The Blog About Nothing 4/17 Edition

BaN-Brooklyn-292x300What up world? I had to take last week off but I’m back this week with another edition of The Blog About Nothing. These past few days have been challenging for me, and I’ll explain why this week. Life isn’t easy. I’ve experienced a lot of grief and loss in my 33 years on this Earth and I’ve learned to take things one day at a time. I’ve learned it the hard way, that whatever you plan for in life, things will come along and challenge that plan. It’s why I try not to focus too far ahead. Well, last week I got a shock that only re-inforced my life’s view.

While I won’t go into details to protect my family and I, my mother suffered a health scare. So far in life I’ve seen my father, and other family members in a hospital bed and as challenging as that is, it’s something I soldiered through. Your mother on the other hand? Lord did that break me up inside. I didn’t allow myself to really process it all in order to be strong for those who needed me to be strong, but damn am I really feeling it now.

That’s why I’d like to thank people like this site’s head honcho David Snipes. In his weekly blog, Brain Droppings, he wrote a beautiful ode to mothers. I encourage you all to read it. I’m an emotional man by nature, so getting me to tear up is rather easy, but his words touched me. Especially since I’m the buddy #2 that he mentioned in his blog. David didn’t know what was going on with me at the time, but he reached out to ask how I was doing. I told him where I was and what happened and he immediately reached out with his support. I may have never met him, but in times of crisis it was good to have a supportive voice. Then for him to go a step further and dedicate a whole blog to mothers? Man, it was a real tear jerker.

My mother will make a full recovery, thank God. She’s home, and she’s under the watchful eye of family, and friends. She even is catching a little bit of an attitude as to why we’re monitoring her so closely. That can’t help but make me smile. I’m a mama’s boy. I’ve never been ashamed to say that, and that’s why I encourage everyone to hug their mothers. If they are still alive and a part of your life, then give her a hug. Give her a kiss. Love her, and never let her go. For she brought you into this world, and loved you. For those of you who have lost your mothers, then do everything you can to honor her memory.

As I sit here listening to the Mighty Sparrow, the great calypsonian, I can’t help but think of his song A Mother’s Love. Every day should be Mother’s Day and make sure your Mommy is OK.

JaneBefore I close out the blog this week, I have to end it on a negative note. I’d like to say Rest In Peace to 7Poundbag contributor Jane Gray. Jane wrote the Musings From The Bench blog, and recently we all found out about her passing. I never met Jane personally, but like myself she was a contributor on the website FanNation, and several of us got together to work on this website. I didn’t know her from FanNation, really, but through a mutual buddy we became Facebook friends. We immediately connected because we share the same birth date. I’m several years younger, but we clicked over that shared connection and our inane ability to get the same answers on those weird Facebook quizzes.  We’d chat from time to time, and since she was about the same age as my parents, she’d often find it amusing when I’d gripe about them on Facebook.

With what I’ve been dealing with personally, finding about Jane’s passing threw me into a loop. I pray for her family, that they get through this difficult time. Rest In Peace Jane. You will be missed.

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  1. Welcome back, EJ.

    Your “blog about nothing” again has some of the most worthwhile “something.”

  2. Thanks. Happy to be back and I needed to post something this week. Not because I “had to” but I guess I just had to get this off my chest before I move on to more lighter topics.

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