Its time to answer your questions related to the world of professional wrestling in #ask7pound. This week we discuss Lord Steven Regal’s manager, Sir William, and If the British Bulldog was ever considered for the WWE title. This and much more.

First lets start as always with David’s top ten Managers.

Last week was #5, lets recap on that answer

Would be higher on the list, but simply being the manager of the greatest stable of champions of all time only gets you to #5 on this.  

Who am I?  I am……….. JJ Dillon


This week we are at #4, here is the clue:

Most people only know him from managing his “sons” (depending on what day it is) but most remember him from being a Terror in Texas among other places 

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Here are this weeks Questions!

Alan from Clinton, Iowa gets us started

Who was Sir William, the manager of Lord Steven Regal?

Sir William was a former wrestler by the name of Bill Dundee, he was a mainstay for the Memphwilliamis territory where he had a long lasting feud with Jerry Lawler, he also had some success in the AWA as well where he won the AWA tag team titles on two occasions. He came to WCW in 1993 as the manager of Lord Steven Regal where he wore a goofy suit and top hat with a cane, and was instrumental in Regal winning the TV championship off of Ricky Steamboat at Fall Brawl 93. To this day Bill Dundee is still promoting wrestling in the independent circuit.


Troy from Columbia SC chimes in on the Horseman.

Why was Paul Roma ever a Horseman? He had never done anything before he was a member of this elite group.

Well if pure stupidity is not an acceptable answer, then I will have to do my best in finding an alternative answer. To be honest, the reason they selected Paul Roma is because he best fit the look and style romaof Tully Blanchard. It was supposed to be a full reunion of the Horseman which was to include Tully, but due to some contractual issues, and some drug problems by Tully, that deal fell through. So they ended up with Paul Roma because he had that look, and some in ring ability. But we both know that Paul Roma was no Tully Blanchard. He could not shine Blanchard’s boots. So Roma was really a plan B for WCW and the Horsemen, and he failed miserably, but still ended up as a three time WCW Tag team champion.


Pete from Winnemucca Nevada (I LOVE THIS TOWN)

Has any wrestler held all three WWE, WCW, and ECW World titles in their career?

showwcw                                                                 showecw

It has happened only once and the honor goes to the Big Show. He won his first WCW Championshowwwfship in 1995 when he defeated Hulk Hogan, and then won his first WWF Championship in 1999 in the triple threat match at Survivor Series as a sub for Stone Cold in the match. Then when the WWE went with their own ECW concept, he won the ECW World Heavyweight Championship. Though to that though, ECW was still technically WWE, he was never in the Paul Heyman version of ECW. But he is the only man to hold all three titles.


Cliff from Kansas asks about the British Bulldog

Were there any plans to put a world title on the bulldog?

I bulldogthink it was discussed in 1995, and 1996. Then again when he was brought back in 1999 to give Davey a run with the WWE Championship. However, I think his vices caught up with him. I really think his best shot was against Vader in WCW, where they had serious plans to put the WCW title on him, and he would have been the guy to knock off Vader instead of Flair, but again due to contract issues, they were not able to come to a long term deal with the Bulldog, so his title hopes fell through. So I really think he would have been a World Champion if he stayed off the drugs, and was more willing to negotiate with WCW with his contract.


Todd from Columbus Ohio asks about the Network.

Will the WWE Network ever become a TV Channel?


I seriously doubt it. The WWE and Vince McMahon has invested so much time and money into the WWE Network and has worked round the clock just to get the Network involved in so many different countries. To pull it would be a huge blow not only to the fans, but it would drastically hurt the WWE in the long run, as they would again have to charge premium prices for pay per view, and other shows. So no, the WWE Network will never be a TV channel.


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