Game of Thrones Q&A “High Sparrow”

Welcome to our Game of Thrones 5.3 – “High Sparrow” Q&A,  If you are just joining us, neither EJ or I have read the books, and I cannot speak for EJ, but I have watched all the extra features on the Blu-Ray (thank you YouTube!) So no spoilers in the comments, please don’t be that person.

Also, I know the first 4 episodes have been leaked, I haven’t watched those either –David

Spoilers, Duh.

Game of Thrones

1. Did you get a serious Daniel Larouso vibe from Arya?

Earl: So Jaqen H’Ghar is Mr. Miyagi in this scenario? Ok. Yeah, I did get a Karate Kid vibe from Arya. While Jaqen was teaching some basics, Arya wanted to go into advance mode. She’ll eventually learn, like Daniel did, no moment was wasted.

David: Arya isn’t the first recruit to walk into the home here. She has got a long way to go. She has got to learn that she’s not important as a person anymore, and all men must serve. Arya does know how to fade into the background and seem unimportant, as we saw in Harenhall, but that’s going to get harder as she reaches puberty.

2. Did you think that Arya not tossing the sword mean she’s not dedicated to the faceless men?Arya

Earl: I think she’s dedicated, but throwing away Needle means giving up completely on Arya Stark and she wasn’t ready for that. This show is in its 5th season. Arya received Needle in episode 1 of season 1. Back when she was Arya, Jon was her beloved bastard brother, and her father Ned was the man of her life. All of that is gone, but that doesn’t mean she still can’t hang onto at least some semblance of what she was before joining the Faceless Men.

David: I half-expected Jaqen H’Ghar to show up and allow her the sword before she tossed it, since the Dancing Master was the one training her in it. If this was a “real” place, that sword would be rusted and useless by the time she got done training, since she didn’t cover it- and she would also be grown, so a small rapier would be useless to a grown woman. I get the feeling its gonna come up again soon, since  Jaqen H’Ghar don’t miss much.

3. Did you think Snow was still going to behead Janos Slynt?

Earl: Absolutely. He is Ned Stark’s son after all, and Ned would say the man that holds the sword passes the sentence. For Jon to have fallen to Janos’ cries of mercy would have made him look weak and given Ser Alliser the chance to undermine him even further. Now Ser Alliser and his co-horts now know: do not fuck with Jon Snow!

David: The Wall still needs men, but this did two things, one it proved to Stannis that he can rule, since he did ignore his advice and go his own path, and it showed the men that Snow was no pushover when it comes to ruling. The Wall is a hard place, and you must obey. I did love the Onion Knight’s talk, considering he’ll be one the Wall soon, and wouldn’t stun me if Stannis leaves him there when Stannis goes back south- Stannis won’t forget the Onion Knights betrayal with Gendry.

4. Ramsey Bolton? Thats the best Littlefinger can do?Ramsey Snow

Earl: Not much else for Littlefinger to do. Can’t offer Sansa to the Lannisters. Can’t hold onto Sansa for himself since she doesn’t advance his mission any further in the Vale, and there really is no other Lord out there who can help him besides Ramsay Bolton. It sucks for Sansa to be delivered to a monster, but this is her chance to avenge her family. She is likely going to have to go through some dark shit in order to do that, but I assume Littlefinger has a grand plan and Sansa is going to have to play along.

David: This makes zero sense to me, and I think this is a MAJOR error- It doesn’t fit the Littlefinger character. Lets see. Bolton is an unknown, and his son was a bastard until recently, and is a SERIOUS unknown unknown- and the Boltons are not the most gentle house in the seven kingdoms in the first place.
Littlefinger has always been outsmarting everyone, how is this helping him gain the Throne? The Lannisters are going to hate him, the North doesn’t have an Army to speak of, plus Stannis is still up there, so explain to me what arms he’s gaining here, or even any money to buy an army? The North isn’t exactly rich. Plus he can’t exactly go back to King’s Landing while Cersei lives. Littlefinger can’t exactly say he came across her while wandering around. Cersei isn’t as smart as she thinks she is- but she’s not that stupid. Littlefinger has lost his King’s Landing money, his lands are not exacly rich, he has few troops and if Cersei writes to Bolton to kill Littlefinger and send Sansa back in a box, he will in seconds.

5. Does Margaery really think she’s won?Margaroy

Earl: Yeah I think Margaery does feel that way. She’s married Tommen and she’s screwing his brains out. She has him exactly where she wants him, and she knows it. Cersei knows it too, but Cersei isn’t the type to back down from a challenge. We’re going to see plenty of their cute back and forth sniping while Cersei works out a power play to try and turn the tide back in her favor.

David: Is every queen a dumbass? Seriously? I know a little bit about history, and a Queen isn’t a QUEEN until the realm is blessed with a SON to inherit the throne. Its just how the common people know the gods bless the union. Women die in childbirth all time, and if Margaery thinks that she can’t die the way Cersei’s mother died, she’s wrong. Having your buddies laugh at Cersei just isn’t that smart.

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  1. To be honest with the Littlefinger question: it’s a huge off book plot. In the books (which I never read but I do know the cliff-notes version, so to speak) Sansa never makes her way up North and Ramsay actually marries “Arya Stark”. “Arya” is actually another girl who was an old friend of Sansa’s. The Boltons’ know this of course, but keep up the charade since it suits their ambitions.

    So, who really knows what the plan is with Sansa and the Boltons. Why I assume there has to be a grand point which is really hard to see right now.

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