2015 NFL Draft Diary Part III 21-32

NFL DRAFT2015 NFL Draft Diary
Part III 21-32

Sorry it took me a bit to complete this. I had the luxury of DVR, and tickets to Avengers 2.

Lets pick this up on ESPN’s coverage, and finish this thing.

Gruden wants an OT, Bonus guy says best guy available, I’m glad he’s here. You can’t buy that kind of knowledge.

Cincinati Bengals21     Cincinnati Bengals     Cedric Ogbuehi      OT     Texas A&M

OH THANK YOU. I saw far too many mocks having him going to Carolina. He’s not a run blocker, he’s a pass blocker, and under Mike Shula, Carolina isn’t good enough to do both, and Ron likes to run.

Mel says he’s played both RT and LT before he got hurt. Everyone likes the pick. Mel does mention he’d like to see a Texas A&M lineman get down and smack someone.

Whole bunch on Pittsburgh dropping off defensibly. The Big Screen behind the guys is still showing the Bengals logo, did someone forget they already picked? Bonus guy talks about needing help in all three levels.

pit-steelers-helmet22     Pittsburgh Steelers     Bud Dupree      OLB     Kentucky

More Technique over power. Needs to hit the weight room, they have those in the NFL right?

Gruden loves this guy, says he can even play inside. Mel loves his attitude. Bonus guy talks about how he dropped into coverage and he wasn’t that good. Thats gonna cause problems if he’s got issues there. He might have to go inside.
den-broncos-Helmet 23     Denver Broncos     Shane Ray      DE     Missouri    

Lions traded 2 fifth round picks to move down, Broncos also gave them manny Ramirez- the OT, not the baseball player.

Man did he drop. He can get thrown off, so that’s a problem, but he can get the QB. Really productive player at Mizzou. if he can stay out of trouble, this is a steal. Gruden loves this dude, says he won most of the one on one battles, that’s pretty good in the SEC.

Arizona Cardinals  24     Arizona Cardinals     D. J. Humphries      OT     Florida

Uh, 19 Starts. Can he stay upright? He’s got really good feet though, he’s hard to throw off, but I wonder if he can be bowled over- might be a better guard. But didn’t they just get the guy from the Niners? But considering we have Carson Palmer and nothing else back there- any Offensive Lineman should be a help.

Mel thought he disappointed in college, lot of that in Florida. His injury history is mentioned in passing, but we gotta get to the commercials, don’t we. Berman is quick to mention we got Baltimore and Dallas coming up! Sometimes I hate ESPN.

Back to Back OT picks and I’m not sure where to go. Perriman is out there if we go WR again, I’m thinking Damarious Randall myself. We don’t need Malcom Brown, but he’s the best out there. I think I’m down for Breshad Perriman!

Da Commish gives out the Walter Peyton award, with 2014 winner Thomas Davis, who gives a short speech, and names the pick. Some . . SOME of the crowd gives a standing O. Stay classy Chi-Town.
 Carolina Panthers 25     Carolina Panthers     Shaq Thompson      OLB     Washington

He’s kinda tiny, ain’t he?
Six foot nothing, 220 and nothing, did we just draft Rudy?

First clip they show is his RUNNING BACK SKILLS. Oh Lawd. Gruden mentions he might be a safety. Luxury Pick. WHAT THE FUCK! Mel says he’s a great Special Teams player. SPECIAL TEAMS?? We quickly go back to commercial.

Berman with a quick burst of the Pats/Ravens game- no one else says a word.

blt-ravens-helmet 26     Baltimore Ravens     Breshad Perriman      WR     UCF  

Does one thing but does it well, run down there and catch the ball. He’s not exactly going to cut on a dime, but 6’2, 212 I’m all good here. WHAT WERE THE PANTHERS THINKING??

Mel loves this guy- whoa, He’s Brett Perriman’s kid? I’m getting Old. Mel says he has drop issues. Gruden has 5 drops he shows on tape and thinks he’s overdrafted. Bonus Guy says there must be something going on causing all the drops. More Commericals. I hate the SuperFly jingle. Holy Shit.

All of ten seconds before the pick, Mel barely gets to point to his big board.

dls-cowboys-Helmet 27     Dallas Cowboys     Byron Jones      CB     Connecticut

6’1 200. Didn’t really jump off the stat sheet, but again, it was UConn, they could have just avoided him.

Yeah, Carolina couldn’t have used him either. I’m bitter. Everyone thinks he’s got good hands but needs a lot of work, and has to improve his tackling. He’s got great speed. Gruden thinks he replaces Morris Clairborne. Berman brings up he interned in Congress.

det-lions-helmet 28     Detroit Lions     Laken Tomlinson      G     Duke  

I really like him. I think he’s a solid, solid guy.

Mel says he’s strong with good feet, and model of consistency. Mel’s only problem is Malcom Brown is still on the board. Gruden loves this guy.

Reggie Wayne is gone, Frank Gore is in, Gotta be a WR here, right?
ind-colts-authentic  29     Indianapolis Colts     Phillip Dorsett      WR     Miami

Got hurt, and I’m always worried about knee injuries with guys that go over the middle. 4.3 40? Yes please. 5’10? Uhhhhh

24 yards a  catch, he’s got the house cam to see him getting all happy. Mel wanted a O-Line pick, and says this is a luxury pick. The crowd is upset for some reason. Gruden says the Colts must be going 4 wide now. Berman says the booing is for the Packers.

Mel shows off the big board when we get back.

gb-packers-Helmet30     Green Bay Packers     Damarious Randall      S     Arizona State

This one I like, got good closing speed, can hit for his size. He does get caught on double moves, but that’s coachable.

Mel loves this guy, says he’s the best cover safety in the draft. All he does is make plays. That damn Notre Dame is brought up.  Gruden says he was a “suspect tackler”

Here is the pick for Jimmy Graham. Gruden names about 4 guys to look at. Bonus guy talks about they need someone on defense, but doesn’t give a name. Mel says nothing.

no-saints-helmet 31     New Orleans Saints     Stephone Anthony      LB     Clemson

Uh, ok. He can also get thrown off balance by strong guys. He’s really got a nose for the ball though, he should get better over time, but don’t expect much this year from him.

Gruden says good pick. The camera find ONE Saints fan who has no idea who they picked. Crowd is visibly thinning. The other two are not as high, not not unhappy with the pick.

Berman says he has a guy for the Pats, but we goto commercial before he tells us. TEASE!

Gotta be Brown, right? Replace Wilfork. Mel picks there as well.

ne-patriots-helmet32  New England Patriots     Malcom Brown      DT     Texas

Cannot change directions- he’s more of a stay where he is and drop on the guy in the other color uniform when he gets close.Keeps his legs moving though.

Malcom might be asleep as the stands at his home. Everyone loves the pick.

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