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It is Thursday, one of my favorite times of the week. The Wrestling Roundtable. I want to take a moment to thank you fans for the tweets and e-mails, you guys are awesome. Keep them coming. We always appreciate your feedback in the comments as well.

Extreme Rules is behind us, but was is the worst Pay Per View in the past year? Also, Rusev vs Cena III? Is this a mistake for Rusev? All this and much much more on this weeks edition of the Wrestling Roundtable.

Let’s start with this weeks Power Rankings.

1. Seth Rollins- Defeated Orton at Extreme Rules in the cage, and takes back  the #1 spot. But can Rollins overcome both Orton and Reigns at Payback?

2. Randy Orton- Even after a tough loss at Extreme Rules, Orton has another opportunity at Payback.

3. John Cena- Back to back wins over Rusev keeps the US Champion in the Top 5, can he make it three in a row over the big Russian?

4. Roman Reigns- Roman is back in the title picture, can he make the most of this opportunity in the triple threat match?

5. Bad News Barrett- After a great showing in the King of the Ring and winning the crown, I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news. Wade Barrett cracks the top 5.


This week in Professional Wrestling:

Stan Hansen broke Bruno Sammartinos neck in a match at Madison Square Garden

The first ECW champion was crowned as Sal Bellomo won the first ever championship.

Brock Lesnar was defeated by John Cena in their first ever encounter at Extreme Rules.


Now on to the questions this week. 


Was Extreme Rules the worst Pay Per View in the past year?

Steve: I would have to say yes. I was watching the show on Sunday night, and found my self searching the internet or topics to cover this week on the Roundtable. I was bored out of my mind watching the show. Having A New Day win the titles over Kidd and Cesaro is a huge mistake as Kidd and Cesaro are probably one of the best teams in the division right now. The Russian Chain match was sub-par and all too predictable. Then the WWE title match, just sucked all around. So yes it was the worst show that I remember seeing, not just in the past year, and trust me, the Royal Rumble was pretty bad, but at least we got one good match out of that. It was the worst I have seen in a very long time.

Eric: This past Sunday WWE present their annual ppv of Extreme Rules. The build for the ppv was terrible and the event it self was a major let down. The whole I would rank it a 3 out 10. There wasn’t hardly any build and the action was mediocre at best. The best match of the night was Roman Regins vs Big Show. Other than that, I would say the ppv was a let down. WWE please step it up on the next ppv. I can only take so much. There was alot of potential there but they just did not deliver at Extreme Rules.

Josh: It is definitely up there.  The only slight surprise was New Day winning the tag titles.  Other than that, it really felt like a bonus episode of RAW.  Nothing of any importance actually happened.  And when the highlight match of the night is Roman Reigns vs. Big Show…you know something is wrong.

Chad: It definitely ranks up there in the past year there was not a lot of surprises or exciting moments on the show. I understood that Rollins would be walking as champion because of the way he pushed. Cena was keeping the belt after conquering the undefeated Rusev. Extreme Rules was in my opinion the worst PPV in the last calendar year.


Fact or Fiction: Having Rusev vs Cena IV at Payback is a big mistake for Rusev’s career?

Steve: Fact! There is no reason for it. You are not going to have Cena lose this match and lose the title, this will mark the fourth straight pay per view that these two are going to face off for the US title. Cena is 2 and 1, so what, you are going to have Rusev go over and then tie it up only to have a fifth match? No, Rusev is destined for bigger and better things than competing for the US title. If the WWE wants to push him, he needs to move on from this feud and start something new. Im sure the fans are sick of it as well.

Eric:  It was announced at Extreme Rules that at the next ppv Payback we will see John Cena vs Rusev for the forth straight ppv in a row. Is this a big mistake for Rusev carrer? I’d say Fact. Rusev was being built up as this monstrous heel that was unbeatable for several months. Now he defeated John Cena at first then he lost at Wrestlemania and Extreme Rules, now my prediction is that he will lose at Payback. If he lose that will make three events in a row he has lost. I think he will have to do some major in order to bounce back from three ppv loses in a row to John Cena. It is possible that he could bounce back and become an unstoppable force once again but I think it will be harder to come back if he loses at Payback and it could very well hurt his carrer in the long run.

Josh: Could be either.  I will say this, if Rusev says “I Quit”  He is done.  There is no more Russian Monster.  However, if Cena locks him in the STF, and makes him pass out (a la Steve Austin vs. Bret Hart), then Rusev could save some face.  Then there is option 3, Rusev does the unthinkable.  If there is anyone that will be able to do it, it will be someone like Rusev.  They beat John Cena in an ‘I Quit” match, by making him say it.  It could actually work.  It would thrust Rusev into the main event World Title picture, AND could start a downward spiral for Cena that ends with the ever-awaited heel turn.  However, the likelihood of that happening is nil.  Most likely Rusev will be permanently relegated to the mid-card and start jobbing.

Chad: Having the 4th installment of Rusev/Cena can be a mistake depending on how he is booked after the feud. If Rusev is booked to make a run as a serious contender for the title at around Summerslam or Survivor Series then having the wars with Cena will help him as a monster go after the champion.

Were you excited to see the return of the King of the Ring?

Steve: This has always been one of my favorite shows. I wish they would bring it back to Pay Per View on a regular basis. But the fact that it is on Raw, then on the Network for the Semi Finals and Finals is still pretty decent. I am hoping that they make it relevant again, and it is a big deal like it was in the 90’s. I think they made a really good choice in putting the crown on Barrett. And having him win clean is huge.

Eric:  The King of the Ring has returned to the WWE. 2 big thumbs up here. The King of the Ring has always been one of my favorite events. The tournament to decide who is the King. There is a lot history behind this event. All though I would have loved to see this come back as an actual ppv event, I have to make due with what we have been given. We can also hope this is the start of bringing back the King of the Ring as a yearly tradition in the WWE. I know I would be very satisfied to see it return permentlly.

Josh:  Sort of.  I think it needs its own PPV again though.  I think you should have 8 qualifying matches on RAW, and then have the quarters, semis and finals on a King of the Ring PPV in June again.  They claim King of the Ring launches careers, and it DID, when it was a PPV.  When they started doing it on RAW, or non PPV, the winners have gone on to nothing of importance.  The last winner was Sheamus…yep, Sheamus.  Give it a PPV again, and I will start getting more excited.

Chad: At first yes I was excited but after seeing the concept I was disappointed. I was use to having a month long tournament that led to a PPV where the winner usually pushed to success (Austin; HHH; Angle: Edge; Brock). The only way to get me excited for KOTR would be to do the PPV with the finals.

Do you see the Ryback vs Bray Wyatt new feud a step up for Ryback, or a step down for Bray Wyatt?

Steve: Both, but more of a step down for Wyatt. Since coming off of Wrestlemania against the Undertaker, Wyatt has not been in the ring, so you have to wonder the reasoning behind him going for perhaps the biggest star in the last twenty years, to a guy like Ryback who really has not done much since coming back. For Ryback, this is an opportunity for him to get back in the thick of things with a relevant feud as the one he started with Rusev several months ago sort of derailed after Survivor Series.

Eric: It seems there is a new feud starting in the WWE featuring Bray Wyatt and Ryback. Now with this feud is it a step up for Ryback or a step down for Bray Wyatt? I think this maybe a benefit for both guys. For Ryback, this will be a step up for him. He will finally once again have a feud with a main event level guy. This could propel Ryback to once again become relivent in the WWE instead being just another established name. For Bray Wyatt this could be good for him, with him feuding with another established name if he is too go over Ryback in this feud it could propel him back to the main event level. Either way I think this feud has potential to do good things. Let’s just sit back and see where it goes.

Josh: It is both.  Wyatt is so good, that even if he ends up on the down side of this feud he will still come out clean.  Ryback has yet to have a truly great feud (story wise), and this could be his first one.  I look forward to what these two guys can do in the ring.  Both are insanely athletic, and it will be awesome to see Ryback’s reactions to the new face of fear.

Chad: I think with the the Ryback character and the Wyatt has been pushed with the feuds with Undertaker and Cena last year I see more as a step down for Wyatt. I would rather see Wyatt vs one of the rising stars like Reigns or Ambrose. I don’t think Ryback can be elevated with feud with Wyatt


Will Seth Rollins be WWE Champion after Payback?

Steve: I don’t know why, but Seth Rollins as champion strikes a nerve with me because he really is a punk ass bitch. I hate seeing champions who tend to take the easy way out. You almost wish to have a part time champion again. So I am going to say no, Rollins will drop the title to Roman Reigns and the WWE will start his run with the title, a couple months later than they thought.

Eric:  Well, the main event for Payback has been set. We will see Seth Rollins defend the WWE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP against Roman Regins and Randy Orton in a triple threat match. So will Seth Rollins walk out of Payback still as the WWE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION? My prediction is yes. Seth Rollins is a good champion. Right now he is the top heel in the company, and he is over as a heel. I think the WWE should leave the title on him for a while longer. He has great potential and is an amazing athlete. Seth Rollins is a great champion and I believe will continue to be champion. Payback is only a match but Seth Rollins will go over in the triple threat match and will still be your WWE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!

Josh: Yep.  I see him holding the title until Summer Slam, at least, where he will likely defend against Brock Lesnar.  I don’t see the strap going onto Reigns or Orton.  Although, I could see Orton more than Reigns, as Reigns is steadily improving, but still not ready.

Chad: The way that Rollins is being pushed and portrayed I can’t see a situation where Orton or Reigns walk out with the belt at Payback. I think Rollins eventually loses getting to Summerslam but at Payback Seth Rollins is walking out with the WWE World Heavyweight Title.

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