The NBA Finals

May 31, 2015 David Snipes 1

After seemingly 10 months, its finally down to two teams! The NBA Finals will either give the Warriors their first title since Nixon, or give Cleveland their first title ever with the hometown boy! Its […]

Movies / TV

Movie Review: Ironclad

May 29, 2015 David Snipes 0

The intro tells us of the Magna Carta and how the Templar Knights and English Barons forced the King of England  to sign over rights to the English people. (don’t get me started) King John […]


In my DAMN opinion with Eric Asafailo

May 29, 2015 Stephan 0

Wrestling fans its me Eric Asafailo from the Wrestling Roundtable. Thank you for tuning in to the newest segment on In my damn opinion. This week I give you my opinion on Samoa Joe […]


Wrestling Roundtable

May 28, 2015 Stephan 0

Welcome back Wrestling Fans to another edition of the Wrestling Roundtable. We all hope you enjoyed your Memorial Day weekend. We have a lot of fun stuff to discuss this week. Let’s start as always with […]


NBA Roundtable

May 27, 2015 Stephan 0

The Conference Finals are upon us, and they are also almost over, as it appears that the Hawks and Rockets are about to set their Golf dates. Here to talk about it are the panelists […]

Weekly Columns


May 26, 2015 Stephan 0

Whats going on wrestling fans? Hope you all enjoyed your Memorial Day weekend, and for most of you having to return to work after a three day weekend probably sucks. But have no fear, for […]

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Movie Review: Byzantium

May 25, 2015 David Snipes 0

Movie Review: Byzantium Let me first say that I got lied into watching this movie. I listen to a lot of History Podcasts, and one of them did an interview with a writer about a […]


UFC 187: Now What?

May 25, 2015 David Snipes 0

UFC 187: So now what? After what many think is the best UFC card in YEARS. Not only was it a great card, it changed the landscape at the top of several divisions. Where do […]