WTF 4/15… Sometimes stuff happens…

Stuff happens.. it happens all the damn time… this column is dedicated to that stuff… ohhh.. .one word or two … Sometimes we also lose a friend in the end and we take a moment to remember… Maybe say another thousand words…

The stuff that happend…


joe11) Sometimes stuff happens from a big time organization that is just simply the right thing to do… it doesn’t profit the team in an obvious and usually goes unheard of but gets done any way because, like I just said, it’s just right.

Matt LaChappa is 39-years-old. Mark is also a wheelchair user.
Matt at one time had a mid 90’s fastball and a knee buckling curve ball and was an up and comer in the San Diego Padres system… in 1996 during a warm-up with his minor league team he suffered a serious heart attack.

Matt LaChappa
Matt LaChappa

Matt was left unable to meet the obligations of his contract.

Every year since that almost fatal and very debilitating heart attack that led directly to his being in a wheelchair the San Diego Padres have signed him to a basic entry level contract.

Now today’ minor league players earn a starting pay of about $1,100 a month for maybe about 5 months of time. Not exactly earth shattering wages … so, a person might well that’s nice but so what. But here’s the rub… with that contract LaChappa gets medical insurance. Yep… as part of his contract with the Padres he has access to a level of very important and very necessary medical insurance that he otherwise wouldn’t be able to possess. For 20 straight seasons, the Padres have done this.

Priscilla Oppenheimer, the Padres’ director of minor-league operations, says she often has to call Matt and say: Hey dude ya’l l forgot to cash the checks we send you…

But…the insurance is the real deal… a Highmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield plan.

Now, I have no idea what the benefits are that a person gets with this medical plan, but, I have a sneaking suspicion its not just a bread and butter plan that pays some of the bills and has a bunch of high copays.

Keeping Their Word
Keeping Their Word

But, regardless, the Padres could have just walked away…

Teams do it all the time… they release players who suffered career-ending injuries…

For, some reason they didn’t.

Sometimes it’s not just about the numbers… sometimes its not just statistics…

Sometimes… peeps just do the right thing.

2) Let’s see… got my crack… ok… hmm where’s my piece… ahhh… right in my backpack. OK… let’s jump this turnstile.

As luck would have it, a 9-year vet of the NYPD was with two rookie cops and saw the dumbass jumping a turnstile at a Brooklyn Heights train station.

Now… most times after a quick check on “wants and warrants” and what all the dude would have gotten a summons and been told to move along and behave yourself.

Nope… not with this dumbass… turns out he has multiple prior transit arrests so he got his ass arrested instead. And of course now has to be searched and of course he has crack and pot in a pocket and a .38-caliber Smith & Wesson revolver loaded with six rounds in his backpack.
Off to the pokey… once in the pokey cops discovered a bigger bag of crack hidden elsewhere in his pants.Gun & drugs from turnstile jumper

Just gotta ask… what part of “If you are breaking multiple laws to begin with it then it might be a damn good idea not to break any other laws that would draw attention to yourself” don’t this guy understand?

And second… I have said this in the past but I’ll repeat it again… its might just be a good idea that if ya’ll be carrying a quantity of drugs that could be seen as “for sale” then it might be a good idea not to sample the product.

3) Freaking asshole is convicted of sexually abuseing a 3-year-old girl. Shouda got the state’s mandatory 25-year minimum sentence for the crime. Instead some jerk off of a judge gives the guy a 10-year sentence… a veritable slap on the wrist.

Why?No Justice for 3-Year-Old

According to his “honor” the convicted predator wasn’t a true pedophile or sexual predator.


He sexually abuses a little kid… an innocent child who has no concept of what all was happening for all intents and purposes… he commits sodomy on the child. And, this schmuck of a pretender to a judgeship thinks that is not “true sexual predation”? Or, that this predatror…I got no issue with using the damn word to describe the asshole… is not a true “pedophile”?

Let’s see… victim is a 3-year-old… she got sodomized. Can ya’ll tell me how that is not being a pedophile?

But not for this judge… because he said, “Although serious and despicable, this does not compare to a situation where a pedophilic child predator preys on an innocent child. There was no violence or callous disregard for (the victim’s) well-being. (The asshole predator) did not seek out or stalk… He inexplicably became sexually aroused but did not appear to consciously intend to harm (the victim) when he sexually assaulted her.”

And, the judge said that the victim “… appears to be a happy, healthy child. It is hard to gauge how this crime might affect her mental state in the future, but she did not suffer serious violent physical injuries, and by all accounts she appears to be headed for a normal life.”

And, then, he added that the minimum 25-year sentence would be cruel and unusal punishment.

Double and triple HUH?

It wasn’t cruel and unusual punishment when he abused the child????

I won’t even get into the other psychological problems that may still be underlying with the child and the rest of her family… like mom and dad… what damage that this bastard perpetrated.

No that was not cruel and unusual punishment. Not at all.

Peeps immediately came out and said… “How dare a sworn member of the judiciary tell the family, and through their family a 3-year-old child, that the sodomy was not brutal” and “He must have forgotten that his job is to protect the victim, not the perpetrator.”

Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas plans to appeal the sentence and said “We look at the facts of the case. This is a horrendous crime and one deserving of the punishment outlined in the law.”

Goddamn… ya think?

So, how does a judge get impeached? I got me a candidate and would like to sign whatever petition starts the ball rolling.

FYI… I have since found out that there is an online peition…


4) A Pennsylvania mother was with a sister-in-law, in a theatre trying to watch a screening of “Furious 7”.

A bunch of teen girls were talking and carrying on about this and that… ya know like teens do.

She turned towards them and said shush and pipe down. She also went aqnd bitched to the theaters management after the movie.

While walking to her car, she ran the s again but now they had three more girls and two teen boys with them.

Cindy Santamaria-Williams was left with a broken eye socket, black eye and bruises all over her body.attack

Police have surveillance footage know two of the gang.

Police Chief William Parrish told media sources that “When you go to the movies, you don’t need to be at risk to have your family endangered. And we’re talking about even Easter Sunday.”

But, ya know what the worst thing about all this crap is… Santamari-Williams said she believes someone was filming the attack. That it was all a setup from the get go.

Are we really getting that sorry-ass now?

Sad thing is why am I not overly surprised when I read that?

I am getting that jaded?

5) Al Sharpton, Keith Summey, North Charleston’s mayor, and, Police Chief Eddie Driggers were inside the Charity Missionary Baptist church, as Reverend Al hailed the two men for swiftly kicking police officer Michael Slager’s ass off the town’s police force, when video surfaced that showed him pumping five bullets into Walter Scott’s back.Rev. Al adressing Charity Missonary congregation

Sharpton said, “What this mayor did is what we’ve asked mayors to do all over the country. He said it best when he said, ‘Wrong is wrong.’ In the deep South, a mayor and police chief did what we couldn’t get mayors in the North and the Midwest to do.”

Ummm… but what would have happened if there was no film at eleven?

Just asking.

6) A man suspected in a shooting that wounded five people including three little boys at an Indiana apartment won’t be turning his ass into the cops real soon.

Why is that?

Supposedly he called the cops and said, “I’ll turn myself in next week. I want to chill this weekend.”

He’s too busy “chilling.”shooter

Three young siblings, ages 2, 4 and 6, who were struck by the shooters bullets at an Indianapolis home last week. Indianapolis Metro Police detectives issued a warrant for the guy, that was identified by witnesses, on burglary, armed robbery and firearm charges, but haven’t been able to actually find the dude. Now they’re turning to the public for help.

Please… if, we expect the cops to be held accountable… expect officials, including other cops to out those cops doing bad shit, then, we citizens got to out those peeps who be doing bad shit, too.

We cannot protect the evil doers running around throughout our communities doing stuff like shooting and killing our children.

So. I am hoping somebody has enough of a conscience that they say this asshole needs to be behind bars today and drops a dime on his ass.

Like right now.

7) On a visit to Armenia, Kim Kardashian has seen that stardom’s privileges have limits.

Kardashian, along with husband Kanye West, their daughter and her sister Khloe were in Gyumri, Armenia, a city where records show some Kardashian ancestors lived.

Kim leaving Armenian church
Kim leaving Armenian church

When the entourage went into the Cathedral of the Holy Mother of God, bodyguards tried to close its doors to keep journalists and onlookers away.

But, the local bishop, Mikayel Adjapagian, said what? You can’t stop my parishioners from going into their church. Get out of my church with that baloney.

And, guess what?

Bodyguard’s may have figuratively fought the bishop but the bishop won.

And, the doors stayed open.

Good for that bishop.

8) RexRyan, who fired by the Jets  only to land in Buffalo, told Sports Illustrated that he hopes that the Jets  does well, but not when he’s playing them.ryan

“I want success for Woody Johnson, I do,” Ryan said in the piece. “But don’t kid yourself… we’re gonna try to kick the shit out of them when we bring our team in.

“We’re going to try to whip your ass. There are people in that organization who are going to be lifelong friends to me. But this (the Buffalo Bills) is my damn football family now.”

I like Ryan… but ya know… STFU for a while, Rexie, baby. Since you been a head coach I don’t see any jewelry on them fingers of yours so exaclty why you always gotta be running your mouth?

And, that’s all I gots to say about it, Rex.

9) Ya just never know what might happen when you put together a Disney cartoon and a child…

Viktoria, a Baltimore tot, was watching “The Lion King” for the first time and when the scene came to when Scar kills Mufasa her heart cracked and she cried.

Scar kills the King
Scar kills the King


Her dad filmed her emotional reaction, and it’s now been seen by more than 6.5 million views on Facebook since it was posted on Saturday.









10) Junior’s world-famous cheesecakes will now be made in New Jersey.


The iconic restaurant recently revealed that it will soon move its main bakery from Maspeth, Queens, to Burlington, N.J.

I heard their rent up too much so they made the move to NJ.

Pretty soon greed will price everything out of NYC… sooner or later it seems.

That’s a crying shame. It really and truly is.


I’m not printing this week’s gratuitous picutres in honor of a friend that I met on these 7Poundbag pages…


Another thousand words…

Jane1… Ms. Jane…

Rest in peace my fellow writer…

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  1. Joe, another great read since it is another great write!

    I have said that I got my sense of justice from my Dad and my desire to do something about it from my Mom. Where did you get your senses of justice and activism?

  2. My mom always was the type of person who would help people if she could… so that I got from her.

    My sense of activsim.. .people that I was exposed to in college. And maybe from just seeing life as I grew up and realized that some stuff just wasn’t right or just didn’t make make sense.

    But the real reason was that I got a joint pplanted on me by the LAPD; was busted and then had my assed kicked. When I was put into a community cell @ LA City Jail that held 50 people, I was the only white guy.
    That kinda irks one off and makes them see right up front what injustice really is all about. Changed my life.

  3. Joe,

    I hear ya. Your experience is more common than most people realize. It isn’t just that “law enforcement” (which includes police, prosecuting people, and the courts) attracts bullies and that insufficient efforts are made to weed them out of these professions.

    More to the point is that it is in the interest of many to make money off of criminals. So police, prosecutors, and courts create crimes where there aren’t crimes. This is done by passing ridiculous laws and interpreting them way beyond their original intent. The more inmates, the more profits for certain segments of the population.

    Of all the reasonably large countries, the United States has the largest percentage of its population in the coop. And yet, I don’t think most of the world’s people think of the US as nothing but a bunch of criminals running amok. (I don’t think we projected this image even during an “outlaw” society during Prohibition.)

    An economic analysis seems to show that the “care givers” of the incarcerated can garner the most money if about 25% of the population is in jail. This leaves the other 75% the responsibility to pay for their care. I think it is not a coincidence that the amount of the populace that is in jail in the US is about 25%.

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