All Sports Roundtable: Vol I

Welcome to the Roundtable! With this one, we thought we would do things a little different, and not talk just one sport, but talk All Sports. Hope you enjoy it as Archie, EJ, Joe, Jim and Stephen talk what events they want to go see, own, and if they believe in Soccer.


1. If you could go to one sporting event from row 1 of the 60s what would it be?Wilt 100

Archie: OF the 60s only it would have to be at Herseypark Arena in Hersey, Pennsylvania on March 2 , 1962. Wilt scores 100.

EJ: The 1968 European Cup final. As a Manchester United fan, it would have been great to see Busby Boys beat Benfica (of Portugal) 4-1 in the Final. Sir Alexander Matthew Busby brought Man United back from the 1958 Munich Air Disaster and within a decade made them the first English champions of Europe. That would have been great to see.

Stephen: I would love to have been at the game where Roger Maris broke Babe Ruth’s HR record in 1961. At the time, it was the most historical feat, and today one used ticket to that game can fetch a pretty penny.

Jim: Easy stuff.  The first Super Bowl.

Joe:   I’m assuming this is this 1960’s… Then it would be Thursday, October 16, 1969 at Shea Stadium… to see the Mets beat the Orioles 5-3 for the World Series championship.

2. If you could go to one sporting event from row 1, what would it be?UNC Logo 3

Archie: Any NCAAB championship game involving the Tar Heels.

EJ: I hate to make this soccer-centric, but I have family in England, and I’d love nothing more but to go to Old Trafford (home of Manchester United), White Hart Lane (home of Tottenham), and finally to catch a game at Wembley Stadium. Either the F.A. Cup Final or a EURO or World Cup qualifier played by England.

Stephen: Wrestlemania- Ive been to three in my lifetime, but all were nosebleeds. It would be worth the money to sit down in the first row. Otherwise, you might as well watch on the Network.

Jim: Current?  The World Series.  Any two teams will do.

Joe: Any game of  MLB’s World Series.

3. If you could be a member of one athletes posse, past or present, who would it be?babe ruth

Archie: Jack Nicklaus.

EJ: Floyd “Money” Mayweather. I’d be down with The Money Team. Why? Floyd might be arrogant, but it looks like those guys are travelling in style. Watch an All-Access on Showtime, or an old 24-7 when Floyd used to fight on HBO, and it always looked like The Money Team was riding high. Wouldn’t mind being a part of the crew.

Stephen: I would not really want to be a member of anyone’s posse. Unless they were throwing money my way. Then in that case. Carmello Anthony, after signing that huge contract with the Knicks.

Jim: What a waste of my life it would be if this was my greatest accomplishment.  But Anna Kournikova’s posse seems to be a great place to spend my time, thank you.  What?  I said posse!

Joe: Imagine living in the heyday of the Babe? Yes, as in Babe Ruth. Don’t know if I could keep up with him but the people he hung round with and met, the places he went carte blanche and the fact he was a NY Yankee… Hell, that had to be something to be a part of.

4. Think back to when you were 10 years old. Who would you most want to hang out with now, that wasn’t on your top 10 list then?jack nicklaus

Archie: Again, Jack Nicklaus. I knew nothing of golf when I was ten. Jack had already won 7 majors by the time I was ten.

EJ: As funny as this sounds: Dennis Rodman. I was a Lakers fan, but because the Lakers posters were sold out at my school fair, I bought a Pistons Bad Boys poster for $1 back in 1992, when I was 10 years old. Dennis wasn’t the weirdo we eventually knew him to be back then, but he looked cool. He wouldn’t have been on my top 10 list back then. It would be a bunch of Lakers, Isiah and MJ, but Rodman might have been #11 on that list.

Stephen: Not a sports figure, but Oprah. When I was ten I cared less about what she did, now I see how much influence she has on the world, and would find it awesome just to spend the day with her and pick her brain.

Jim:  Pele.  I didn’t appreciate soccer then.  Now I realize how much of a game changer he was.

Joe: Hell… I have no idea. Pick any of a thousand sports figures and I probably wouldn’t mind being with almost any of them. Besides I was 10 in 1959 and baseball/NY Yankees ruled my sports life… so, it would probably be some player from almost any other team besides the Yankees… Willie Mays, Hank Aaron, Ted Williams????

5. If you could own an NFL or an NBA team, what league would you prefer?Mark Cuban

Archie: JUST BECAUSE I would not have to deal with so many injuries as well as draftees that never see the playing field, I would go with the NBA.

EJ: The NFL is where the money is at, but it would be the NBA for me. Basketball has the cool factor, the celebrity factor, that you just don’t get with football. I’d be like Dr. Jerry Buss. Have all the fine honeys, and know all the cool celebs. You just don’t see owners like that in football, which is why I’d prefer the NBA.

Stephen: If I was an owner, I would own a team from the NBA Eastern Conference. It would be all for the money. I could develop a decent team that would guarantee me four more games and four more games that I can sell tickets. As we know it is not too hard to make the playoffs in the eastern conference. I would probably select the Atlantic division because the level of competition is the lightest.

Jim:  NFL.  Wouldn’t spend a dime on a basketball team.

Joe: NFL… and the NY Jets. Just like pro football better than pro basketball and the team I would own is the Jets. I’d make them into a championship… Stop laughing!

2014 World Cup 6. Is the popularity of the World Cup a passing fad or a permanent thing?

Archie: I for one hope it is just a passing fad. Only because the U.S. will NEVER put their top athletes on the field to represent. At least, not for the rest of my lifetime.

EJ: As a soccer fan, someone who watches the game all year round, I’d prefer it to be a permanent thing but I’m not stupid: it’s a passing fad here in the United States. The World Cup is something you can wrap yourself around, get all patriotic, and then forget about it after it’s done. It was great to see how people got into this year’s World Cup but I doubt it’s going to gain much traction towards the MLS, our National League, or towards the ratings of the English Premier League, or the other foreign leagues that you can see on BeIn Sport.

Stephen: Are we talking in the United States? If so, that would depend on how the United States plays in upcoming World Cup events. I don’t follow soccer in the slightest bit, but ill be honest, I was very intrigued to see how the US played. And I watched the match-up between The US and Belgium. I think it has the potential to be a permanent thing.

Jim:  World wide, it is forever.  In the USA, the popularity is dependent on one thing.  The success or failure of the USA team.  Men’s team.  American’s don’t care about the women’s team.  People in this country only care about this country when it comes to sports.  If the USA doesn’t qualify in 4 years, the people in this country won’t even watch the highlights of a game, let alone a game.

Joe: If the US doesn’t keep winning it will be a passing fancy for a lot of US fans. Sorry, but that’s just the way I sees it. Part of the problem with the US fans is trying to keep their attention for the time between World Cup tournaments. If someone can figure out how to capture the casual fans attention the way it did while the US was in this year’s World Cup then maybe it won’t be a passing fancy. But, frankly, I don’t hold out a lot of hope for that occurring.

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