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Welcome to our Game of Thrones Season FIVE Episode 1 “The Wars to Come” If you are just joining us, neither EJ or I have read the books, and I cannot speak for EJ, but I have watched all the extra features on the Blu-Ray (thank you YouTube!) So no spoilers in the comments, so please don’t be that person.

Also, I know the first 4 episodes have been leaked, I haven’t watched those either –David

GOT51 Cersei1. Did we really need the Cersi flashback?
Earl: The Cersei flashback felt necessary to me because it seems like a precursor as to what is to come. The fortune teller lays out what may play out between her and Margaery and what is to come with her remaining children: Tommen and Myrcella.
David: I’m 5 seasons in, people. I know what is going on with Cersei. I know what I’m getting with her, and I can pretty much guess her motivations. We kind of understand that stuff isn’t going right. I understand that is Maggie the Frog from reading the reviews- but again, I DON’T CARE at this point. Unless Maggie The Frog ends up being Jon Snows mother, was this necessary? I do read that people scream for some people from the books, but with only 3 seasons left (allegedly) we got stuff to do. Move on.

Cersei2. So did Cersi not know that Robert was killed by Lancel, or was she still in denial?

Earl: Cersei’s exchange with Lancel was her not admitting to what her role was in King Robert’s death. It’d be foolish of us to think Cersei didn’t play a hand in Robert’s death.

David: I’m not so sure she knew what was going on, its not like she has anything to hide at this point. She might just be retreating to her shell, maybe, thinking with Robert, Joffrey, and now her father dead, and feeling betrayed by both Brothers, one she loved and one she hated- plus the two smartest men of the small council now gone, that she is realizing she might have to be the smartest person in Kings Landing, and she’s not up to it.

3. Is Daenerys starting to lose her grip?Varys and Tyrion
Earl: Yeah. Daenerys seems shaken and unsure of herself. She has no control over her dragons and the people she rule are starting to push back and she doesn’t seem to know what to do.
David: Daenerys is having problems. She cannot control her Dragons, She cannot control her cities- since conquering and controlling are two different things. She feels betrayed by one of her earliest confidants, and now she has a lover that may or may not have her best interests at heart, but she knows what is right, but doing what is right sometimes is not the right thing to do. Much like Cersei, she is having to be the smartest person in the room, and she needs some Brain rest. Varys and the Imp are a sorely needed Brain Trust infusion for that little group.
Lord Baelish
4. Is sticking Baelish and Sansa out of the Vale a smart move?
Earl: A smart move? Probably not since, the Vale is the safest place there is but its more entertaining to see them hit the road. My guess is they are going to embark on a mission to reclaim The North.
David: I’m sure its going somewhere, but strategically, why would you leave the Vale? They can’t get in, and why would you want to get out? Robin is no threat, and Littlefinger is smarter than anyone we have seen in the Vale, plus he can pretty much buy anyone. I’m sure I could find a map and see what is west of the Vale, but I’d rather find out when Sansa does.
Mance Rayder
5. Do you understand why Mance wouldn’t bend the knee to Stannis?
Earl: Mance is a prideful man. He’s always been shown as a man willing to lead his people and bow to no one. So it was hardly a surprise he wouldn’t bend to Stannis.
David: Honestly, I don’t. I want to get my people safe, and behind the Wall. The North has been stripped of many people, and wasn’t exactly overpopulated to begin with. I fight another battle-something my people seem to be excellent at- and more than willing to do- and then they are allowed to live and settle in a place only a little warmer than where they grew up, plus I am tied into the ONE KING that was willing to drop everything and give a shit about what is happening north of the Wall?
Jon Snow
6. Does Jon Snow’s killing of Mance mean Stannis’ plans for Winterfell are doomed?
Earl: Nah. Jon killing Mance, ahead of Mance burning to death, may hurt him with Stannis but his actions may get the other Wildings to support Jon and by proxy, support Stannis. That is if Stannis plays his cards right with the rest of the Wildings and Nights Watch.
David: Well, as King he can pull Jon Snow from the Knights Watch and put him over Winterfell. The men of the Nights Watch don’t like him anymore, with everything he did with the Wildlings. There really is not a good reason for him to stay other than his oath.
The bigger problem is Stannis. He has the name, he has the brains, he even has the army and the will. BUT. He has a tendency to not be able to get 100% support. The Onion Knight will do what is right, even under penalty of death, if its the right thing to do. Jon Snow does what is merciful, even if he loses the one chance to get his home- even his Red Witch has motives he doesn’t quite see yet, and his wife is closed off and he cannot bear to look upon his only child.
So that’s our episode 1 Q&A? If, like Jon Snow, we know nothing- then let me know and maybe you can join us for next week!.




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