With Wrestlemania in the books, we still have not forgotten you fan and your questions in this weeks edition of #ask7pound. This week you readers ask about the Slammy Awards, and What ever happened to Gary Capetta? This and much more on #ask7pound.

Lets start this week with David’s top ten managers.

We will take you back to the #8 Managerjimmyhart

Only manager to ever have a legit top 40 hit?

Who am I? I am…. The Mouth of the South Jimmy Hart. 

Let’s go right in to #7

One of the GOAT women wrestlers, she was the springboard (not literally) to not one, but two triple crown champions.

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Lets get to your questions this week. 

Corey from Santa Monica CA. Asks a couple questions about the Slammy Awards

I was watching the Slammys in 1987. During the “LIVE” performances, were the wrestlers lip syncing? And were guys like Jesse Ventura really playing piano, or other wrestlers playing all the instruments?

stand back

Interesting question, Corey and to answer it, it is very simple. The Honky Tonk Man was really singing his song, but Jesse Ventura was not really playing the piano. Koko B Ware was really singing Piledriver, but there were no wrestlers that played a single instrument. Vince McMahon singing Stand Back was really him singing, though Hulk Hogan was not really playing guitar, Savage, Beefcake, and a host of others on Trumpet, Saxaphone, etc were not really playing. Same with Jimmy Hart, he was really singing Girls In Cars, but the music was in the background. The only song sung that was lip synced was If You Only Knew sung by the entire wrestling cast.

Speaking of the Slammy Awards and the music. Do you know who actually won the award for “Best Song? I don’t recall they ever announced it. 


Well Sika ate the results so they were not actually revealed. I can tell you that it was not the Honky Tonk Man based on Jimmy Hart’s reaction. But the Slammy for best song was actually given to the song If You only knew.


Alex from West Virginia asks about a former WCW Ring Announcer

What ever happened to Gary Michael Cappetta, the ring announcer for WCW all those years?


Gary Capetta was one of the most highly recognized voices in the history of wrestling personalities. I put him right up there next to Howard Finkle as probably the greatest Wrestling Ring Announcer of all time. He really brought some energy to his introductions in WCW. So what does a long time wrestling ring announcer do after wrestling? Some go in to radio, some do some other form of TV, and some just simply retire as a ring announcer. Not Gary Capetta. After he left WCW, he did some ring announcing down in Mexico, as a little known fact about Capetta is that he is fluent in Spanish. After he decided to call it a career in wrestling he really changed his profession.

Gary Michael Capetta is currently a High School Spanish teacher, and he currently makes some special guest appearances at wrestling events every now and then.

James from UNC asks:

Do all former Hall of Fame inductees attend the Hall of Fame ceremony?



All of the members of the Hall of Fame are always invited to take part in the ceremony and are allowed back stage to congratulate the new inductees and offer whatever advice. Bret Hart has yet to miss one since he was inducted, Shawn Michaels is there every year, among a host of others that traditionally are a part of theh Hall of Fame. So it is really up to the person if they want to attend, but they are always invited.

Ian from New Jersey wants to know:

Has there ever been a time where a wrestler was given a run with a championship that was not originally planned to be champion?


Most famously it had to be The Honky Tonk Man. Here is a little back story that we covered before, then I will get in to some more information regarding HTM.

In the summer of 1987, Ricky Steamboat was the WWF Intercontinental Champion. He was scheduled to have a significant run with the championship that may have lasted all the way up to the next Wrestlemania, and possibly could have been the next guy over Savage to be the WWF Champion. That being said, Steamboat is a family man as you are likely aware of. So when his son was born, he asked Vince for some time off to be with his family. Since he was the champion, he was going to have to find another wrestler to be champion.

The original plan was to put the belt back on Savage. Since Savage was a face at this point in time, he needed to find a transitional champion. So he enlisted Butch Reed to take the title off of Steamboat, but would drop the title to Savage shortly after. According to sources, Reed no showed the event where he was scheduled to win the title. So it was Hulk Hogan who saw the Honky Tonk Man in the backstage area and basically told Vince, “How about this guy”? Vince basically said what the hell, and the rest is history. Honky Tonk Man’s Intercontinental title run was decided the day that he won the title from Steamboat. Now what changed in this situation is that Honky, who keep in mind was supposed to be a transitional champion, started getting more and more heat from the fans, and really took the ball and ran with it. It was Honky Tonks performance and his ability to get over with the crowd to really make him a top heel in the company that kept him the title for as long as they did. That is when they decided to scrap the transitional bit, and move Savage to the main event ranks.

Im sure there are more issues where a champion was crowned and that was not the plan. But this is the most notorious one.







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