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Thursday’s can only mean one thing. No not another episode of Smackdown, not Pawn Stars. But the reason you all get up in the morning. Its the Wrestling Roundtable!!

This week, the panel discusses the retirement of AJ Lee, What will the WWE do with Sheamus, and much much more.

First lets see this weeks Power Rankings!

1. Seth Rollins- The WWE Champion’s luck may run out at Extreme Rules as he has to deal with a Viper.

2. John Cena- Another open invitation for the United States championship. Cena is defending that title with honor.

3. Randy Orton- The new number one contender for the WWE Championship looks ready to feast on Seth Rollins

4. Roman Reigns- Is Roman back in the title hunt? Big victory against the Big Show and looked good in the triple threat match, Reigns seems to be over again with the fans.

5. Neville- Only his second match on Raw last week, but had an impressive match against the WWE Champion Seth Rollins.


This week in professional wresting:

2014: News breaks that the Ultimate Warrior tragically passes away one night after making an appearance on Raw.

1989: Ric Flair and Ricky Steamboat wrestled in a classic two and out three falls match, won by Steamboat, at Clash of the Champions VI

1986: Wrestlemania II was broadcasted in three major cities, New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

And now, here are the questions this week.


What is your opinion on the announcement of AJ Lee retirement from WWE?

Steve: I have to say that I am not entirely surprised with this news. I think that AJ Lee really has run her course and was not fully invested in the WWE. While I think she has tremendous talent and in ring ability, she has so many other things going for her outside of the ring. I can’t imagine her marriage to CM Punk helps her cause in the WWE either. So while I hate to see her go, as she is a great asset to the Divas division, it is not a shock.

Eric: This past week, we saw another good wrestler step away from the WWE. AJ Lee has retired from the WWE. AJ is a three time WWE Divas Champion. She was an amazing performer in the ring. She will be truly missed by all of her fans. Now this gives chances for other the divas to step up and take over as the best wrestler in the divas division. Also with AJ being gone, there is now room for the WWE to bring up some of the divas from NXT to the main roster. Sure, I will miss AJ but maybe she just knew when it was time to walk away. I am excited though to see where the divas division go. AJ I wish you the best of luck in your future. Will AJ ever come back to the WWE? If I’ve learned one thing in all my years of watching professional wrestling is that never say never, anything is possible.

Chad: It definitely hurts the Divas division as it stands right now hopefully the current crop can step up their game to help the division to flourish or even with the help of some of the current crop of divas in NXT to help make an impact on the main roster


Next week’s RAW will be from London, England. So it will be taped earlier in the day, will you read the spoilers or will you watch the show and be surprised? 

Steve: I will probably watch it like I normally do each week. I tend not to read the spoilers unless something breaks and I end up getting a text message or email about something huge that happens on the taped show, like if Mick Foley wins the WWF title..Im still watching even if I know. So I will make the best attempt to be surprised, but things leak out. Fortunately, nothing major really ever happens on taped shows, so I am not too worried.

Eric: Next week Raw continues one of the yearly traditions in WWE of having Monday Night RAW from England. England is six hours ahead of us, so obviously it will be taped earlier in the day and then shown on tv later that evening. Years ago it still would have been a surprise what was going to happen however now a days you can read the spoilers online right after it happens. So this poses the question will you read the spoilers or watch raw on tv? I prefer to watch RAW on tv and not read the spoilers. Monday Night RAW has been on tv for twenty two years. It is the only show I watch every week. There is too many other wrestling shows that are taped every week, so I prefer to watch RAW every week as if it was live. I’ll admit I do read spoilers on the other shows but not for RAW. That is my favorite show, and I prefer the surprise factor of it.

Chad: Usually with the London shows I do admittedly  take a look at the spoilers online just because they are there and usually with the timeframe of the London is usually with the start of the NBA and NHL playoffs. So If I can find out what happens and still watch the playoffs is a win-win for me.


What is your opinion of the Lucha Dragons and will they be WWE Tag Team champions one day?

Steve: Love this team. This team is a team that the WWE needed to help the tag team division, not to mention help rebound from failing miserably with Sin Cara. Will they be champions one day? I would say they will be in contention, but I am not sure that they will eventually take the titles off of whomever is champions. History shows that Mexican tag teams, while exciting, never get over with the titles, but really they don’t need them.

Eric: I love tag team wrestling, have teams showcase their talents is always. The Lucha Dragons are the newest and hottest tag team on the WWE main roster and I am very impressed  with them. Both men are very exciting to watch in the ring and have shown some moves I have never seen before. I think we will see great things from these two guys and one day in the future I believe these two will be WWE Tag Team champions. These two have all the potential in the world to be successful. I think we will see big things from these two guys.

Chad: They are definitely a exciting looking team with plenty of buzz from NXT and I do believe that with enough work the Lucha Dragons can definitely make a run for the Tag Titles and have good matches with some of the good teams out there today (Usos, Kidd and Cesaro, etc.)


Give a bold prediction for WWE Extreme Rules.

Steve: Brock Lesnar will come out during the Main Event and kill Seth Rollins, and this will begin a feud between he and Rollins for the WWE title. I don’t see anyone losing their belts at Extreme Rules. I think Rusev loses again to Cena, and then will begin a run in the main event card in a few months, leading in to Summerslam. I also expect that Extreme Rules will be a bust overall, and fans will leave disappointed.

Eric: WWE next big event will be Extreme Rules, live Sunday April 26th on the WWE network. The first big event after Wrestlemania, my bold prediction for that event is all champions will retain their titles that night. There will be no new champions crowned that night. We just saw new champions crowned last month at Wrestlemania and I think right now they are satisfied with the champions right now. They have ways to build stories right now, so I think they will keep the belts on the guys that currently have them for now and at Extreme Rules all champions will retain their titles.

Chad: I believe that the Bryan/Barrett will be the match that will steal the show at the WWE Extreme Rules PPV whatever the stipulation will be. These two can have a great match under any circumstances in my opinion.


Now that Sheamus is back in the WWE, how do you book him?

Steve: Well first, I make him do something with that god awful hair cut of his. Maybe make him shave off that Mohawk. he looks like an albino Mr. T. In all seriousness though, you book Sheamus along with Dolph Ziggler to compete with Daniel Bryan and compete for the Intercontinental title. I honestly don’t see Sheamus in the World title picture anytime soon.

Eric: Sheamus has returned to the WWE. He is now sporting a new look and new attitude. So, what should the WWE do with Sheamus? I think they need to have him feud for the WWE Intercontinental title with Daniel Bryan. Bryan is the perfect guy for Sheamus to get heel heat against. Daniel Bryan is one of the most popular faces in the company right now and having Sheamus continue to beat down Bryan but not have a match for the title with him will continue to build heat for him and get him over as a monster heel and in the end he eventually captures the Intercontinental title from Daniel Bryan and goes on to more and more feuds.

Chad: With Sheamus coming back I believe he has to pushed a monster heel that just beats up people while on a pursuit for either the IC or the US titles.

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