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Pain and Gain

What did I know of Pain and Gain?  Pretty much just the ads. It was all over the TV, and that’s pretty much all I knew of it.

After the movie came out, then we knew two things about this movie

1) This was a GOOD Michael Bay Movie?
2) Does the Rock make this movie?

Let me handle the second question first, and cover the cast.

The Rock is funny. Its amazing how much fun he is on the screen, and how much he takes over the screen, both figuratively and literately.
The Rock is written as a secondary player, yes, he came from wrestling, and like a great wrestler, he works best with a great dance partner, and for all the deserved crap that Bay gets on other movies, he pulls some awesome performances here.

But is this the Rock’s movie?
Pain and Gain WahlbergMark Wahlberg carries this movie on his shoulders. Just like the barbell sets he’s pumping, he’s not even breaking a sweat doing it. Wahlberg does a solid hob in every aspect of this film. He pulls off not only the musclehead out of his element, but the funny moments as well, and even pulls off the steroid roid-rage sequence as well. While he never will be the Tom Hanks of this generation, he’s never going to be Steven Segal either. Lets keep in mind that Wahlberg is the ASSHOLE of this movie! He’s the guy that came up with this whole evil scheme and was perfectly fine with it.

Anthony Mackie is solid, nothing really special, and to be honest, he’s kind of another body. He might just be around to give the fun that is Rebel Wilson and some comic jokes, Not really needed, but I guess they need a full third partner, and needed something for him to do, and a background story.

Pain and Gain TOnyTony Shalhoub is just a ball. He’s not quite up to chewing the scenery, but he is just having a ball being the tortured A-Hole, and pulls it off with just glee. Its almost like the movie was scared to give him more screen-time with the Rock. Shalhoub is just perfect here. He plays the arrogant asshole, the tortured victim and the revenge-minded pycho with equal flair.

Ed Harris is Ed Harris. Just a rock solid former detective just slapping doubles into the gap one after another.

So how is it? Bottom line, the story turns a bit crappy toward the end, so I think we have a major problem trying to stick with the “based on a real story.” It tends to have a crash ending to me. I would have preferred them all to go down suddenly in a Goodfellas-style ending. This is a solid movie to throw on if you see it on a premium Chanel, and enjoy the performances of this excellent cast.I don’t think it has a rewatchability factor, but if a buddy hasn’t seen it, I’m gonna watch it again. 8

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