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BaN-Brooklyn-292x300Welcome to The Blog About Nothing. My bad on not posting last week. I took a week off due to the combination of writers block and just being in a fucked up mind state. I’ve always called myself happy go-lucky, and I’ve always described my moods as peaks and valleys. Sometimes I be at that happy peak, and sometimes I be in the valley. I guess that’s depression to some. It’s not a word, I choose to label myself as, but I do acknowledge that when I’m in that valley it’s hard for me to get shit done. So, I was in that valley for awhile. Guess I’m still there, but I feel more productive this week. With all that said, let’s do this.

The mega fight is finally upon us. It’s finally time for Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao. A fight that’s five or six years in the making will take place this Saturday in Las Vegas, Nevada. The 47 and 0 Mayweather will be putting that undefeated record on the line against arch rival Manny Pacquiao. Both men seem supremely confident and despite both fighters being past their primes, the public can’t wait to watch this fight.

As a fan of boxing, I wish this fight took place in 2010. I’d have a better perspective for who would win back then as I do now. Now, I see Floyd as the bigger fighter, the faster fighter and the more defensive fighter, while I look at Manny as being a little slower than he was in his prime, and not nearly as destructive as he used to be. Manny Pacquiao circa 2010 was a beast. He hit hard, he moved quick, and he knocked his foes out. Some, like his trainer Freddie Roach, would argue that Manny lost that killer instinct when he became a Born-Again Christian. That’s likely true, but if Manny has any chance of winning this fight that aggressive hitter has to come out to play on Saturday.

Why? Las Vegas is Floyd’s town. The City of Las Vegas and the MGM Grand casino has Manny vs Mayweatheroften bend to Floyd’s will. If Floyd can fight a close fight, keep Manny off of him, and land his punches where he can, Floyd will win this fight. Floyd is the big money bettor’s favorite. The everyday man is behind Manny. It would be a tough pill to swallow if those casinos have to pay out big money in a Manny victory. Sounds like I’m being a conspiracy theorist, and I guess that I am. I have a hard time seeing Manny Pacquiao winning a decision. If Manny wins, he’s got to put Floyd on the canvas. I’m not necessarily saying he has to end it in a knockout but a knockdown or two would help the man.

Who wins? I’m going with Floyd. Floyd is a technically sound defensive fighter. He uses the shoulder roll to keep his opponents off of him and he lands his punches crisply and accurately. Manny Pacquiao is also a bit of a gambler, and if Floyd plays his cards correctly, he will make Manny pay for that style of fighting. It’ll clearly go 12 rounds since I don’t see Floyd as being capable of ending this via knockout but I see Money May taking this fight by unanimous decision and I’ll give him 8 out of the 12 rounds. Mayweather will go 48-0, one fight closer to tying Rocky Marciano, and two fights away from being the only boxer to go 50-0.

USA Sports MapMay 2nd is a huge day in sports. Besides the big fight there will also be NBA and NHL playoff games, a full day of baseball, the final day of the NFL Draft, and the Kentucky Derby. It’s a great day to be parked in front of a television, either in the comfort of your own home, with friends, or at a sports bar. As of right now, I don’t see myself watching the big fight despite being a fan of boxing because I don’t feel like plunking down the money, and although I do watch hockey and baseball I doubt I’ll watch those sports on Saturday.

Which leaves me with the NFL Draft and NBA playoffs, as well as the Kentucky Derby. Now I don’t know anything about horse racing but I do watch the Derby. Thankfully NBC puts a countdown clock on the screen, so I know when to switch over to watch the actual race. I could care less for the pre-Derby stuff. I don’t know who the owners and trainers are and I could give a damn about all that. I do watch the NFL Draft. Rounds 4 through 7 are on the air Saturday, and those are the key rounds. In those rounds your team could find the diamond in the rough, the future star, and build the foundation of their franchise. Good teams do well when they draft well. Just how that goes.

As far as the NBA playoffs goes, Saturday ought to have some Game 1’s of the second round kicking off. The playoffs have been great so far. While there were a fair bit of sweeps in the 1st round, the only surprise I’ve gotten out of the playoffs was the Washington Wizards kicking the crap out of the Toronto Raptors. Despite my love of all things Toronto, I wasn’t too surprised at the Wiz knocking the Raps out. The Wizards are a good team and I won’t be too stunned when they knock out the Atlanta Hawks/Brooklyn Nets round one winner either. Actually, I’m tempted to slot the Wizards into the NBA Finals but that’s a bridge too far right now, and a blog to be written later. However, if it happens remember that you read it here first.

Jazz CartierAs I sit here listening to Marauding In Paradise by Toronto rapper Jazz Cartier, let’s pour one out for the Raptors. I made my first trip up north to Toronto in 1991, to visit some friends of my parents. Well actually they are mother and father figure types to me, and in my subsequent trips north of the border I’ve picked up a lot of love for the Blue Jays, Raptors, and Maple Leafs. I wear Blue Jay baseball hats, I had a signed baseball of the 1993 World Series winners, and although I wouldn’t consider myself a Raptors fan, I actually really like that franchise. So, to Kyle Lowry, DeMar DeRozan, and the #WeTheNorth hashtag, I’m going to pour out a little Canadian Club in y’all memory. Until next season…

Finally, I’m going to end this on a serious tip. As I just showed love to Toronto, I’m going to talk about another city I visited when I was young. I’ve only been there once, and I remember it only because my Dad got lost driving around it, but I’m going to close out my blog talking about the Charm City. This one is for Baltimore.

Sometime in either 1990, or 1991 (I forget which year but around that time feels right), my Dad decided to throw all of us in his old Pontiac Grand Prix to make the drive down I-95 to visit some friends that he had living near the Pimlico Racetrack. I was the kind of kid, and still am this guy, to take note of any road trip. I’m a bit of a human G.P.S. I take note of everything. So, while my Dad was circling around west Baltimore, getting lost at every turn, I took down the landmarks in my mind.

So, to watch a City I remember from that bright sunny summer day, in chaos hurt me. I don’t know what happened to Freddie Gray while in Baltimore Police custody, but may he Rest In Peace. While I don’t know what happened to Mr. Gray, I do know the images of watching a neighborhood burn, a neighborhood looted, filled me with anger and confusion.

Crown Heights RiotsIn Brooklyn there was the Crown Heights riots. I do not live far from Crown Heights, but I was too young to really grasp the magnitude of what happened in Crown Heights in August 1991. Well, I was 9 years old, but the idea of taking to the streets in that kind of combustible anger didn’t make much sense to me at such a young age. The Los Angeles riots, only a few months afterwards, didn’t make much sense to me either because I didn’t get the value in burning down your own community.

As an adult, I understand anger, and I understand the need to vent your frustrations, but to burn down the institutions that nurture your own community is still pointless to me. Now, I do acknowledge that the media coverage in Baltimore may have been spun in a way to demonize an angry community, so maybe I’m missing the mark here (and I’ll accept that), but I cannot condone rioting. I don’t condone it in a serious manner such as Baltimore, nor do I condone it when your favorite sports team wins or loses.

The act is just so fucking stupid. There are ways of making your voices heard, peacefully. There are ways of making your anger heard, peacefully. Use those avenues. Use the media to your advantage, use the power of social media, and take to the streets and march. The family of Freddie Gray wanted no outrage, and thankfully after a short outburst, order has returned. Now, I hope the community holds onto that anger, use it in a productive way, and hopefully the answers we all seek will soon come to the light.

I’m done. Thank you for reading.


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