Westbrook: The Case for MVP

westbrookLast season Kevin Durant won the scoring championship as well as the league’s MVP. Everyone knows and loves KD and his style of play. This season, without KD in the lineup Russell Westbrook had to step up and make the Thunder his team.
It was pretty much up to Russell to set the tone for the Thunder and they pretty much went the way of Russell.
And here at the end of the season it appears that Russell will win the scoring championship however, he is not in the top four in the MVP discussion. That is if you include Curry, Harden, Davis and Paul.
mvpI understand that all the others in the MVP discussion had good years but personally, I don’t see any of them having a great year. In my opinion, Westbrook had a great year.
With KD sidelined Westbrook has kept the Thunder in the playoff race with fire and emotion to go along with great play.
As a Thunder fan I, along with many others here in Oklahoma, get frustrated at times with his turnovers and stop and pop misses but when you look at the total game he has provided this season there is no doubt in anyone’s mind here who the real NBA MVP is this season.
Let’s look at some of the stats compared to those that probably WILL win the MVP and compare them to Westbrook’s season.
RW is number one is scoring per game, for the entire league. For those that think that is not directly a PG’s duty, then look at some other stats. Chris Paul leads the league in Assists. Got it. However, RW is 4th in the league with only John Wall and Ty Lawson in front of him; not Harden, not Curry. Then there is steals, something you want your PG to be actively involved in. Westbrook is 2nd only to Kawhi Leonard; who is a defensive specialist. And while it is not normally associated with your PG, rebounds are a very important part of the game and RW is the ONLY PG in the top 40 rebounders of the league. The rest of the list is all Centers and Forwards; Russ is the only Guard in that list.

 So when you actually compare the players against each other Russ outshines all the others. IF you don’t compare each other and ONLY place MVP value to where their team finishes or how their team does then why maintain stats through the year at all?
I can live with Curry winning the MVP or Harden; but by God their team better win it all. And one of them probably will IF they get by a hot Spurs team. IF either of those two do not win the Championship then what exactly DID they do better than Russell Westbrook this season other than have a good season?

westbrook There is one main thing that all the other candidates has that Russell does not and that is tact with league officials and the media. Russell has often alienated some of those in the decision making process for the MVP award and for that, he will not win it. In my opinion, that is the only thing keeping him out of the discussion.

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  1. All I can say is when ya is right you is right… I been saying for while now that Westbrook should be MVP.

  2. I wish the voters could divide the award between Westbrook, Harden, Curry, James, Paul, and Anthony Davis but that’s not possible. My heart says Westbrook should win the award. One of my favorite players to watch was Allen Iverson, and honestly Westbrook is the closest thing to Iverson in the game right now. He scores at will, attacks the basket and plays through (almost) anything. His heart in leading the Thunder this season could not be matched.

    However, my brain says give it to Harden or LeBron. Harden got the Rockets to a #2 seed without Dwight Howard or an impressive supporting cast. LeBron? His numbers are strong enough to win the award and he did it on a Cavs team that had more than their fair share of issues on and off the court.

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