WTF 4/22: Life… it can be really…


Damn and tarnation. Life is a bitch sometimes… it can be really a pain in the ass sometimes.

Seems like the last few weeks the 7Poundbag staff has been under a torrent of woe… one of the writers passed away… our dear Ms. Jane…then Earl, the very fine writer of “The Blog About Nothing” had some family matters come up… seems his mom had some health issues… the situation is fine now, so, no worries (leastwise I hope so)… and now me.

As this article goes to press (4/22), and ya’ll read these words, I am presently in a hospital under a heavy dosage of pain meds… rumored to be mostly morphine with a sprinkling of OxyContin… and recovering from knee replacement surgery.

But… ob li di ob lah dah life goes on… and the WTF show must go on and my loyal readers… all three or four of ya’ll… expect my words of questionable wisdom but undeniable truth to be here… so… here they be…

joe11) Wellll… another fraternity is at it…

Members of Phi Delta Theta at Washburn University sent text messages to each other and some of the text messages appeared in a group chat and were obtained by The Topeka Capital-Journal.


So, this is what was in some of the texts…

“Women are equal and deserve respect… just kidding they should (expletive).”

“Remember women are just objects.”

Don't drink and text?
Don’t drink and text?

“She’s 12. She’s a woman.”

The Topeka Capital-Journal also reported that the messages included “sexually vulgar” images.

I guess they think it’s just boys being boys and ya know maybe back once upon a time when our society was really male dominated and this stuff was allowed when the “men” would all gather together after dinner and light up some cigars, have a few drinks and tell their dirty little jokes while the women did the dishes and cleaned up after everyone… but that was definitely back the in the stone aged pre 1960’s and in these times when we are supposed to be in this so-called era age of enlightenment ya would think these damn fraternities would have gotten the message too.

Well as it would be when the word got out the shit did really hit the fan and the reaction was swift and warranted…

The frat’s national leadership suspended the chapter. The leadership said, “We are very concerned by the messages reviewed thus far. Phi Delta Theta is a values-based organization and any behavior or statement contrary to those values is subject to significant action.”

The university has suspended the fraternity said that all the fraternity members are immediately suspended from all leadership positions on the campus while an investigation is ongoing. They will be allowed to attend classes during the interim suspension but that once the investigation is complete, sanctions could be imposed up to and including expulsion.

The only way this bullshit is gonna stop with these damn fraternities is to hold whichever members are found to have participated in any wrongful action is for them to be held to the most stringent penalties possible… kick their asses out of the university. No refund of any tuition and just say bye-bye assholes.

2) Heard about the dude who flew a gyrocopter in restricted airspace in Washington DC and landed it on the Capitol lawn. And lived to tell about it?

See it like this… the airspace over the Capitol is highly restricted and almost all aircraft are not allowed to fly through a stretch of Washington that includes the White House, Capitol and the Mall.

Doug Hughes, 61, used the device Wednesday in a stunt aimed at promoting campaign finance reform. Flying to D.C. from Gettysburg, Pa., after driving from his home near Tampa, he dodged restrictions on aircraft over most of Washington.1297689907166_ORIGINAL

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) in an interview with radio host Hugh Hewitt said that federal authorities should have shot Hughes down… “He should have been subject to being shot out of the sky. I don’t know why he wasn’t, but our nation is under siege. Radical Islam is a threat to our homeland. There are probably radical Islamic cells in our backyard already. If somebody is willing to, you know, approach vital government infrastructure, they should do so at their own peril. I don’t know if he’s mentally ill. I’m glad he’s alive in that regard, if he’s mentally ill, but we’ve got to be more serious about our national security.”

Now, I don’t cotton to just shooting folks out of the sky but ya know if he did get his ass shot down then I gotta say as tragic as it would have been it also would have been damned justified.

I hate to say this but on some very serious levels the senator from South Carolina does have a valid point. And lately it sure do seem like security in DC has been a tad on the lackadaisical side of enforcement.

I mean sooner or later some of these looney tunes going onto and into the Casa Blanca or other suppose secured government environs or flying through restricted airspace aren’t gonna be some so-called harmless looney tune… or… don’t anyone remember 9/11?

3) Ian Gibson was leading an elephant hunt in Chewore North, Zimbabwe. He tracked an elephant until he was just as little as some 150 feet away from the beast.elephant

The elephant then turned and charged and ran over and trampled Gibson’s ass. Gibson died.

Sometimes karma is gonna just whack ya upside the head.

Or, as one person posted online… “Elephant 1 – scumbag 0.”

I don’t know about scumbag but I don’t support sport hunting at all and, in fact, I don’t consider hunting a sport at all…

I got nothing against people who hunt and eat what they kill. But, just killing for a trophy?

Nuh uh… ain’t gonna fly with me.

I think it’s tragic this dude got his ass run down by an elephant… but… I can’t say I’m gonna shed a whole lot of tears for him either.

4) A Colorado elementary school teacher wanted to get to know her third graders and she tried doing a little exercise and got a whole lot more than she bargained for… and… learned something really important.

Here’s what happened…

Kyle Schwartz, a new teacher at Doull Elementary in Denver she asked her students to write down something they would like her to know about them

And hers what some of them wrote…

“I wish my teacher knew I don’t have (pencils) at home to do my homework.”CCvL1BqUgAEERQO

“I wish my teacher knew I don’t have friend to (play) with me.”

“I wish my teacher knew how much I miss my dad because he got deported to Mexico when I was 3 years old and I haven’t seen him in 6 years.

It seems most of her class comes from underprivileged homes and it’s not all real rosy for them in their world.CB72eEzVEAAmoxq

She said, “Ninety-two percent of our students qualify for free and reduced lunch. As a new teacher, I struggled to understand the reality of my students’ lives and how to best support them. I just felt like there was something I didn’t know about my students.”

Well, now she knows…

Schwartz, who has been teaching for three years, is now encouraging other instructors to reach out to their students through #IWishMyTeacherKnew.

But what’s gonna be done about it all?

Words and emotions are all fine and dandy but without real action then it means diddly squat…

Here’s hoping this teacher got more than just wanting to know about the kids and has plans for some doing to get something done about her kids in some fashion or another.

5) And speaking of class room exercises… its’ all in how its interpreted some times…

Out of the mouth of babes and for your perusal…

A horse is a hores?
A horse is a hores?


6) And, then, there’s this…

A tiny Missouri city elected their first black female mayor. And, 5 of 6 cops on the police force quit.

Outgoing Mayor Randall Ramsey told the media sources that the cops gave no notice and were joined by the city attorney, clerk and water treatment supervisor.

Tyus Byrd (R)... Parma's 1st black female mayor.
Tyus Byrd (R)… Parma’s 1st black female mayor.

They all said they resigned over “safety concerns.”

Oh really?

This is sorrier than a sack a shit on fire on Halloween night on somebody’s doorstep.

Ya just never know what’s inside of somebody until push done comes to shove, do ya?

And, ya just never know how or where that damn shove is gonna come either.

I can only shake my head and just say “Wow…”

Ya’ll can think what ya’ll want but I smell a bunch of racists is what I smell.

I think in the long run that little Missouri city is lot better off than they were before that election.

7) And did ya know?

political statement

8) I saw this in my copy of the Sunday edition of the New York Daily News… “An angry diner viciouslybrunch grabbed an Upper East Side restaurant manager by the neck and hurled him into an elderly woman after waiting an hour and a half for his omelette during a case of brunch rage Saturday afternoon.”

One of this schmuck’s neighbors’ said, “I hope he goes to jail, he’s a psycho.”

The real proof of his insanity?

Who the hell waits an hour and half for food?

He didn’t just get up and walk out the door after a half hour?


9) Sometimes stuff is just too weird to believe but ya just gotta because… well because it’s true…

Like this…

Sailboat carrying 2.25 tons of cocaine
Sailboat carrying 2.25 tons of cocaine

A sailboat in the Caribbean was intercepted by French customs officers.

Why was it intercepted?

It was carrying 2.25 tons of cocaine.

The illicit haul was a new record for French customs.

And, just to show how much freaking coke that was… the total was more than a third of the total amount of cocaine French customs seized in 2014.

I mean… 2.25 tons!?

If, ya gonna take the shot then I guess ya gotta go big. No? But 2.25 tons? Wowzers.

10) It’s late… it;s 11: 15 PM on Sunday night and I gotta get up at 5:00 am to get my ass to the hospital by 6:00. So, it’s time to put this column to bed as well as me…  WTF…

This week’s gratuitous pictures…

Genesis Rodriguez nudoGenesis_Rodriguez_1237564634













Génesis Rodríguez Pérez (27) is an American Actress… genesis-rodriguezgenesis-rodriguez-154722_thumb_585x795




























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  1. Good blog as always.

    I saw that story about the Mayor in Missouri in the Daily News a few days ago and it made me very angry. I understand that it is a small town, and it’s a town with little to no history of crime or violence (hence the 6 policemen on the force) but seriously 5 out of 6 quit due to safety issues? Really? C’mon now.

  2. Joe,

    I hope all goes/went well with your treatment. I hope 7# doesn’t become a plague site.

    In the small town with a newly elected black woman mayor, does the reaction of some town officials remind anyone of the reaction of some of the Brooklyn Dodgers when Jackie Robinson was first on the squad?

  3. First… I reckon all is going somewhat according to plan; just didn’t expect the degree of pain I am having.
    Oh well… therapist will be here in 30 minutes.

    Now… as far as those 5 cops and how they accepted the election of the Black mayor … maybe there is a resemblance to the way some Dodgers accepted (or disrespected) Jackie Robinson but the bottom line is it was wrong then and is wrong now…the real tragedy being that these racists assholes still exist and that the narrow minded bigots need to just go away and die and make room for those that respect all persons regardless of who they are.

    Obviously the people of that community wanted a new mayor who happened to be black. Seems that upset somebody’s applecart… tough.

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