10 Questions: NFL Draft

NFL DRAFT10 Questions: NFL Draft

I’m kinda done with trying a Mock Draft. All it takes is one trade or one blunder of a pick (looking at you Bengals, Raiders and Jags) and its all over, even the Great Peter King can only put out two trades in his last mock. There have been an average of 14 trades in the first round the past 3 years. If you gave me ten and a half trades, I’d still take the over. In this draft? I’ll put the number of correct picks by any major “Insider” under 15 and take any and all bets.

1. Is Jameis Winston going number 1?Jameis Winston

Yes. Next? He’s the local kid- always good for ticket sales. He’s got some work that needs to be done, but again, don’t they all? Forget all the naysayers and the coward “suit” that compared him to JaMarcus Russell. I don’t think Jameis is the next Andrew Luck, but I don’t think he’s the next RG3 either. I think he can be coached into a fine QB, and its hard to get away from his physical talent. Lets also keep in mind if not for injury, RG3 wouldn’t be so hated.

2. Is Marcus Mariota going 2nd? How about that Rivers trade?

I have a hard time seeing him not going number 2. What I can’t see at all is why the Titans would even think about taking an older QB who is looking to leave town because he doesn’t want to chance having to leave San Diego, but Tennessee is OK? I must be missing where the Titans are one player away. I could see the Chiefs or Dolphins, even the Texans making this trade- but the Titans? Get the young QB, and make someone pay through the nose for him. Picking in the top 5 you do one of two things. Get a QB or get a guy in the trenches that will play for the next decade for you. I’m not trading the number two overall pick for any QB other than Luck, Aaron or Cam. Nope, not Brady, not Peyton, not even for both Mannings.

3. Is Amari Cooper a good pick for the Raiders?Amari Cooper

Unless Williams falls, and with Jags, thats a possibilty- but unless Leonard Williams is gone, then you have to go Cooper, Fowler is on my possible bust list, Scherff and Flowers arn’t worth going this high. The Raiders need a top WR, and Cooper is the guy, but only if Williams is gone. Carr and Cooper could make people very very happy in Raiderland- whereever that team is next year. I’ll be honest though, if I’m the Raiders, if Roger says the words “The Jacksonville Jaguars select from the University of Southern -before the word California leaves his lips, I’m on the phone with the Jets or Giants or someone. Have the Jets give me next year’s number one and I pass back a 4th? I’m done. Couple of twos and fourths? Done. Anyone from 4-8 want in? I’m looking to move.

4. Where does Melvin Gordon go?

He needs to start getting his tie on about pick 15. Niners, Texans, Chargers – but the place I’d really like to see him? #19 to Cleveland. Running backs are starting to get harder and harder to justify spending big money one, and its REALLY hard to justify dropping a top pick on one.

5. What do the Panthers do?Carolina Panthers

Best CB/OT avail. For some reason most mocks have them going WR, but Oh Hell no. They are in a division with Brees, Ryan and Winston. Thats two legit Pro-Bowlers and the top pick in the draft.

I’m looking for Peters, Jones or even Landon Collins. The only way I’m going WR is if Cooper is still there. If all three are gone? Then some OT should have fallen through the cracks or trade down a half-dozen picks and get another one of the Collins – either Jalen or Le’el. If I was Jerry Richardson, I’d go- well, first I’d fire Mike Shula- THEN I’d draft OT/DB/DB/OT/ Then anyone over 6’2 that runs a sub 4.5 -either WR or DB, I don’t care.

6. What do the Pats do?

Trade down 17 times. I’m waiting for the day when the Pats have the entire 4th round. Yes, I’ve made this joke before.

7. Should the Jets move up for Marcus Mariota?Flash Jets

No. Brand new coach, you still have Geno Smith-and you don’t know what you have there. The Jets have far too many holes to give up 3+ quality picks/players for a QB without knowing what they have. Take Scherff or even Dupree, find out what you have with Geno, if he stinks then you move on next year, since you will be right back here again, hopefully with a better pick or a better options.  I would move up for Cooper, if the pick is cheap, but I really do think dropping back a half dozen spots and picking Gordon or White or even Gurley? How do the Jets pass up getting 3 or 4 day 1/2 picks and coming away with one of those three anyway?

8. Who kills my Mock Draft Fantasy?

The Falcons at 8.
If I’m a Falcons Fan, I’m wondering why I can’t take Melvin Gordon. In previous years, you could easily take a RB at number 8 and be perfectly fine. Now? I’m not so sure you could take any RB at number 8. Plus you got Randy Gregory, Brandon Scherff, Vic Beasley, Alvin Dupree and any of them could fit in. The Falcons could literally take any non-QB and he could start.
Think they can’t go WR? How often have Roddy White and Julio Jones played all 16 games together?

9. Other than QB, where is the biggest dropoff?

Offensive Tackle. You have Brandon Scherff and Ereck Flowers, neither really solid top 10 picks, then uh . . . Peat? Collins? There is a pretty big gap between 2 and 4, and 1 and 2 isn’t that strong.

10. Who is the third QB taken?Brett Hudley

Brett Hundley, QB UCLA. Let me say this- I don’t think he goes in the first round, I don’t even think he goes in the SECOND round. I think he comes off the board in the high third round. He’s 6’3 but needs a lot of coaching. I could see the Bears or even the Giants taking him early, or someone jumping up for him.

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  1. While I agree with you on Rivers, it should be noted that Whisenhunt was his offensive coordinator in the best season of his career, and that Rivers is from northern Alabama. Playing for Tennessee is practically a homecoming for him. Now, I don’t see the Chargers making that trade despite all of the stuff out there, but I’d get it from Rivers point of view.

    As far as my Jets go: I’d trade down rather then trade up. If Mariota or Winston were to fall to number 6, I’d take either one in a heartbeat. With both being gone as the likely scenario, I’d rather move down a few picks and take the best offensive lineman or pass rusher available.

  2. Decatur, Alabama to Nashville 114 Miles
    San Diego to LA – 120 Miles.

    — Uh, Not like he’s taking Greyhound.

    So are you not buying Cooper T-Shirts?

  3. No I’m not buying Cooper shirts. I wouldn’t be mad if the Jets took him but wide receiver isn’t a need anymore with the addition of Marshall. In any case the Jets really need a deep threat type of receiver which Cooper isn’t. Getting a guy like Devin Smith from Ohio State, or another speedster type in round 2 or 3 would work for me.

    As far as Rivers goes, do you really see him as a L.A. type? From all accounts he doesn’t seem to fancy himself in Los Angeles. It’s probably a negotiating ploy but the man does have 7 kids and seems more like a rural, small environment kind of guy.

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