Its time again to answer your questions in the world of professional wrestling. This week we take you back to an old Japanese wrestler with some unique tattoos, we also discuss who invented the name the 123 Kid. This and much more.

First as always we start with David’s Top Ten. This time around we are working with his top ten managers.

We have made it all the way up to #2. Lets remind you of the #3 manager.

Possibly the last great manager to ever grace major wresting in America, if we ranked all managers in talking ablilty to not only on fans and other managers, he even talked Vince McManhon Sr into giving him his start.  

Who am I? I am: Paul E. Dangeroulsy


Now the #2 manager according to David.

Next to Vince himself, possibly the smartest man in wrestling. Known primarily for one team, he’s also got a world champion on his resume, as well as tag champs in both major promotions.

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Here are the questions this week

Todd from Columbus OH

Why did Ted Dibiase Jr. walk away from wrestling so early?



Dibiase has stated that the reason he left the WWE was to spend more time with his family, and the schedule was just too demanding for him. He was also getting in to acting, as he filmed the Marine 2. Since leaving the WWE, he has spent some time in the independent circuit, so he really has not gotten out of the business, he just could not stand being on the road 300 days a year and being away from his wife and kids.

Jeff from Washington

Was Andre the Giants WWF title reign the shortest title reign ever as far as all championships go, tag titles, intercontinental titles, us titles, etc..



Okay after doing some extensive research on this question, Jeff. I found out that Andre was not the shortest reigned champion ever. In fact, that feat goes to the Nasty Boys when they won the WCW Tag Team championship on May 21st from Harlem Heat, but the title change when Harlem Heat won the titles back was on May the 3rd, so they actually lost the titles 18 days before they won them. The match aired on June 24th, so the record books will state they held the titles for 33 days. The same thing happened to the Fabulous Freebirds in 1991, where they officially hold a -6 day reign, they won the titles over Doom at Wrestle War 91, but unfortunately for them, they had already lost them to the Steiners a week before that.

While Andre’s reign was very short, at least he was on the positive side of it.

Donnie from the United Kingdom

Who thought of the name the 123 Kid? It just seems like a really lame name for a wrestler.



Vince McMahon was the one who thought of the name the 123 Kid. He was all about naming his wrestlers cartoon type names back in the mid 90’s. But yes, it was very lame. That is why it didn’t last, and he soon changed his name to X-Pac. He was known as the Lightning Kid, and the Kid prior to that.

Will from Helena Montana asks about an old Japanese wrestler

Was Hakushi a bigger star in Japan than he was in the states? And were his tattoos real, or marked on?



Hakushi got his start in Japan, working for New Japan and All Japan wrestling, he primarily worked in the Japanese version of the Luchadores. He was known then as Jinsei Shinzaki. He did not have that much hakushinotatsuccess over in Japan to be considered a superstar of sorts, but he was the only “heavyweight” in a Lucha type division, and he was able to keep up with them as well despite being bigger. As far as his tattoos, no, they were drawn on before he competed in his matches in the WWE. If you see him now, he has no tattoos on his body. Kinda like Tensai when he came in wearing those “tats” on his face. Those were not real either.

Anonymous from parts unknown wants to know about the ol’ jobbers.

Has there been any other jobber to wrestle in a Pay Per View other than Barry Horowitz?


The NWA did it on multiple occasions during their early Pay Per Views, like Starrcade 83 through 86, as a build for undercard matches. Guys like George South, and other jobbers would routingillely be on major pay per view events. Most recently however, in 1998, Vince McMahon called on long time jobber Duane Gill to face off against Mankind in the Survivor Series WWF Championship tournament. Gill was a long time jobber who lost many matches during his career. Then he recreates himself as Gillberg, a knockoff of Goldberg and wins the WWF Light Heavyweight Championship. Since then, jobbers have come and gone, and you have under card guys, but no one who just goes out there and gets his butt kicked for 5 minutes.

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  1. Dozens.

    But its kind of live today’s MMA. You had one Major (NWA) that was made of a bunch of major/minor ones (Florida, Georgia, Missou, WWWF, LA, Portland, etc) and minor ones- but then there were a ton of “outlaw” or non-NWA affiliated ones. Then you have times where a territory got split due to money/divorce/death and wars would erupt. The WWWF and AWA were major breaks from the NWA- and even though Vince gets haterade for killing the territory system, both Crokett and Verne would have done the same EXACT thing if they were smarter.

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