Savage vs Shawn in the WWE March Madness Finals

We have made it all the way to the Finals of the WWE March Madness Tournament to determine the Ultimate champion. If you are just joining us. Josh from the Wrestling Roundtable compiled a list of former WWE and WWF Champions and seeded them based on total number of days they held the championship.

Voting can be done on the comments below, through Twitter @Stephan Hall, #ask7pound, and @WRoundtable.

You will have until the end of tomorrow to vote on the championship match. You just choose the winner, its that simple.

So the two wrestlers who outlasted all the others make up this Final, and Ultimate WWE Championship Match.


(14) Randy “Macho Man” Savage


(16) Shawn Michaels


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  1. Out of nostalgia for the era that I used to really follow wrestling I have to go with the Macho Man.

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