Its that time for another round of your questions on #ask7pound. This weeks we travel back to the year of 1990 where we have several questions from that year about the Black Scorpion, and the Master Blasters? We also discuss Bob Backlunds long run as WWF Champion in 1994.

First lets start with David’s Top Ten Managers.

Last week was #6, lets remind you of that question.

One of the Greatest of all time women wrestlers, she was the springboard (not literally) to not one, but two triple crown champions.

Who am I?

I am Sensational Sherri

Now lets go to the number 5 manager.

Would be higher on the list, but simply being the manager of the greatest stable of champions of all time only gets you to #5 on this.  

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Here are this weeks questions from you the fans.

Brett from Atlanta takes us back to 1990.

Hey I have  few questions after watching some of the WWE Network, I think it was back from 1990. First, While watching Starrcade 90, during the Pat O’Connor tag team tournament, there was a wrestler named Konan. Was this the same Konnan, from the WCW/NWO in the late 90’s?


I have to say, Brett. I have not researched one question more than I have this question. So I learned quite a bit, and the answer will be probably more than expected. So lets start with your original question. Yes, that was a young Konan, and the same Konnan that wrestled in WCW, former United States Champion, and World TV champion, he was also a member of the NWO. Now, what I did not maxmoonknow, is that Konnan wrestled under the mask of  guy named Max Moon in WWE, while the gimmick never got over, he did compete in the WWE. So this is something that I learned as well. At Starrcade though, Konan, debuted in America, and was thought to be the Hulk Hogan of Mexico, he was supposed to be that great, and in Mexico he was.

Also During the Clash of Champions, I think it was #12, Who was wrestling Sting as the Black Scorpion, not the one who was on the ramp afterwards. But the one he was wresting.



The man that Sting wrestled at Clash of the Champions XII, you are right. Was Al Perez. Unfortunately, I could not find out who that person on the ramp was. I cannot imagine it was Ric Flair as he just wrestled Lex Luger for the United States title the match before. But one can only assume. I do know for fact that Al Perez was the man he wrestled and defeated.

Finally, I was trying to find the match on the WWE Network regarding the horrible match that Kevin Nash said he had during his Hall of Fame speech. What match was this, and where can I find it?


That would be again, Clash of Champions XII, if you recall the match between the Master Blasters vs Tim Horner and Brad Armstrong, Nash was known as Master Blaster Iron, who wrestled in a tag team match. He was the one with the red Mohawk. And if you watch the match in its entirety and did not fall asleep, you will realize that Nash was right, it was the worst match ever.

Shawn from Tennessee asks about Bob Backlund.

What was the point of having Bob Backlund defeat Bret Hart at Survivor Series in 1994 only to have him lose it a few days later to Diesel?


Backlund was to be a transitional champion to get the belt off of Bret Hart and drop it to Dibobvskevinesel. Wrestling promotions have done this for years, and even do this today where they don’t want one particular person to defeat another for a championship, either face to face, or heel to heel. In this case, the plan was to put Diesel over as a face, as he had been a heel during his short WWF tenure. The way Backlund won the title over Bret, with Owen conning his mother into throwing in the towel, Backlund was a hated champion. They did not want to have fans resent Diesel for beating Bret, who was a popular champion. It worked and also set up an incredible match at the next years Survivor Series.

Arneezy from Rantoul IL.

While watching WrestleMania 31, I noticed that the commentators had Mountain Dew drinks in front of them. Why did they not drink the Mountain Dew?

mountain dew

Well the simple answer was that the Mountain Dew cans were there as a promotion due to Mountain Dew sponsoring WrestleMania 31. From what I researched, the main commentators at ringside did not want to drink the Mountain Dew because they were going to be at ringside for five plus hours, and really could not leave to go to the bathroom during that time. It is not joke that Mountain Dew makes you have to use the bathroom more frequently. So they chose to drink water instead. More or less though, it was there for props, and was not meant to be drunk.




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