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Thursday is here again and that means only one thing. The Wrestling Roundtable. This week we discuss the revamping of Tough Enough, the WWE Banning the WWE Champions finisher, and much much more.

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First lets go to this weeks Power Rankings. 

1. Randy Orton- RKO is banned? Did Seth forget that Randy Orton is a Viper?

2. Seth Rollins- With friction with Kane, can Seth Rollins overcome Randy Orton in a cage?

3. John Cena- The United State Champion successful again in the US Open challenge.

4. Roman Reigns- Is Roman still the future of the WWE?

5. Fandango- Fandango makes his debut in the Power Rankings after an impressive win over Curtis Axel.


This week in wrestling history.


And now here are this weeks questions


What are your thoughts regarding the return of Tough Enough? And what do you think that does to the locker room in NXT?

Steve: Honestly, I don’t like it. I think that the WWE has enough talent in NXT, and that is what they need to focus on. If there are talented stars in the making out there, you should not need a competition to find a WWE superstar, leave it to the guys in NXT. I feel that it is almost a slap in the face to the guys in the NXT because these guys have busted their ass night in and night out probably for the majority of their lives. Now, you may have someone join the ranks of the WWE who has not proven themselves before. I did not like the idea before, and I don’t like it now.

Eric: Tough Enough is returning to the WWE. The WWE reality show where the winner gets a contract with the WWE. I just wanna start by saying you don’t necessarily have to win to get a contract, IE: The Miz. I was always a fan of tough enough and enjoyed watching it, but now that it is coming back I kinda feel bad for the NXT roster. Their is guys in NXT who have busted their butts for several years to get to the WWE and now they may have to wait even longer before they can get up to the main roster because the winner of tough enough may keep them from getting to the main roster. So yes I am excited for it to come back, but I feel bad for the guys on the NXT roster this may make it even longer before they can get up to the main roster.

Josh: I am kind of, “meh” on Tough Enough.  It works with the WWE’s push on social media and gives the Universe the feel that they actually get to decide who the next superstar is going to be (how much of a choice is yet to be seen).   I don’t think it does anything bad to the NXT locker room, as the winner will most likely spend time in NXT getting polished anyways.  A lot of those guys were brought in by being legacies, or athletes in other arenas, not all of them worked their way up through the indies.  So in the end, I don’t think there will be any problems.

Chad: I have no problem with Tough Enough; I always enjoyed it, they did find some wrestlers who contributed to the company (Miz; Matt Morgan). The NXT, I still feel will see this as a way to keep going strong and delivering great matches.  



What is your excitement level so far for Extreme Rules?

Steve: If I am ranking this show on a scale of 1 to 10, I am at a 4 right now. For those who know me, I am not really a fan of gimmick matches. Plus let’s be honest, you have a couple matches that we just saw last month at Wrestlemania, except you are adding a stipulation. Had the Lucha Dragons won the match and faced Cesaro and Kidd for the tag team titles, I would probably move this up a little bit, but I have now absolutely no desire to see A New Day vs Kidd and Cesaro. The cage match between Orton and Rollins could be great, and I am curious to see what Kane does. Other than that, yeah not really to excited about it. Man all this negativity on the first two questions, people are going to start calling me Frosh.

Eric: This Sunday is Extreme Rules live on the WWE network for only $ 9.99. The one night of the year the WWE goes extreme. I am usually a big fan of this event however this my excitement level just isn’t there this year for it. I don’t know why but it just isn’t there for me this year. I’m kinda like oh Extreme Rules is this Sunday, that’s cool. I think it is the fact that WWE has so many ppvs every year on the non Big Shows (no pun intended) it is hard to get excited when it hardly has enough time to build up the ppv. I think if the shows were every other month I think it would be better. Help build them up more as can’t miss events instead of just another ppv. Will I watch the show this Sunday? Absolutely but I think the WWE could have done a better job at promoting this show than what they have done for it.

Josh: Is there an excitement level lower than 0?

Chad: I’d say about 7 out of 10. Adding Kane as the guardian provides intrigue to the title match. The Chain match has a chance to be great. If Bryan competes, it might increase my excitement, but those are the matches I am looking forward to.



The WWE recently told Seth Rollins that he is not allowed to use the Curb Stomp any more due to it being a liability to concussions. What are your thoughts on this?

Editors Note: After the questions were submitted, the WWE released a statement that they did not BAN the curb stomp completely, they just wanted Seth Rollins to use another finisher, but stated that it will still be available on special occasions.

Steve: I have mixed feeling about the WWE banning the curb stomp. First, I applaud them for looking out for their wrestlers health and best interest. They are showing that they are not just about the money, and actually give two craps about the health of their stars. However, on the flip side of this, as a professional wrestler, you have to 1) Know how to deliver the move without injuring your opponent, and 2) Be able to take the move without injuring yourself. I think there are far more dangerous moves, but because one person got a concussion because of the curb stomp, they ban it. I will say though, his new move with the double arm DDT looks alot better than the curb stomp.

Eric: WWE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP Seth Rollins 2 as recently told he’s no longer allowed to use his finishing move the Curb Stomp. I am a little disappointed by this decision. I understand why the WWE wanted this move banned due to the liability of it and possibility of concussions. This move was original though. Before Seth Rollins started performing this movie I had never seen it done before. I liked seeing something different, but now that it is banned Seth Rollins will have to choose a different finisher. Rollins is amazing athlete and I’m sure he will coming up with something to amaze us all once again. I just hope he doesn’t start to use something boring for a finisher like a small package. So, does it suck Seth Rollins can’t use the curb stomp anymore, absolutely but will it hurt Seth Rollins, no it will not. He will come back from this and show us another move that will amaze us all once again.

Josh: This to me, is ridiculous.  I know the WWE wants to protect its stars (well, less about that than protecting themselves from lawsuits).   But seriously….the curb stomp isn’t even that dangerous….WHEN DONE PROPERLY.  Any wrestling move, if done properly by both the giver and receiver will pose next to NO INJURY RISK at all.  Should we go through and list all of the impact moves to the head, or result in being dropped on the head, because all of them are risks for concussions:  DDT, Superkick, Ensiguiri, Hurricanrana, Pedigree, KO Punch, Headbutt, Daniel Bryan’s Running Knee, the Bullhammer Elbow, Tombstone Piledriver, need I go on?   All of those have a risk of causing concussion, and don’t even forget about the moves like the Powerbomb, which while not directly dropping you on your head, if the receiver forgets to tuck their chin, can cause SERIOUS concussion damage.  Concussions aren’t just caused by the big blows, but can be caused by repeated, or sometimes just one little blow.  And on top of that, if anyone signs on to be a professional wrestler, they know what they are getting into.  Injury risk is part of the game.  If we start banning moves like that, we might just start calling it a professional arm-wrestling league.

Chad: I’m a little torn on this. It’s rare to see a champion get his move taken and it not be a part of a storyline. However, I can understand the concussion concern. Hopefully they can figure out a new finishing move to establish and use moving forward to help him as a champion.  



Fact or Fiction: Daniel Bryan thus far has been a bust as Intercontinental Champion?

Steve: This is a thousand times FACT! I mean what the hell has Bryan done since winning the championship at Wrestlemania? He has been in one singles match, and one tag team match, he is not defending the championship, and even his match against Barrett this Sunday at Extreme Rules is in jeopardy because of an injury. I thought at the time when the WWE put the title on him, it would rejuvenate the championship, like Cena has done with the United States title. So I think you would have a better chance on bringing relevance to the title if you had kept it on Barrett.

Eric: Fact or Fiction: Daniel Bryan thus far has been a bust as Intercontinental Champion? Fact! I love Daniel Bryan, I think he is an amazing athlete and an awesome talent in the WWE. However, ever since he won the Intercontinental title at Wrestlemania, it has been kinda a let down. I was excited to see Bryan win the belt, I thought finally someone who can bring back prestige to the Intercontinental title and he did the night after Wrestlemania but after that it’s like he hasn’t been defending the title or he’s getting hurt again.  I am very impressed with John Cena and defending the belt every week on tv, I thought we would see the same thing of the IC title but I guess I was wrong. Once again this means no disrespect to Daniel Bryan but I believe it has been a bust since Daniel won the Intercontinental title.

Josh: Still too early to say complete bust, but yeah, a bust.  If this injury thing blows over, then he could have a great run, but if he starts missing PPV’s and gets stripped of the title again, it will be a complete bust and could be the end of his career.

Chad: I’d have to say Fact, because Daniel Bryan has been injured since winning the title, and the fact Cena has been great as US Champion with the US challenge.  



Vince McMahon stated recently that Roman Reigns is still on his radar to be the next top star in the industry, and has stated that he could see a Cena vs Reigns for the WWE Championship as soon as Wrestlemania 32. Do you think that Reigns can and will be the next top star?

Steve: Well I guess if it isnt going to be Marty Biggs then why not Reigns (inside joke) Seriously though, It really depends on how they book him. I really don’t like the fact that Vince is announcing the fact that Roman is still his future guy. He basically said the same thing last year, and people started to turn on Reigns before Wrestlemania, and they were forced to back track and think of something else, because Roman was losing momentum with the fans. So book him the right way, quit giving away your plans with the guy and let him do his thing. Reigns has so much potential in the WWE and yes he can be the next top guy in the WWE, but he has to be worked in to it. Even Cena wasnt thrown to the fire right off the bat, and he has become arguably the most successful superstar in the history of wrestling.

Eric: Roman Regins, could he still still eventually become the next top guy the WWE? My answeris no. Roman has missed his chance. I think when Roman was hot was last year then he got hurt and it totally killed his momentum. When he returned he has been not welcomed back with open arms by the WWE universe. The fans do not want to see Roman on top as the face of the company. His time has come and gone. I could see him staying around WWE for awhile but as far as seeing him becoming the top guy, I don’t see that happening. I think if it was going to happen, it should have happened last year but his time has past and he no longer has the momentum that he once had.

Josh: Reigns CAN be the next top start.  I do not think he will be.  He still just hasn’t shown that IT Factor the other starts have had.  Rock, Austin, Hogan, they MADE the universe like them, through shear genius of their promos and attitudes.  Roman is still a watered down Cena….and yes, you can still water down Cena.  Give Roman something edgy to do, it doesn’t have to be full fledged Attitude Era, but he needs something other than, “I like to fight hard, and don’t give up.”  We have that…Cena…give us something different.

Chad: I can’t see Roman Reigns as a main event player. The company has tried with him because they tried to push him and it backfired into boos at WrestleMania 31, as well as the Royal Rumble. Reigns to me, the fans will never buy as champ.  

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