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We start off with a homeless guy, who is in a food court in the mall eating, two women are being bitches toward him, and he starts to stare at them, one of the women has convulsions, and two men in trenchcoats chase after the homeless man- shooting him with a trankdart and carry him off.

sCanner popNext, in one of those large conference rooms, a man is talking about scanning- and ability to read someone’s mind. He asks for a volunteer, someone that he can pull a secret from, to show the power of scanning. Michael F’N Ironside volunteers- and we get the famous head explosion. Some men try and capture Ironside, but he gets away using some serious mind-control on the men.

So back as the spooky boardroom, the new head of security wants to shut down the scanner program, but the head scientist thinks that they can’t since Ironside has his own scanners. They decide to have one of their scanners go undercover to find Ironside. The others say they don’t have a scanner, and the egghead says yes they do- not naming the homeless guy from earlier.

So the movie continues with the suddenly competent homeless man chasing down Iroscanners 2nside,.. Its a fun little 70s chase, one we have seen a dozen times, but its never boring. The pacing is tremendous here, despite a thin script. The ending I’m not  a huge fan of- and I’ll give you a slight spoiler- computer brains and human brains don’t quite travel on the same lines, and I’m not sure there is an AI in the 0s that is that developed. I also don’t see what Ironside’s end game is. Its pretty spooky, when you think of it, but when you are looking at the possibility of someone being stronger than you and making your head explode, do you really want to take that chance? It seems like Scanning is pretty random in who it makes stronger- I.E. the “corporate Scanner is able to be taken out by a guy on the street, who is taken out by a guy whop can’t control his power at all- you really want to leave the possibility that someone is just gonna show up and make your head explode with no warning? Seems kind of stupid to me. I’ll give this one a 7, I think its worth the viewing, and even something to throw on when there is nothing on at 2am and flipping channels.

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