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First lets start with David’s Top Ten Managers. We have made it all the way up to the #1 manager, but first let’s remind you of the #2 manager clue.

Next to Vince himself, possibly the smartest man in wrestling. Known primarily for one team, he’s also got a world champion on his resume, as well as tag champs in both major promotions.

Who am I?? I am…… Jim Cornette


Now here is the clue for the #1 manager according to David.

Look at the list of his his clients. Name me who on that list could talk an Eskimo into a sauna. There is only a handful- but compare to the roster of people he’s taken to main eventing major events.

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Here are the questions this week.

Why did the WWE go from the solid gated barricade surrounding the ring, to the black plain barricade? -Josiah from Huntsville AL.


Two reasons, with the attitude era, it just looked better, and it was easier on the wrestlers bodies when they got thrown into them. Also there were incidents where fans would reach through the bars of the steel barricade and they ended up getting hit by some of the wrestlers when they would get thrown into it. So they decided it was safer not only for the fans, but for the safety of the wrestlers getting thrown into it (no pun intended).


How did King Harley Race actually become King? I don’t remember him in WWE as anything but the King, was that just his gimmick, and the WWE ran with it as a tournament? – Ray, East Lansing, MI.


Before it was on Pay Per View, the WWE held a King of the Ring tournament starting in 1985, which the first one was won by Don Murocco. Harley Race won the King of the Ring tournament in 1986, and just kept the part, and had the crown and robe and was the first person to call himself King. When it was defended, and eventually won by Haku, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, and Randy Savage, they did not win tournaments. As a matter of fact, there were King of the Ring tournaments through 1991, while there was an active “King” of wrestling. Then they started the King of the Ring tournament in 1993 and kept that going for a period of time.


Speaking of Kings, Tony King has a question about another former King.

What were the WWE’s plans with Mabel (Viscera) when they made him King of the Ring? Was there any plan of actually putting the title on him?


No, basically they needed someone for Diesel to face, and McMahon was all about the big man. Mabel fit that build, and when he pinned the Undertaker at King of the Ring, and then ultimately winning the tournament in 1995, he became the number one contender. This was just to have someone for Diesel to work with as they did not have any prominent heels in the company for him to face, plus they were setting up Bret Hart to have another run with the title, so they did not want to put him in a big long lasting feud.


Some people say that when Eric Bischoff announced that Mankind was going to win the WWF title on Raw while LIVE on Nitro, that was the beginning of the end of WCW. What do you think was the beginning of the end to WCW? Michael from Santa Fe, NM


Well while it was Bischoff’s idea, it was actually Tony Schivone who said it on the broadcast. While that did not help WCW, as many tuned over to Raw to watch Mankind win the belt, I don’t think that was the beginning of the end. I think the fact that they were just mis-managed with what they had, and promised the big stars too much, and they did not want to perform on a nightly basis. I think the start of the decline was A) Hogan never wanting to lose to anyone, and basically running the company with his creative control, and B) the fingerpoke of doom when Kevin Nash got beat by Hogan none the less with a finger poke. That was the start of the downfall to WCW. I honestly think that Hogan was the reason that WCW failed miserably because he had to go over in every match.


Were there any repercussions with Eric Bischoff when he used Jim Ross character as Oklahoma, basically mocking him? Were there any hard feelings between him and J.R. when he came to the WWE? Randy, Lawrence KS.


Kind of, I mean Jim Ross was a professional and he was really able to work with anybody. Im sure that deep down he was fuming and would like nothing more than to give it to Bischoff. So Im sure there was some bad blood as far as JR was concerned. Bischoff probably felt like he had to do what he had to do while running WCW, and making fun of people obviously was the way to go in his opinion. JR got the last laugh though when WCW was bought out by the WWE, and Bischoff was then forced to work for the man who buried him. That gave Ross some satisfaction.


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