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But first…you know what time it is…No not Vader Time. It is time for David’s Top Ten Managers.

Last week we gave you the #4 manager. And here was the clue just to remind you.

Most people only know him from managing his “sons” (depending on what day it is) but most remember him from being a terror in Texas among other places 

Who am I? I am the late great: Paul Bearer

paul bearer

I even at my young age (sarcasm inserted here) remember Paul Bearer in his younger days with the AWA, as well as World Class Championship Wrestling in Dallas.

So we are down to the final three. Here is the #3 manager according to David.

Possibly the last great manager to ever grace major wresting in America, if we ranked all managers in talking ability to not only on fans and other managers, he even talked Vince McMahon Sr into giving him his start.  

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And now here are the questions that you readers have asked me.

Colby from Jacksonville FL. takes us back to 1990.


I have a question or questions regarding early 1990. I remember Wrestle War 1990, and the main event was supposed to be Sting vs Ric Flair for the NWA title. I know that Sting was replaced last minute in favor of Lex Luger. First, was Sting really injured and is that why he could not compete in that match? Also, Luger was supposed to face Dr. Death Steve Williams for the United States Championship. Was he going to get a title push in the singles ranks?

Sting did legitimately get injured in late January during a match where he injured his knee. Now they said that he had reconstructive surgery on his knee which was not the case. So they inserted Lex Luger into the main event at Wrestle War 90 to replace Sting. So what was the original plan? This is what I found.

The NWA wanted to take the title off of Ric Flair, and Sting was the guy they chose to do that. Sting was then supposed to enter into a program with Lex Luger for the World title, likely to happen at the Great American Bash 90, where Sting eventually defeated Flair for the title. Luger was not supposed to have a face turn at that time as he had just turned heel a few months before. Since Sting was injured they decided to put Luger in the match, turn him face, and begin a long friendship with Sting. So they scrapped the idea to have Flair drop the title at Wrestle War, and built the feud by kicking Sting out of the Horsemen, and have it like they injured him. So had Sting not have gotten hurt, we may have never saw Flair vs Sting at the Bash. And we probably would have seen Luger vs Sting for the belt.

As for Dr. Death, no he had no plans to enter into a singles run, and would not have walked out of Wrestle War as the US Champion. They had long term plans for Luger that stayed on track throughout 1990.


Jeff from Paris, IL asks about John Cena and Daniel Bryan

So the WWE put the Intercontinental title on Daniel Bryan, and the United States titcenausle on John Cena. My question is this. Are they starting to fade Bryan and Cena out of the main even picture as they put a mid-card title on both of them? 

The short answer is no. They are trying to build up the two championships to make them both relevant again. By putting the titles on two established main event stars, it gives the belts some sort of meaning. Cena, thus far is doing a fantastic job in defending that championship, not only to have it defended regularly on television, but also giving younger stars like Cody Rhodes, Dean Ambrose, Wade Barrett, a chance to shine against a main event star. I have yet to see a bad match that Cena has had while defending the championship on Raw and Smackdown.

Daniel Bryan on the other hand has not had the same success that Cena has had with the championship, which leads some speculation that Bryan has not fully healed from his injuries, or his having some other problems. Rumor has it that Bryan has not been able to compete in in ring competition due to some injuries that he is having.

Lamar from PA asks about the British Bulldogs. 


Hey man, I am or was a big fan of the British Bulldogs. My question is why were they not as successful as they could have been? I mean they had one short run as tag team champions, but then they seemed to have fallen off the face of the earth. Then Davey Boy goes on and has a pretty good singles career, but what could have been with the British Bulldogs?

The British Bulldogs were a fantastic tag team that not only performed well in the ring, but were also fan favorites worldwide.  They had their biggest success at Wrestlemania 2 when they defeated Greg Valentine and Brutus  Beefcake to win the WWF tag team titles. The reign was short lived though as they were defeated by the Hart Foundation in 1986.

The Bulldogs left the WWE in late 1988 due to some major altercations with the Fabulous Rougueu Brothers, in once incident it has been said that Jacques Rougeau actually punched Dynamite Kid with a fist full of coins, and knocked some of his teeth out. They then turned down a contract, and maybe another potential run at the titles to go to Japan. The Dynamite Kid decided to retire in late 1991, and never wrestled again, so a comeback to the WWE was not an option either, though had both stayed in competition, you never know.

Davey Boy enjoyed some singles success, and competed for the WCW and WWE World Championships, and also briefly captured the Intercontinental Championship from his Brother in law, Bret Hart in front of 70,000 fans in his home country of England at Wembley Stadium, it remains to this day one of the best matches in the history of the WWE.

Jose from El Paso TX. asks about El Matador

I am a big Tito Santana fan, and have followed his career ever since his days as Intercontinental Champion in the 80’s. So as good as Tito was, why was he never given a bigger push, and then titomoved down to a low mid card, even someone who lost almost every match. I can’t ever remember him winning a single match at Wrestlemania. 

Why wasn’t Tito pushed harder in the WWE? Simple: Hulk Hogan. No one other than Hulk Hogan was going to be in the title picture unless you were a heel. That is why guys like Savage, Orndorff, Andre, and even Sgt. Slaughter had to turn heel in order to get a shot at the WWF Championship. So unless Tito was going to turn heel, there was no opportunity at the top. Okay so you may ask then Why did Savage get a shot to be the top guy in 1988? It was because he was so over with the fans at that time, and it was time to give someone else a shot at the championship other than Hogan. Savage was in his prime, and Tito was on the downward side of his career. He did have a solid run as the IC champion, when he defeated Murocco, and Valentine. He was the first two time IC champion. He competed in the first ever match at Wrestlemania against the Executioner, where he won his first and only Wrestlemania match. He later went on to form Strike Force with Rick Martel and they won the WWF Tag team championship off the Hart Foundation. So some even say that Tito is the best mid-card wrestler of all time, as he has had success in singles and the tag team ranks. He just came in at the wrong time. He tried to finish his career with the El Matador gimmick, but we all know how that turned out.


Will from Johnstown PA. asks


Who was the greatest tag team to never hold a tag team championship? I was thinking maybe the Rockers, but wanted to get your opinion. 

You are probably not too far off as one of the top teams to never hold the titles. However, they did win the WWF Tag Team championship over the Hart Foundation on an episode of Saturday Nights Main Event in 1990, but the top rope broke, so they never aired the title change, thus it was erased from the records, and it never happened. Both Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty ironically both held the tag team titles with different partners, Michaels with Diesel, and Stone Cold, and Jannetty with the 123 Kid. They also held the AWA Tag Team championship on a couple of occasions. So I cant think of any other team who would be worthy of that title of the best to never hold the titles.

The only other two teams that would have a shot would be The Twin Towers, Akeem and the Big Boss Man, and maybe the Bushwhackers.








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