2015 NFL Draft Diary part II 11-20


2015 NFL Draft Diary
Part II 11-20

Part One

Again, I’m going with the ESPN broadcast

min-vikings-helmet11     Minnesota Vikings     Trae Waynes      CB     Michigan State

Got speed to burn, Mel wants to know why they didn’t go Parker. I can see why you want to match your Q with his favorite target in school, but it hasn’t exactly worked out in Indy, now has it? This is pretty early, but a need pick. He’s 6′ but has good closing speed. He’s good one on one guy. He has to work on tackling. Gruden is not happy with this one. I can’t say I blame him looking at the film, but again, my 7 year old tackles better than Deion, so. . .

cle-browns-helmet12     Cleveland Browns     Danny Shelton      DT     Washington

I do love this guy. Sorry for not breaking down too much here, as the wife and I got into a fight over my being happy that the Saints didn’t get this guy. The Bonus guy talks about his pass rush skills- I DON’T CARE ABOUT HIS PASS RUSH SKILLS. I want him dropping RBs on the line- and I’m GLAD the Saints don’t get him.

Gruden wants OL, Can’t say I blame him. I can’t see a good DB going here, the wife wants a WR, WHOA. MELVIN GORDON IS STILL THERE. Yeah, I know its not a need, but I’ve never been a huge Ingram guy and his under 1K yards rushing.

no-saints-helmet13     New Orleans Saints     Andrus Peat      OT     Stanford

The Stanford Dude? He’s raw as hell. Mel pops up saying he gave up 2.5 sacks against Utah. He’s 6’7 and relies on finesse over POWER? I’m not exactly thinking that’s a good thing when you are SIX FOOT SEVEN. That’s like being 6’5 with a low post game in the NBA.

Everyone wants Parker. I can’t argue since Ryan needs some love, seriously.

mia-dolphins-helmet14     Miami Dolphins     DeVante Parker      WR     Louisville

Good Pick. We FINALLY have a trade.

Chargers jump up to the Niners pick 2 spots for a 4th this year and a 5th next year. Berman calls it for Gordon, that makes perfect sense.

I do love this pick for the Fins, as does everyone else. Gruden brings up the point that he did it under 2 different systems, but does question his durability. Jennings and Parker? Thats a great combo.

San Deigo Chargers15     San Diego Chargers     Melvin Gordon III      RB     Wisconsin

Berman pounds Gordon- and he’s right. Chargers gave up a 4th and a 5th next year for him.

I bet the Texans were upset. Everyone loves Gordon. He does have fumbleititis, but I think you can work on that. He did get a ton of carries in Wisconsin, though, running backs have a shelf life. I was impressed during the LSU game with him, but the problem is, he only played half the game.

The Texans have to go LB, right? Is there any skill position players left for the group to scream for?

htn-texans-authentic16     Houston Texans     Kevin Johnson      CB     Wake Forest

The Bonus guy says he was the best corner in the draft. Gruden doesn’t like his run support, again, I don’t care. He’s also 6 foot and a bit light, but Mel brought up that he never missed a game. Gruden brings up a laundry list of him missing tackles on his game film. Again, You can’t scream that the running game is unimportant, then complain that cover corners can’t tackle.

Berman talks about all the changes the Niners had.

sf-49ers-helmet17     San Francisco 49ers     Arik Armstead      DE     Oregon

Mel breaks out the fact that he has 5.5 more sacks than I do on the NCAA level. Thats a bit scary. I’m not exactly seeing a ton of Pac-12 guys flying off the board on the Offensive Line.

I think he’s a rotation guy at first, then has to slide into a starting spot. 6’7 300 pounds? I’m not so sure he’s an everydown guy- but if he develops- damn.

The Commercials are coming fast and furious now.

kc-chiefs-Helmet18     Kansas City Chiefs     Marcus Peters      CB     Washington

Bit of a headcase at Washington. Got dismissed from team on Nov 6th. Uh, I got major issues here. Peters is a top talent, yes, but when broke guys are a prick, how are they going to be when they got money? Gruden says he’ the best corner in the draft. He is 5’11 though.

At least he can tackle.

cle-browns-helmet19     Cleveland Browns     Cameron Erving      OL     Florida State

Where does he play? The Browns just paid GOOD money to keep the center they have a year ago, and is he good enough to slide over to Guard on the next level? Alex Mack is their second best lineman, and I don’t think he’s tradeable.

None of the panel are happy. I bet Alex Mack isn’t happy. Just makes zero sense to use a gift pick on one of the few positions you are good at. Maybe a WR would have been better off here.

phi-eagles-Helmet20     Philadelphia Eagles     Nelson Agholor      WR     USC

Gruden compares him to Maclin. I don’t see why you are having a first round pick returning punts- but thats just me. He’s not a bowl you over runner, he can get pushed down- good pick here though, at least until Chip trades him two years from now.

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