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Its the fall out of Wrestlemania 31 and there is a brand new WWE World Heavyweight Champion in Seth Rollins. John Cena won the United States title, and Daniel Bryan won the Intercontinental Championship. What was our opinion of Wrestlemania as a whole. Which newcomer made his debut on Raw this past Monday and what is our reaction to that?

This and much more on the Post-Wrestlemania Roundtable

First lets see the shake up in the Power Rankings. 

1. Seth Rollins- The New WWE Champion cashed in at Mania to take the title.

2. John Cena- Cena won the US title from previously unbeaten, Rusev and handed the big Russian his first pinfall loss.

3. Daniel Bryan- Defeated six other guys to win his first ever Intercontinental title.

4. Brock Lesnar- Came out of Wrestlemania without the championship, but he was never pinned.

5. Randy Orton- He did score a pinfall victory over the WWE Champion at Wrestlemania, albeit it was a couple hours before he won the title.


This week in professional wrestling:

WrestleMania was born in 1985 on closed circuit TV.

The Ultimate Warrior defeated Hulk Hogan to win the WWF Championship at WrestleMania VI.

Ric Flair was defeated by Shawn Michaels in his last official match at WrestleMania 24.


And now lets get to the questions this week:


What was your overall takeaway from Wrestlemania, and where does it rank among your all time favorites?

Steve: Overall the show was very very good. It was not predictable as most Wrestlemania’s of the past. I thought the way it started with the kick off show got things off to a great start. Unlike some people, I was not the least bit concerned with the Big Show winning the Battle Royal. I think for what he has done in the WWE over the past 17 years, he deserves it, plus he was the runner up last year. Opening the match with the ladder match really got the crowd going, the crowd was electric throughout the entire show. Vince has always said that the opening match at Mania should be just as important as the main event, which honestly I think that it was better than the main event. The Sting vs HHH fiasco was a bit surprising as I never thought Sting would drop his first and maybe his last match at Wrestlemania. The DX vs NWO thing was fun to see. Cena vs Rusev was about as advertised, but it was not as great as I thought it could have been, until Cena did a springboard off the second rope into a stunner. That was a sweet looking move. Taker vs Wyatt was good, but at times Taker just looked weak, there were some good spots, but nothing to write home about. Then you have the WWE title match where Brock basically destroyed Reigns and the second Reigns got the upper hand, out came Seth Rollins to cash in. Okay I’ll admit it was probably the right move because that Main Event seriously sucked up until that point.

Overall it was a great show, I would rank it in my top 5 easily of all time Manias.

Eric: Another Wrestlemania has come and gone. What a Wrestlemania it was. From the opening bell to the closing moments of the show, it was an amazing show. I’ll admit I went into the show with very low expectations but in the end I was very impressed with it all. This Wrestlemania I think will rank towards the top of one of my favorite Wrestlemania of all time. My key take away from it was that the WWE still can put on an amazing show. Also it showed me that never say never in the world of Professional Wrestling as anything is possible and can happen.

Josh: The overall takeaway is that WWE will do anything to keep Big Show relevant, no matter how ridiculous that might seem.  I see no reason as to why Big Show should have won the Andre the Giant Battle Royal, but he did.  So many other superstars could have used the rub to move themselves up the ranks, but instead we get stale Big Show….sigh…. On another note, we also learned that WWE is NOT sold on Roman Reigns….thankfully.  As for ranking among my all time favorites, it is pretty high up there.  I still say X8 is my favorite.  Last year’s was really good, but this would probably be in my top 5.  WWE did a great job with the card.  Most of the booking made sense (aside from show winning and HHH winning), and they gave the crowd mostly what they wanted.  All in all, it was a successful event.

Chad: My overall opinion of Wrestlemania is that it was one of the stronger outings put out in recent memory that had good actions; jaw dropping returns of DX and NWO and the first ever mid match cash in of Money in the Bank; bottom line it was a great show.


With two main event superstars, Daniel Bryan and John Cena, now holding the Intercontinental and United States titles. Are both of these titles relevant again?

Steve: I think it will bring relevance back to the Intercontinental title as it seems that the WWE is starting to care more about that title, bringing back guys like Bret Hart, Ricky Steamboat, and Pat Patterson. Though I think the interview at Mania made all of them look stupid. But yes, Daniel Bryan being the champion does bring back relevance to the title. As far as Cena goes, it is not going to have as much impact as you might think. The fans still don’t like him. I do like the idea of the fact that he will probably defend it more than the prior champions did in recent memory.

Eric: At Wrestlemania, we saw John Cena capture the United States title and Daniel Bryan win the Intercontinental championship. Both men are main event superstars, so this brings the question does this make those two titles more relevant now? My answer is yes, the Intercontinental and US title seem to have lost reliventence over the past several years. I think now that two main event superstars are holders of the titles, I think it will bring importance back to these two championships. I look for these two titles to be defended more and more on tv. The one thing I would like to see though would be the WWE to unify both titles into one. If it was up to me, I’d keep the Intercontinental title, ot has more history in the WWE than the US title, I think it would bring alot more reliventence to it if there was only one mid card title and not two. Maybe one day we will see this happen, but for now let’s sit back and enjoy seeing two mid card titles being defended in the WWE.

Josh: The US title started its ascendance to relevancy as soon as Rusev won it.  But, now that you have John Cena holding it, it becomes a true prize, as the superstar who beats Cena for the title will be someone who WWE obviously wants to push to the moon.  The same is true for Daniel Bryan and the IC belt.  whoever beats Bryan and Cena, watch out, they will be main eventing within the year.  In that sense, the titles now are back to their original purpose.  Instead of just giving someone who is not going to get raised up just something to do, they will be used as a launchpad into the main event.

Chad: These titles are certainly more relevant in my opinion after Wrestlemania and both champions featured prominently defended in title matches on Raw ; I certainly can’t remember that happened. Now will this be a trend only time will tell but I have a feeling keeping these belts relevant is what’s best for business

Is Neville the next big talent that is on the WWE roster?

Steve: I’ll be the first to admit this, I never get too excited when a newcomer comes in and makes a solid debut on Raw. However, this kid looked like he does belong in the WWE Main roster. I have never seen anyone move like this kid does. It was also really funny to listen to the announcers talk about this kid like they were in awe of him as well. I think that Neville has a long and bright future with the WWE. I was very impressed with his debut.

Eric: The debut of Neville this past week on RAW was a good one. The man that gravity forgot. I have seen this guy in NXT and I must say I’m impressed with him and his talent. The guy can move around the ring very well and is a great high flier but do I see him as the next top guy? No, don’t get me wrong this man has so much talent and potential but I just don’t see him being the top guy in the WWE. I can see him being a top mid card maybe even main eventing a ppv but when it comes to being the face of the WWE I don’t see it happening.

Josh: He has potential.  His ring style is certainly entertaining.  However, we have yet to hear him on the mic, or see what he can do in a non-squash match.  At this point it is kind of early.  I can see him winning a major championship, but do not see him as ever being the face of WWE.  I can see a very similar career to RVD.  He is likely to win Money in the Bank at some point, will be able to cash it in and win, but will mostly be a transitional champion as I do not see him getting a really long run.

Chad: Watching the debut of Neville against Curtis Axel and seeing the man’s quickness, impact  and the crowd getting behind him as he was about to hit Red Arrow to makes him a contender to be a star in WWE maybe not the the face of the company but definitely a star

With taking the loss on Sunday night at Wrestlemania. Is Roman Reigns out of the WWE title picture, and can he ever get back to the main event scene?

Steve: It appears so. I mean, the night after Mania they had two wrestlers claim to deserve a shot at the championship, Brock Lesnar and Randy Orton. While Reigns was involved in the main event on Raw with Orton and Ryback, his name was not really mentioned in the title picture, and they really just made him sound like he did nothing against Lesnar and made him out to be a pansy in that match. So I would say as of right now, Roman Reigns is not a contender for the WWE title.

Eric: Roman Regins, the golden boy, the man who was supposed to be the new face of the WWE. However, this past Sunday Roman was put threw hell by Brock Lesnar. He welcomed him to Suplex City Bitch. Then all of a sudden, Seth Rollins comes in, cashes in money in the bank and wins the WWE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP. Now this brings the question, what about Roman? I think we have seen the end of Roman’s main event run. I think his momentum died last September when he got hurt. I know that is something that you can’t control getting hurt, but I believe it hurt him more than what he thinks. He had great momentum up till he got hurt. Then he comes back and he can’t get back over with the face. Right now, I would compare Romans run with that of Lex Lugar in 1993-1994 in the WWE. Lex became over with the fans but couldn’t get over enough to become champion and Lex would fall to mid card status and be stuck there for the rest of his time in the WWE. I feel the same thing is happening and will happen to Roman Regins. His hype is over and he missed his chance unfortunately. He could have become something great but the time is passed for him and I don’t see him getting back in the WWE title picture at all.

Josh: For the time being, yes, he is out of the WWE title picture.  Brock will have his rematch and then a feud will be worked to get Rusev the WWE title, to have a big showdown between Rusev and possibly Reigns at Summer Slam.  But WWE needs to give Reigns time to hone his character and work on his mic skills.  Perhaps even a heel turn for a few months, have him join the Authority.  In fact, having him turn heel might be the quickest way for him to get over with the WWE Universe.

Chad: As of right now I would say that Roman Reigns is out of the title picture. I believe that his case is similar to Lex Luger of the 93/94 time where he had the hype but could not deliver the consistent to warrant putting the belt on him. However, I believe that Reigns deserves another opportunity at some point down the road.

After the Sting vs Triple H match, and Triple H shakes the hand of Sting as a show of respect. Was this Sting’s last match?

Steve: After Mania, I thought, Yes this was Sting’s last match in the WWE and possibly ever. After watching his speech after Raw went off the air on Monday night, it appears that he is not going anywhere for awhile. I really do see Sting coming back but in a leadership role, like a GM, or someone to challenge the Corporations authority. I don’t think he will ride into the sunset, though I don’t think you will see him in the WWE at least for a few months.

Eric: 14 years is a long time. It was 14 years ago that WWE purchased WCW and we all waited and waited and hope that since WCW was closed down we would finally see Sting compete in WWE ring, so we waited and waited and 14 years after the purchase we finally see it happen. Sting competed for the first in a WWE ring this past Sunday at Wrestlemania, he then lost the match to Triple H and at the end of the match, he processed to shake Triple H hand, so now the question is have we seen Stings last match? My answer is Yes. I  think there isn’t anything left for Sting to do in the world of Professional Wrestling. He has now done it all now that he has wrestled in a WWE ring, he can walk away and end his career the right way. He can walk out with his head held high and take a spot one day soon in the hall of fame. The man has had a historic career during his time in Professional wrestling and I think he realizes it’s time to call it quits. Sting had an amazing career but I think we have seen the end of it.

Josh: No.  Sting was able to keep up with HHH.  Even though they managed the pace well, Sting impressed me with his ability to still go at his age (as opposed to the Undertaker who was completely gassed a few minutes into the match).  I can see him used in feuds with other superstars to help get them over, and possibly one more match at ‘Mania.

Chad: After the handshake at Wrestlemania I really have a hard time seeing what the WWE could do with Sting that would help out all parties. For now I will say it was his last match but I would be shocked to see him go again at Summerslam or Survivor Series or Wrestlemania 32. However, if this was the end for the Stinger then what a way to go out at than at WrestleMania

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