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Welcome to our Game of Thrones 5.2 — “The House of Black and White” Q&A,  If you are just joining us, neither EJ or I have read the books, and I cannot speak for EJ, but I have watched all the extra features on the Blu-Ray (thank you YouTube!) So no spoilers in the comments, so please don’t be that person.

Also, I know the first 4 episodes have been leaked, I haven’t watched those either –David
1. Thoughts on the Bronn/Jamie roadshow?Bronn and Jamie

Earl: I love it! Bronn is probably one of the funniest characters in the whole show so Bronn and Jamie launching their own buddy comedy on the way to Dorne will definitely bring some lighter moments to the show. Now, I’ve never read the books, but apparently this story line is a major departure to what George R.R. Martin wrote, so I’m curious to know where this angle goes. The fact that no one really knows the end result of Bronn and Jamie and their Dornish adventure is cool. We are all going to find out together. So no spoilers to avoid, for once.

David: As soon as Jamie said “Who said I’m going alone” I yelled out “Bronn!” and lo and behold here he is! I love me some Bronn. I’m not saying this roadshow is going to be as much fun as Bronn/Tyrion or even Jamie/Brienne – but it should be fun. I can’t really think of a roadshow that I havn’t gotten some enjoyment out that didn’t involve going North of the Wall.

I kinda feel bad for Jamie here, since before he could wax a dozen men withouth breathing hard, now the normal guys might be able to take him, and Bronn is going to be the big hitter.

2. Is Littlefinger right about Brienne of Tarth?Brienne

Earl: Honestly? It’s Littlefinger. He’s capable of saying and doing anything. Brienne has shown us time and time again that she keeps her oath. Even if it’s a shifting oath, which has seen her linked with Renly, Lady Cat, and now Jamie, her word is still her bond. She would protect Sansa but she’d also be an obstacle to whatever plan Littlefinger has for Sansa.

For that reason alone he had to plant that seed of doubt into Sansa to remove the obstacle of Brienne out of his way. Even if it didn’t work since Brienne killed a handful of Littlefinger’s knights and is still following him and Sansa.

David: From the outside, yes, thats one think I loved about the scene. Littlefinger calls her out on being an abject failure so far- even if you add in Jamie, she’s what 0-3 I’m not sure why Sansa turned her down, outside of the fact that she trusts Littlefinger in a Stockholm Syndrome situation.

 3. Is it possible that by the time Tyrion gets to the mother of Dragons, he won’t be worth it?Varys and Tyrion

Earl: It’s possible. Daenerys is having a hell of a time. Killing Mossador was pretty similar to Robb Stark killing Lord Karstark a few seasons ago, and we saw where that act got Robb in the end. Not saying Dany and her dragons will be slaughtered at a wedding feast but everyone hates her now. The slavers already hated her and now her freed slaves have turned against her. Not sure how Varys and Tyrion can really help her now.

David: I’m starting to wonder about Tyrion here. So far he’s been a bouncing ball of awesome, but the double whammy of having to flee Kings Landing and losing the second great love of his life might have finally cracked him. He’s always been able to lean on his name and his brother, now he is truly on his own. He has always bought women to comfort him, and buy freinds, now his woman that he thought truly loved him has betrayed him, and his best drinking buddy, (Bronn) is also gone- but not really a betrayal, more like a lost to a his true nature. We all think that Tyrion CAN be a great man without his name or his family name, but the question is, does HE? I think the Tyrion and Varys raodshow is going to be more about building Tryion up that exploring Varys.

 4. Did it make sense for Jon Snow to turn down Stannis?Jon Snow

Earl: Yeah. Jon has his code of honor, and once he sworn to The Night’s Watch, not even Stannis pledging to legitimize Jon was going to change that. Once again Jon has disappointed Stannis, but I think Stannis will only gain more respect for Jon and his loyalty. Jon might not come to rule the North, but in becoming Lord Commander Jon might be of better use to Stannis than ruling the North. The Nights Watch might not support Jon fully but he’s their leader, and as Lord Commander he might get the rest of the Wildings on his side. So, we have something to keep in mind over the next few weeks.

David: I don’t see whay Jon Snow rejected the offer  he could have his name, his family lands and revenge on the people that killed his two brothers, and possibly be in a position to get some payback on the Lannisters. True he does have issues with his oath, but I personally think sometimes things are stronger than a Wall- especially since he can be more of use to Stannis in Winterfell than just another Crow on the Wall. I really think he would have been better off taking the name Stark, being the Master of Winterfell, being able to bring the North under Stannis and giving Lord Bones the lands that Bolton is about to lose- and the Greyjoy lands as well.

5. Is Dorne just as seedy as the rest of the seven Kingdoms?House Martell

Earl: Yes. Hell yes. Ellaria’s scene with Doran was pretty intense. Doran might not want to hack Myrcella up as much as Ellaria and Oberyn’s bastard daughters might want to, but I don’t think Doran is going to sit in his wheelchair and take the high road either. He has his own method of revenge. We just don’t know what it is yet.

David: Prince Oberlyn did a great job of painting the Dornish people as Liberal, open people, now we start to see that it is not as much as you think, not only from Ellaria, who is more than willing to cut apart a little girl, and send her back to her mother. I could see the Prince being that upset, but he did volenteer, and he was beaten by Hubris, as much as by the Mountain. Now Bashir could pretty much kill her with a nod, and his guard is just standing there waiting for the chance. Things are not as rosy in Dorne as you might think.


Top 5 people I’m  missing

5.  Bran – until next year, he’s in the 5 hole. I don’t much care about his storyline, but here he is.

4. Reek Greyjoy. Not so much for Reek, but his sister and dad.

3. The Mountain- I hope he looks like Batman when he comes back.

2. Hotpie, too much to ask for him to cameo with Goth Sansa?

1.  The Pimping Pirate. Still Love that dude.

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  1. Reek/Theon shows up in the upcoming episode. However, like you I’m missing the pirate. I’d drop him off in Meereen and have him go after Daenerys and/or Missandei just for the hell of it.

    It’s too cold at the Wall to have him hook back up with his buddy Ser Davos, but I wouldn’t be against that either. If not that, then how about a brief cameo in Braavos and Arya crosses paths with him?

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