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Logo MusingsOver my years on the internet, I have made several “friends” on on the internet. True, not friends as I would say someone I knew offline, but as I have said before I have had longer conversations with people that I have known online than several people I see on a daily basis at work.
I wish I had known the Lady Jane a bit longer. I did not know her much as “Coach Belicat” on Fannation where others such as DJ knew her from, but I grew to know her here. She is what I love about people online, she was smart, witty and talked to you as if you were standing there in front of her, instead of behind a keyboard a thousand miles away.
Our Lady Jane passed away last month. I was told by her Son last week. I wanted to give her a sendoff here, on Monday Morning in the column that- to be honest, stunned me by the following she gained in such a short time, even though she always thought she wasn’t good enough. The numbers she pulled proved her wrong- one of the few times she was ever wrong, I’m sure. Jane-2
The loss that I feel cannot come close to loss that her offline family and friends must be feeling right now. The Lady Jane always struck me as a clear-thinking independent woman, who, while not wholly on my wavelength, was smart enough to be able to defend her point of view, something sorely lacking on the Internet.
Words cannot describe how much I miss seeing her pop up, giving her “I’m just a little old lady, and I need help” questions. Considering I do work in tech support, I can tell you that she was a lot quicker than she let on.
Sometimes on the internet, people forget that on the other side there is a real-life breathing human being, and that is what Lady Jane always reminded me of.
I’m sure I speak for all who were blessed to know her, we miss you Jane. The stars are burning brighter for your presence.
I’m going to close by reminding people that last Monday, in Jane’s old spot, I wrote about people and their mothers, and and this week I also did a review of Jimmy V’s book, that I have not posted. Funny how things connect in life. I had no idea what was coming the week that I wrote that. The Lord works in mysterious ways.
Jimmy Valvano was from New England, grew up being taught to love life, and to stop to see the small things, and was taken from us too soon. I’m sure Jane went down swinging as well.
Rest in Peace Jane, I hope you find a bench somewhere surrounded by good food and friends with a great view.

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