2015 NFL Draft Diary part I 1-10


Welcome to my NFL Draft 2015 Diary!

I’ve been doing this for several years, and I love the Draft. Being a fan of all things Carolina, its the best way for my teams to get better, since we have never signed a prime free agent in basketball, and normally get guys in football either pre or post prime.

The Draft is in Chicago for some reason. I guess Radio City pissed off the NFL by not giving it top billing. I’d almost think that it would be nice to have it rotated, maybe among the NFL franchises that have no hope of EVER seeing a Super Bowl?

Again, I’m going with the ESPN broadcast- of course, I saw the Mel and Todd mock draft where they “forgot” someone – gotta love it. Berman kicks it off after some chick I don’t know bores me. Berman also gives some Chi-Town without mentioning Ric Flair or Ricky Steamboat. Still no word on why we are in Chicago.

We have our first snafu as Marcus Mariota is labeled Jameis Winston. Neither guy is here.

Da Commish: Chi-Town is Draft Town!

The Bucs have had the first overall pick 5 times. 1 is in the Hall of Fame. We get more Jameis vs Marcus yammering. Why the Bucs are taking time, I got no idea. How WR is a position of need with Mike Evans and Vincent Jackson, I got no idea. Mel and Chucky both want Marcus- yet Marcus is 5th on Mel’s best available, and Winston is 4th. Think on that a second. Louis Riddick pimps Winston. No idea who that is. Bucs FINALLY pick with 4+ Minutes left. We kill time another 5 minutes before Da Commish is able to finish going potty.

Tampa Bay Bucs Helmet1     Tampa Bay Buccaneers     Jameis Winston      QB    

Well, that was shocking. I do think Winston is the better of the two QBs, lets also not forget that Winston lost Kelvin Benjamin as his top guy. (And the Panthers are grateful.)

Divided crowd- ESPN keeps showing the SAME TWO FANS over and over again.

We are FINALLY over to the second pick. The Titans are a swarm here. Adam finally mentions that just because the pick isn’t traded, don’t mean he isn’t swapped. I can’t see why you trade a possible starting QB. I understand Zach is supposed to be good, but what round was he? Wasn’t he 2-7 as a starter? His agent has demanded a trade- ok, I’m dumping him. If he’s not willing to compete, ala Russell Wilson, then I don’t need you. Mel makes the same point, without my awesome Russell Wilson comparison. He uses a Rodney Peete / Andre Ware matchup.

The Titans are bleeding the clock waiting on a huge offer, I can see this. Pick is in with 2 mins left. This is gonna be a LONG draft at this rate. Wouldn’t it be funny if the Titans were so busy on the phones they Minny’ed the pick?

FINALLY we get the pick. It must have been 7 minutes we were waiting.

ten-titans-helmet2     Tennessee Titans     Marcus Mariota      QB     Oregon

Well, again, this don’t mean he’s staying there.

If they don’t keep this guy, its a stupid move.

Jags on the clock- they have had a top 10 pick every year since 2008.

This one is a fun pick, do they blow it? Do they take Cooper? ESPN is so worried about the two QBs they have barely mentioned the pick.

Berman talks more London than Jacksonville.

jax-jaguars-Helmet3     Jacksonville Jaguars     Dante Fowler      DE     Florida

Like I said on my top 10 Questions- he’s my bust alert pick going in.

This is not a good pick, he’s third on Mel’s board.

His highlight package shows him blowing up a blocker . . . as the RB runs by him.

Fowler says he has dreamed of this- can we drug test this guy? He dreamed of being a Jag?

Ok, If we are gonna spend 20 minutes in-between picks no matter what the timer says, this is gonna be my last diary. Raiders Pick has been in for a good 10 minutes, but we gotta get that Suzy interview in!

Gruden wants a skill position player, well duh. He always does. He’s pulling for Cooper. I wonder if Mel is gonna fuss for White. Nope he also pimps for Cooper. The “Obvious Pick”

Oakland Raiders4     Oakland Raiders     Amari Cooper      WR     Alabama

The Raiders do the smart thing. I can’t blame them at all here.

The non-Mel/Gruden dude tries to impress by naming all the routes on the wideout tree. Nice job. Now go away.

Gruden compares him to Tim Brown, nothing wrong there. The Crowd hates it, most likely since they are gonna end up with White.

The Redskins finally are getting a first round pick. Why they don’t trade down to get some extras since that RG3 debt is finally paid.

wsh-redskins-helmet5     Washington Redskins     Brandon Scherff      OT     Iowa

HUGE DUDE. 6’4 320

Gruden says this makes him want to coach again.

Everyone loves this pick.  Unanimous All-American pick. My only question here is does he move to Guard? I’m not taking a Guard 5th overall when only one dude is gone from the defensive side of the ball.

Jets are on the clock. They talk about the coach. Leonard Williams is on the board still, he’s been number one on the big Mel board since the draft started. I wonder if Earl has started Pre-Booing the Pick? Gruden wants Kevin White or another WR. Chicago might riot if that happens, Mel actually mentions his board and his TOP GUY is on there, but recommends another guy- why does he have a board then? This has got to be either a trade or Williams. I can’t see another choice.


6     New York Jets     Leonard Williams      DE     USC

I do like this pick. If he can avoid frostbite, he might be great.

Good move, and we do hear some boos- since this is the Jets pick. I bet Rex Ryan would like to have had him on his defense. Everyone likes this one.

ESPN decides to blow Chicago, and bring up the Butkis/Sayers back to back picks in 1965. It was third and fourth overall people.

Mel wants Kevin White, Gruden would be surprised if they didn’t go defense. We spend so much time talking 1965, we barely get much breakdown.


7     Chicago Bears     Kevin White      WR     West Virginia

MASSIVE lets go Bears chant.

He doesn’t look overly happy. Mel thinks he doesn’t play as fast as he runs. Gruden says he only lines up on the outside on the right, with a limited tree. The other dude doesn’t show off his route tree skills. He does mention he is the perfect Bears Receiver. Does that mean he sucks?

Mort woke up! We got nothing through 7 picks. He seems like he is on his first day on TV, but does stammer out Todd Gurley for the first time tonight- HEY I already mentioned that on my 10Qs! Do your own work Chris!

We get a whole talk on if you should take a RB in the first round, Mel even admits he wouldn’t take ADP in the first round. Hard to argue. Mel lays the hammer with bringing up Trent Richardson. The other dude says he’s going defense. Makes a good case.

atl-falcons-authentic8     Atlanta Falcons     Vic Beasley      OLB     Clemson

The Commish FINALLY gets up there.

BUST. He’s a situational pass rusher, and I just don’t see him on the field on third and three. He’s got a great chance of being another Greg Hardy without the  run defense skills. Mel and John both has questions, and the bonus guy has problems getting words in, they are shutting him out, and he doesn’t have the sound bytes that Ray Lewis brings.

Chris lets him lead off the Giants talk to give him some airtime before Al Sharpton shows up. Mel says no OT is worth this pick. Gruden wants Shelton. Hard to argue.

ny-giants-Helmet9     New York Giants     Ereck Flowers      OT     Miami (FL)

Gruden immediately loves the pick. Gruden thinks he’s a top LT. Mel sticks to his guns, and calls him over drafted, and should have gone in the 20s, he might be a good RT.

I think he’s a solid pick, but I’m just not impressed with him, again, I’m the ACC guy. He’s raw as hell, but I like his potential. If this was pick 15- and going in at RT, I’d be all good.

Why Berman brings up QBs, I got no idea. They pretty much have to go on the offensive side of the ball, so kinda anyone is a reach. I bet they wanted Flowers.

stl-rams-helmet10     St. Louis Rams     Todd Gurley      RB     Georgia

The wife with the line

“He must be tough, got a name Girly”

Berman couldn’t be happier if the Bills just won the Super Bowl where a Running back went in round one. The new guy wants to know who is blocking for him- good analysis. Gruden thinks he’s a top 3 player in this pick. Mel would have wanted Parker instead.

Mort says that the Rams top two players “Todd Gurley and Marvis Mariota” He must be pretty good.

I’ll be back with the next 10 soon.

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  1. Kevin White said before the draft that he wanted to go to the Bears. Apparently he and the Bears had great talks, but I agree that he didn’t look too happy when he was drafted. It might have been the shock. I had the same shock when on my college graduation day when I heard my name called. It’s like you wait your whole life for that moment, and then don’t know how to react once your name is called.

    Anyway, I love the Jets pick. Love it. Gives them insurance in case it gets too pricey to keep Wilkerson in a year or so, and it gives them great defensive line depth. Looks like the Jets are learning from the Giants: it never hurts to have too many defensive lineman.

    Now if they can get a WR and an OL tonight in rounds 2 and 3 then I will be happy.

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