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Brooklyn VS Atlanta

Brooklyn VS Atlanta

David: This could be somewhat interesting. Seeing the Hawks system in the playoffs is going to be the test of that great 60-win season. If the Hawks tail off a bit- or get pushed by the Nets, then that confidence that they are going to need going forward is going to be shaken. Hawks in 5 (Nets win game 2)

Steve: Nice run by Brooklyn to end the regular season, they will fall short against the Hawks, who are just too tough at home. Hawks in 5

Boston     VS Cleveland

Boston     VS Cleveland

David: Boston cannot protect the rim. Cleveland has got 2 guys that can go at the rim every time down the court. Boston is going to make it interesting for a few games, but this is going to be a sweep.

Steve: Boston was fortunate enough to play in the East, They will not be much of a test against LeBron, Kevin, and Kyrie in this series. Cleveland in 4


Washington VS Toronto

Washington VS Toronto  

David: This is a battle of a very good defense vs a good offense. Toronto can’t defend, but have scorers, Washington only has Wall and Beal that are threats in transition, and no one in the half court that can defend me. I’ll go with Washington in 6, just because Paul Peirce is going to get with John Wall and team him playoff ball.

Steve: Maybe the best series in the East on paper, this one will be harder to pick. I will take the experience in Washington with Paul Pierce leading the way. Washington in 6


Milwaukee VS Chicago

Milwaukee VS Chicago

David: The Bucks? How did this happen? This is going to be a low-scoring series, with the Bulls funneling things to Noah, and the Bucks pushing the wing players on the other end of the floor. For basketball fans, this could get interesting. For the casual fan, this could be torture. The first team to hit 80 could be the winner. Bulls in 5

Steve: If Derrick Rose can stay healthy and play to his caliber, the Bulls should take this series, they were lucky enough to draw Milwaukee which will basically be a home game even on the road Milwaukee can make a series out of this but the Bulls prevail. Bulls in 6

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