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brainWelcome to the Brain Droppings. Today we are going to talk about last week’s columns,
Since we don’t have the ability to send out bulk reminders of comments, I figured I would answer any feedback here, and that way keep the conversation going.

Appleseed, of course, made a few comments I would like to touch on.

1. Don’t get me started on 2001. Oh BOY. Please. don’t. I’m not about to go into his picking of 2001 as the greatest film of all time. Not Gonna Do it. I would post a review for it, but I have to watch a movie twice to review it, and unless I go to prison where I don’t have a choice in the matter (got stuck watching FX for 3 days straight) I’m not watching 2001 again.

Sidney PoitierHis second best movie was “The Defiant Ones” I do enjoy the work or Mr Sidney Poitier, but his best movie to me are Lilies of the Field, Sneakers and of course, In the Heat of the Night, Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner– if you look at the last two, combined with To Sir, with Love- is there a better year for an actor than those 3 movies?

1967 was berry berry good to Sidney. I don’t think I have seen The Defiant Ones in a few decades, if ever, to be honest, but I’ll add it to my mental list.

2) I might have to do a ranking of the Star Trek Films. I have somewhat enjoyed the reboot, but I still fail to see why we needed a reboot. I have THOUSANDS of years

and literally UNLIMITED Space to play around with. Why can’t I have a ship with a pimp from Oregon, the second Vulcan in Starfleet (one that’s 100%) and oh look a

Scottish guy and a prick from Portugal. I can’t pull that off? The Enterprise is the only ship that got to leave? I mean some of the Star

Star Trek Wars3) Appleseed made the claim that Star Trek is the opposite of Star Wars– in that the even movies are better than the odd. Not sure how the numbering works for you in

Star Trek. I would say that number 5 is the best (Empire), but even Jedi is better than ANY of the original ones- and 3 is the worst of the series, in my eyes and if

you add in clone wars- is that number 4 or 3.5? I actually do like 2, but then again, the 1-3 trilogy just is lousy compared to the 4-6 trilogy.

I am still of the opinion that had 1-3 been numbered 4-6, and set sometime in the future, without the whole Anikin is Darth storyline, yeah, I want a total rewrite.

One day I’ll post my complaints on Star Wars: The Original trilogy no one likes- but the Internet doesn’t have the storage capacity yet.

4) I could not have been happier about Kentucky losing.
I hold no animosity toward Kentucky, but to see a team full of lottery picks, being blown all year by ESPN, who even showed a who can beat Kentucky half-hour special before the Sweet Sixteen, and determined that no one could beat them. I predicted Kentucky would lose in the Final Four- to Arizona, but still. I predicted that Coach Calipari would be outcoached, and lose in a tight game. I was dead on. Its amazing the difference between people that I have on Facebook- who are all over the country – and the media. I’d be fine if Wisconsin, Michigan State or even Duke went undefeated. As a UNC guy, I hate to root for Duke, but I’ve always been an ACC guy.

A leopard can’t change its spots. Lets keep in mind that Calipari has never been to the Final Four before he got to Kentucky, no wait- he went there with not one, but TWO teams- oh and both got yanked by the NCAA. Just wanna throw that out there. You get a team like Memphis to the Final Four, get busted, and then the Coach gets to a place with unlimited funds and a legacy of success. Yeah, this is going to work out great.

CalipariI’m not saying that the program is dirty- no wait. I am. I don’t think any program that wins 20+ games a year for a decade is 100% clean, and yes, that includes my beloved Tar Heels, why? There is too much money out there. Paying players won’t make it clean. Let me give you an example. If you are the top player in the country, and UNC offers you 50K a year- since that is what the NCAA allows in this senario. Duke offers you 50K but a job washing cars at a BMW dealership. Arizona offers you 50K, a job mowing lawns at a golf course, and a former frat house to live in. So you go to Texas and somehow your parents just paid for a Corvette in cash, and half your high school team is mowing lawns in Arlington driving brand new Mustangs around town.

Google Sam Gilbert, UCLA one day.

5) I’ve always been a fan of Bar Rescue. It seems like an easy setup. Clean up a filthy place, give a few people some training on how they should be able to use a Boston Shaker.
The show has come back to start looking at how things have gone since they did the revamp. Its kind of interesting, if you got bored with all the yelling and screaming the later shows did, you might want to check this one out.

6. I hate‘s new layout. I don’ know why ESPN decided it was a good idea to follow SI’s crammed layout.

7) So if one player calls another player the N-word, its ok, and we should move on. Yet in the NFL, its a penalty. I wonder if Frank Kaminsky calls Okafor the N word during the title game- everything will be Ok.

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  1. I thought Kentucky would win. I’m not upset or distraught over it, and to be honest I didn’t even watch the game, but I expected Kentucky to go 40-0. I really have no interest in Wisconsin vs. Duke so I’m not bothering myself to watch the title game.

    As far as your 7th point: you know the answer to your own question. I’m not going to beat up Andrew Harrison too much. What he said was stupid, because he should have known the mic was live, but it is what it is. He’s expected to go pro, so there is no need for Kentucky to do anything.

  2. David,

    Some interesting thoughts here.

    My numbering of the Star Wars films was in the order they were produced, so #1 was the one renamed “The New Hope,” (Episode 4). Similarly #2 was “The Empire Strikes Back.” And so on. Perhaps this clears up some of the confusion.

    I compared “Star Trek” to “Star Wars” because many others have made that comparison. This was likely a bad idea and I apologize for it. “Star Wars” was not science-fiction by my reckoning, but an “adventure” genre film, western shoot-em-up style, with horses and cacti replaced with spaceships and starfields. “Star Trek” at least tried even though its failures were quite evident. And what other shows from the middle to late 1960s could you say really even tried? “The Defenders”? (The original one!) “East Side/West Side”?

    I won’t engage anyone on the merits of “2001,” but still feel that it will last in film artistry long after other currently revered films are long forgotten. I am curious about your reactions to “The Defiant Ones.”

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