that way. Cersei sure knows how to play the man up and Mace knows how to play the bumbling fool. Being sent off to Braavos with Ser Meryn is another way for Cersei to squeeze Margaery. Maybe the two men do reach Braavos, and maybe Mace gets to talk to the Iron Bank representatives but it doesn’t look too likely that he’s going to return to Kings Landing.

David: I think its more of a threat. The Tyrells are paying to bills right now, and even thought the Queen of Thorns can be a capable player, Mace is no threat in the game. Margaery is waking in a world where the person she just dismissed just put her brother in chains, and put her father on a ship to the other side of the world. Gotta be a little scary, and hopefully a learning experience.

3. Why would the Sparrows really align with Cersei, considering her rep?Loras Tyrell

Earl: Well that’s a question for Cersei to really ask herself. She basically gave a group of zealots, carte blanche to do what they want. All in the name of spiting Margaery Tyrell. Cersei basically placed the nail in her own coffin all in the name of a selfish power play. She may believe that she has her own personal army, but you can’t control zealots through law and politics. They don’t respect that. The Faith Militant is going to turn on her very soon, and the High Sparrow who she has underestimated to this point, is going to show himself as who he really is: a man who has played her all along just to get the power he really wants.

David: This is another example of Cersei not being as smart as she thinks she is.
Arming religeous fanatics when you are a heritic and have kids that are the product of incest, is not exactly a smart idea. There had to be another way to get rid of Loras. Did we mention that she also has that thing her buddy is working on that is sure to come out as an abomination to the Seven?

4. Is Jamie on his way to being a competent fighter?Bronn and Jamie

Earl: As competent as a one handed man can be. Clearly in the Bronn/Jamie traveling road show, the heavy lifting will be all on Bronn’s shoulders. Jamie may have a bit more confidence now, but he and Bronn knows that Bronn has to carry the load when it comes to fighting.

David: I think so. Experience is a great teacher, and Jamie almost has a built in buckler for a hand. I’m not saying he’ll ever be as good as he was, but if Inigo Montoya can be a good fighter with the wrong hand, so can Jamie.

5. Do you feel better know that you know more about Littlefinger’s plans?Roose Bolton

Earl: I feel a little bit better, but I knew all along he wasn’t going to betray Sansa. While I didn’t think he was relying on Stannis, he really had no other option. He couldn’t run back to the Lannisters and keep Sansa safe, and he damn well couldn’t fall back on the Boltons who don’t have the means to hold onto the North. The Northerners hate the Boltons, so that wouldn’t have been the play for a man as smart as Littlefinger. The question I have is did he really set the events of this show in motion, just to support Stannis? I doubt it, but circumstances are what they are. Now we wait and see if Stannis is victorious in the North and if Sansa takes her place as wardeness of the North.

David: Even worse, actually. If Littlefinger actually thought this would save Sansa, he would have taken her all the way to the Wall, so Stannis could use her to rally the Northern Bannermen to his side. Hell, Stannis might have even given Sansa to Littlefinger as a bonus after the War, if nothing else to give Littlefinger the North and to keep him away from Kings Landing. His dropping her off only keeps him slightly better off in the eyes of Cersei- how is he going to explain how she got out? Cersei already doesn’t like him, and what other ally does he have at court? I just can’t see how this works out for him. He’s trading the Vale (marry Sansa off or toss the kid out the Moon Door) the North and Dorne for the Neck and Kings Landing?

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