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Tomorrow the Supreme Court is going to be taking a look at making gay marriage legal in all 50 states.

And its about time. I do not understand why in today’s day and age, Gay Marriage is still a thing. Here is my personal feelings on GAY.

I’m not gay.

I don’t care if you are.

If you are happy in your own skin, and happy in your home, then I am happy for you.


A former boss of mine liked to say, as long as it doesn’t affect children or animals, I don’t care what you do in your house. I hate to say it, but that actually changed my thinking on a lot of things.

So lets take a look at some of the reasons why Gay Marriage is illegal in most states.

God Hates Fags.

This is just stupid. My God doesn’t hate anyone. If God hates anyone, don’t you think it would be people that take his name in vain, preach to false idols and use His name and works to buy Lear Jets and Prostitutes? If God was going to strike down those that displeased him- be it Allah, Jehovah, or whomever the real God is in your mind, I have a hard time thinking that two men or women sharing a home and a bed is high up on the list.

Homosexuality is wrongGay

Doesn’t matter in this case. Sodomy laws have been struck down. In some cultures eating cows is wrong, in our culture eating a Bald Eagle chicken wing is wrong- yet in others it’s just fine. Having a moral problem with something doesn’t mean it should be illegal- Its after labor day, you want to go to jail for wearing white?

The Bible is against it

And? The Christian Bible sets out Ten Commandments- and I don’t see anything in that top ten that says Bruce and Steve shalt not lay together, or Anne and Susan shalt not lay together. I do see a whole lot about adultery and murder and theft, seems like we should worry a lot more about those things before we start worrying about who is screwing who, shouldn’t we?

The Church is against it.

Finally, we have a reason I can get behind. Considering I live in a country (US) where there is a separation of Church and State, the Church is, from the outside taking the religion out of it, a private social group. If we actually have separation of Church and State, and the Church is a social group, then they can decide who they want to allow and who they want in. If I go to a church that preforms a marriage ceremony for Chuck and Dave, and I don’t think that fits with the beliefs of that social group, then I go find another Church, now can’t I?

It’s Anti-Family

Look around you people. How many children were beaten last night? How many kids have been sent to emergency rooms last night? How many bruises are going to appear on children’s bodies when they get home from school today? How many won’t be going to school because of bruises they got this weekend? There are millions of crappy parents in the world. I’m not saying gay parents are better, but they certainly can’t be any worse. The fact that I take a lady to my bed does not make me a better father.

What about the sanctity of Marriage??gay 2

I’m divorced and remarried. My Ex has remarried. Ronald Reagan was divorced, Liz Taylor was divorced more times than she had a number 1 movie. People have gotten married for publicity, money and to make sure they got paid when some old dude died.
So I have to be perfectly fine with Michael Jackson and Lisa-Marie being married- but two dudes that have been together for 20 years can’t get married but that’s OK? I could name dozens of “marriages” that have less love between them than some gay couples I know.
Let me bottom line it for you. My Mom was married 5 times. The man she was living with when she died made her happier than anyone did in those 5 marriages. The lack of a piece of paper didn’t change that.

Why can’t we just let them use “civil unions” or “domestic partnerships?”

I used to be of this mindset.

But here is the thing. It makes some people’s unions second class. Explain to me why there is a thing as “Common Law” Marriage for some people’s convenience who don’t want to get married, yet a Civil Union is the best two people in love can do? Brittney Spears

If people want to protest two people in love wanting to get married, then they should have done something sooner, before marriage became a joke. You have people getting married in a drive-thru in Vegas, and even on a dare. The Church cannot put marriage on this high pedestal, then allow shams to proceed there on a regular basis.

People that are willing and able to share their lives together should be given the ability to make that choice. What gives you the right to say they cannot be happy in their own homes?

With all the stuff that is wrong with this world, two men or two women wanting the right to say they are legal bound together is far from the worst thing that can happen to the world.





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  1. David,

    Perhaps not surprisingly, I agree with you on this. As an aside to my reply to your post here, I am also “straight.”

    In an open society (like that which we want the US and others to have), the society should only outlaw behaviors which are threatening to it. Even then there are lines to be drawn in terms of how it can protect itself. It should not ban activity for being morally wrong unless it can show that there is a real danger to its own existence, meaning the freedom of life style of its citizens.

    Only once in the history of the debate on same-sex marriage have I heard the argument made that it endangers the society. It is the one you mentioned about the stability of same-sex marriages and the presumed negative effect on society.

    The data do not support the conclusion. Many same-sex marriages have not ended up being “until death do us part.” But the percentage of same-sex marriages which are “short-term” is less than the percentage of “short-term” different-sex marriages.

    But there is a more powerful and positive argument for recognizing same-sex marriage in an open society. It aids to the stability of a society to include the stability that the commitment of a partnership brings — even if it is same-sec and or less than “full term.” There is also the issue of discrimination. In every society, people who are married have special privileges (and special obligations). Failure to recognize a same-sex partnership as a marriage discriminates blatantly against the same-sex partners.

    I question those who claim that recognition of same-sex relationships is a threat to their moral sense or religion. They are still free to practice their own beliefs. But the imposition of those beliefs on others is completely unacceptable to me, and leads me to think that these people do not really believe in freedom of belief.

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