NBA Playoff Predictions for Round II


Time to get into round two of the NBA Playoffs! Today is half the games that start on Sunday, tomorrow we will do the other half.

Warriors vs Grizzlies

Steve: Golden State in 6. In order for Memphis to have a chance they have to shut down the offense. The Warriors are just too good at home and will take one on the road.

David: Man did Golden State impress me in round one. The came in, did the job, and sat at home. I gotta say though, without a Conley at 100%, the Grizziles playoff experince isn’t going to mean anything. I’ve gotta go Warriors here, and quickly. Most likely in 5, 6 if Conley can be back to normal by game 3.

ROckets vs Clippers

Steve: Houston in 5. I think the Spurs took everything out of the Clippers and the Rockets cruised to victory over Dallas. Chris Paul may have an Achilles injury that could limit him.

David: Little ticked my Spurs didn’t nail down the series. On Paper, I have to think the Clippers have the edge. I’m not a big Doc fan, but even I have to admit he has the coaching advantage. I’m not sure the crappy bench is going affect the Clippers this series, since the Rockets are not exactly 10-deep either. I’ll take the Clippers- only because Paul < Harden , Blake > Dwight and Jordan > Josh Smith – 6 games

Washington vs Atlanta

Steve: In calling upset. Wizards in 6. Atlanta didn’t impress me against a bad Nets team. Washington is rested and will take down the top seed.

David: This one is a hard one to guess. I’ve always been a Jeff Teague guy, and he’s always played John Wall very well. Paul Millsap and Al Horford are hurting, and they get to play with Gortat and Nene. I am not a member of the Whitman has figured out how to coach Club. I just don’t know what to make of this series. I guess I’ll take the chances that the Wizards will blow a game, and let the Hawks hang around long enough where Horford can play well enough to take the series in 7

Cavs vs Bulls

David: Gotta go with Cleveland in 7. I’d put a good bit of money on the Bulls. But with Rose being in and out, they don’t really know what they have. I think Mozgov is the key player here. If he can put good minutes on the floor and let LeBron bang Pau instead of Noah, they take the series.

Steve: Cleveland in 7. Going to be a tough brutal series. The Cavs are short handed but the Bulls seem to not be able to capitalize on things like this. LeBron will take over a Game 7 for the win.

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