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NBA Roundtable LogoIts playoff time Basketball fans. Who will win it all this year? Should LeBron be worried about the lack of playoff experience his teammates have? We answer these questions and much more on the playoff edition of the NBA Roundtable.

Here are this weeks questions.


After their Game 1 loss, Pelicans coach Monty Williams suggested that the crowd noise at Oracle Arena, home of the Warriors may not be within the league rules. Is he just griping over nothing, or does he have a strong case?

Steve: Well he has to hold on to something because there is a slims chance in hell that he is going to win more than a game in this series. Anything that he can do to try and throw off Golden States chances in the next three games he will have to pull a rabbit out of his hat to do so. This, in my opinion is just a way to get the Warriors thinking of something else, other than destroying New Orleans hopes of winning a game in this post season.

Chad: It’s the home court advantage if their crowd distracts it’s kind of tough break because the Warriors have to play in the same arena with the same noise; they are just used to being in that atmosphere and that’s why they are one of the best home teams in the league right now?

David: I hate the artificial noise. I think it should be outlawed. Human Noise? Suck it up.

Bill: If it’s actually shown to be artificial noise, the team should be penalized for it; however, if it’s shown to be legit crowd noise, then that’s entirely different and to be expected from a championship contending team defending its home court.

Derrick Rose had a strong game 1 against the Bucks. Will he keep it up for the rest of the playoffs, or will he suffer the same fate as he has done in the past?
Steve: I don’t know, I simply just don’t know. Just when Rose looks like he is about to bounce back and lead the Bulls to the promise land, he goes and gets hurt, and the Bulls hopes and dreams are shattered like his knee typically does this time of year. This time however, Rose had his injury earlier in the year so maybe…just maybe he has a small chance to perform during the WHOLE post season.  I still don’t like their chances against Cleveland in the second round though.
Chad: I believe D Rose can continue his play right now; Looking down the road if Lebron would have to guard anyone in the clutch I would almost think it would be Jimmy Butler the way that Butler has elevated his game this year; which will help Rose be more productive.
David: I am FAR from being able to second guess Thibs, but IF I was, I would keep Rose under wraps and play him for the final 7 minutes of each half, and a few minutes in the 1st and 3rd. I’d keep him under 20 minutes a game if at all possible, get his body used to the grind, and used to performing and scoring in bursts.
Bill: I’m hoping for the best from Rose since the team isn’t quite as deadly without him. Butler has gone out of his mind, but Rose is the one who truly dictates the flow of that team. He needs to pace himself and play somewhat cautiously so as not to wear himself out prematurely or potentially leave himself open to injury.
LeBron stated before Game 1 that he was a little concerned with the lack of playoff experience the Cavs players have. What are your thoughts on this?
Steve: Way to get behind your team, LeBron. That will definitely motivate them to play well. Seriously, LeBron just needs to keep his comments to himself, and quit being the center of attention. We all know that Irving, Love, and pretty much everyone else on the Cavs have little to no playoff experience, and we all know that you led a mini version of the dream team to the Finals the last four years, and won two championships. Just shut up and play ball. The Cavs will be fine, they have been playing extremely well throughout the second half of the season, and for all purposes, seem to have figured out how to play together.
Chad: Lebron has a point the reason that the teams like the Spurs are considered the playoff favorites is because of the amount of experience in the playoffs that Parker, Duncan, and Ginobili have in the playoffs. Playoff experience matters in sports period.
David: Excuse building already? Outside of the Spurs, who really has a ton of deep finals runs. Remind me who on the Hawks and Warriors have multiple Finals experience.

Bill: Playoff experience or not, the game is fundamentally the same. Nothing changes but the intensity. The people on his team and those of others are professionals. You should be bringing your A-game every night no matter if it’s the preseason, regular season, or playoffs.

Who wins the East?
Steve: I’m going Cleveland here, I think they are playing the best basketball out of all the teams in the Eastern Conference, the Hawks just don’t have the superstar talent to lead them to the Finals. I think they can make the conference finals, but will ultimately lose to Cleveland in a great series.
Chad: I do think that with the talent Lebron; Kyrie; and K-Love the Cleveland Cavaliers will come out of the East.
David: If the Hawks were 100% I’d still back them. Love has been a bust, and unless Mozgov can drop 15 a game vs the Hawks, I can’t see it. I’m backing the Hawks, and hopefully the playoffs drag out long enough for Millsap.
Bill: I’m going with… ATL.
Who wins the West?
Steve: I said I liked Golden State throughout the year as they have proved to be the best team in the league all season. So that being said, I am picking the San Antonio Spurs until someone else knocks them off.
Chad: In the West I’ve said Golden State all year; I think they’re ready to go ; I’m picking them to win but it will be a tough challenge to get through the West.
David: Spurs. I’m sticking with them. I know the Clippers blew up on them, and Golden State looks great so far. The Spurs gave away too many games during the season, but they have pushed through worse.
Bill: I’m going with… LAC.
Who wins it all?
Steve: So Spurs vs Cavs. We saw this before several years ago when LeBron was in Cleveland the first go round. I think we see the same result as the Spurs repeat as NBA Champions in 7 games.
Chad: I think that the home court advantage will factor out so I’m picking the Warriors in 7 over Lebron and the Cavs.
David: Spurs. I’ve been picking them almost every year since 1999, not stopping now.
Bill: LAC shocks the world.

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