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New Orleans VS Golden State

New Orleans VS Golden State

David: The NBA got lucky here. They bent over backwards to get OKC in the playoffs, but no one else co-operated, and the Pelicans just came on too strong. If Bogut is ok, this is a sweep, and the NBA gets to give Davis some playoff experience on the big stage and the Warriors a chance to see what its like to play the same team over and over again. This is an experience period for both teams. Warriors in 4.

Steve: Not even the Brow can overcome the talent of Golden State. The Pelicans will get one win in the series probably Game 3, but Golden State in 5

Dallas VS Houston

Dallas VS Houston

David: This one could get interesting.
Dallas is better coached, it has more experience in the playoffs and its aging star can still do more stuff. I can just see the Rockets going “Yeah, but we have a Harden” like Robert Downey Jr in the Avengers. On Paper this should be a relatively easy 5 game set for the Rockets, but games are not played on paper. I’m taking the Rockets in 7, unless Rondo gets going, then its Mavs in 6.

Steve: I am intrigued by this series because the Mavs tend to give teams problems in the playoffs like they did against the Spurs last year. I am calling an upset in this series. Mavericks in 7

Portland VS Memphis

Portland VS Memphis

David: Memphis swept the Blazers in the regular season. But Gasol is hurt, and Conley may or may not see the floor. You almost have to feel sorry for both these teams, since either could be a threat if both are 100%. Both teams are not even close to 100%. I’ll take the Grizzlies in 6, simply because of Gasol can play hurt, and he has a few more helpful parts than LaMarcus does, who has to be thinking of moving on.

Steve: Portland is beat up, Memphis is playing really well. Has the making to be a decent series, but I think Memphis in 5, due to the injuries to the Blazers

San Antonio VS Los Angeles

San Antonio VS Los Angeles

David: Oh this one is going to be fun. The Warriors have to be loving this. I have never been a fan of Doc the coach, and Doc the GM flat out sucks. The Spurs have been masters of using role players and the Clippers don’t have depth. This comes down to what big 3 comes to play more often. Paul, Griffin and Jordan vs Pop, Duncan and Leonard. The problem is, the Spurs add Parker- the Clippers add Doc Rivers. If the Clippers go down 0-2, they are toast, if the Spurs go down 0-2, they know they can crawl back. I don’t think they will have to, I’m taking the Spurs in 6, and the Clippers explode.

Steve: Probably the best series in the NBA playoffs. This one is hard to pick. Spurs are coming into the playoffs red hot, and would have been a 2 seed if they would have beat New Orleans on the road to end the regular season. The Clippers are playing well and captured the 3 seed. Will go down to the wire but I cant bet against the defending champs. Spurs in 7

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