Brain Droppings: 3/30 Edition

brainWelcome to my second Edition of Brain Droppings, a pale replacement for Our Lady Jane’s Musings from the Bench. I am your humble host to try and get you through Monday, but this day I will talk Obama, Meme’s and I have an announcement for the site.

1. Obama announces that he will not withdraw any troops in 2015 from Afghanistan.

Lets all keep in mind he was going to draw us down to 5500 unfortunate solders this year. Now he’s keeping the US at the current troop levels. I’m not going to go deep into this, other than to say a few things.

A. Yes, Campaign Promises are one thing, and when you hit the big-boy chair, its a different world.

B. Can’t blame Bush for this one- Its been how many years? It took Nixon less time to get us out of Vietnam.

C. I have to feel that getting us out of Afghanistan is going to fall to the next President. Why? Obama has nothing to gain, and everything to lose if he pulls the troops out now, (apologies to the men and women who have the most to lose over there.)

Vietnam ChoppersLet me explain something to you. There is strength in numbers, When the US gets down to a few thousand, that’s when they are going to be hit, and hit hard. Since Obama is not running for anything, and losing a few thousand dead service-people are going to be 100% at his feet, he is not about to take that chance on his legacy. I think we all can recall pictures of the pullout of Vietnam. Imagine how bad its going to be with dead Americans all over some Instagram or some Afghan’s Facebook?

2) I love memes‘ they are sometimes funny, sometimes, smart, and sometimes they are basically this decades version of political cartoons, something I also have a great love for.

The Problem? Some people get all their knowledge from them.

Let me just say for record that political Memes are normally lousy, and quite a few are plain wrong.

Ones that the easiest to foil are the ones that say things like (political person X) said this on (Radio Persona’s’ show) on such and such a date. Some shows are VERY easy to find out if a person was on the show that day. I’ve even found some that states a comment that was on a SUNDAY. I have taken no small pleasure pointing this out, even going so far as going to the group page and pointing it out.

NOTE: One Meme factory no longer puts dates on this. Victory for the non-stupid. They still pump them out, just now without the date, so you have to goto Snopes to prove it wrong. One one step that the sheep won’t do.

I do this to the other side of the aisle as well, but I haven’t found them as easily on Facebook. Then Again, the Republicans do seem to corner the market on haterade from the other side when it comes to brain power. Ever since Dan Quayle couldn’t spell potatoe, certain politicians have have major trouble proving themselves past the SNL-itiliazion of them being stupid (witness W having better grades than Kerry did in college, yet commonly thought of as an idiot, much like his father, who happened to have been head of the CIA- not exactly a position you get from your Daddy. But then again, Al Gore did invent the internet.

But this isn’t exactly new, Harry Truman was thought of as being simple when he was Vice President, so it swings both ways.

So lets look at this meme.

41 Senators

A simple Google search pulls up when and where that “source” comes from, and I replied, not only was it not THIS week, it wasn’t even THIS month, or even THIS year! Amazing, yet its still around. Not like Congress hasn’t screwed up in the past year, but to pull up old stuff like this?
Of course, I did get from the original poster

What difference does it make that the meme is old? It’s disgraceful whenever it happened….and it did happen.

Now you have to love after a year of Benghazi the response of  “What difference does it make?”

To add more fun, I posted this:


96 Democrats voted to oppose:

An Act that outlawed discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin.This Act ended unequal application of voter registration requirements and racial segregation in schools, at the workplace and by facilities that served the general public (known as “public accommodations”).

It wasn’t in Meme form, so it might have flown over peoples heads. Anyone remember what bill that was that 96 Democrats opposed? Just the Civil Rights Act. What difference does it make how long ago it was, indeed.

Oh, One final note on the bill that 41 Republicans voted against – no mention of the Democrats who opposed it.

Interesting quote from the Executive Director of the American Veterans Stewart Hickey said in a statement that the bill would be “morally irresponsible and fiscally unsound” because of where the funding comes from.

But again, what difference does it make, right?

UNC Logo 33) Last week (3/26) every Letterman at North Carolina Basketball during the Dean Smith regime got a check for 200 bucks from the Dean Smith Foundation, with instructions to go out to dinner on the old Coach.

That is one heckuva gesture. Being a child of today, let me throw a few smartass comments.

A) If Roy Williams sent 200 bucks to everyone of his players, UNC would be under sanctions and might get pulled from the NCAA Tournament. Who needs lunch money? Michael Jordan or any of the kids on the team now, that can’t get paid?

B) Dean Smith is still telling his players what to do.

C) In keeping with the four corner tradition that Dean so loved. It will take 20 minutes for the Salad, 35 minutes for the main course, and Chris Webber will call timeout at the dessert bar before the baked Alaska is served.

D) With a Carolina Degree, back when the players WENT to a real class, shouldn’t they be able to afford dinner?

That out of the way, this was still pretty cool for the Dean Smith Foundation to do. I hope some of the players got together with their teammates and had mini-reunions, being served by former players of NC State and Virginia. With any luck some of those ex-players paid if forward and picked up quite a few dinner checks. Yeah, I’m talking about the food banks. I don’t want to come across as Debbie Downer, but yeah, I am. How about sending a gross of Green Beans to a soup kitchen with each players number on the box?

4) I loved getting this in the mail.Sweet 16bshirt

I am in the CBS Sports bracket, from the Shreveport Times, and even made the Media bracket. (an 11 seed)
So I get this promo mail last week. Free 3 Day shipping if I order over 50 bucks.


So if I order the DAY I got the mail, I will have it . . . the day of the game. Meaning those 50+ bucks worth of shirts are good for exactly ONE DAY. Because if Carolina wins, I’m not wearing a Sweet 16 shirt, I want the Elite 8 shirt, or the Final Four shirt or Dean Smith willing, the National Championship shirt. If they lose, then I’m not wearing the shirt, as its a reminder that my team LOST in the Sweet 16.

5) Shaq is inducted into the Orlando Magic’s Hall of Fame
{From ESPN} He returned Friday to be inducted into the Magic’s Hall of Fame, a moment he said was an “unexpected” celebration of his contributions to the franchise. It was also a reunion that prompted O’Neal to acknowledge regrets about leaving his original NBA team.

Williams said he was happy to hear O’Neal acknowledge regrets about leaving and dispelled the popular narrative that the Magic simply chose not to match the Lakers’ seven-year, $120 million contract in the summer of 1996.

orlando-magic-alternate-logo-2-primary“I wish I would have had more patience,” O’Neal said. “I wanted to be protected from the bashing. What I mean by that is I wanted to win then. Even when I got [to Los Angeles], I still got bashed. It took four years to win. But I was very impatient. I was very young, and I thought that if I go there, with those guys out there, I could win right away and that wasn’t the case. {End ESPN}

So after 4 years, no titles, but a Finals trip- that gets you into the Hall of Fame? I will say that he went to LA to be PROTECTED? I don’t see how that happens. Orlando Loved Dwight Howard like he was the illegitimate son of Walt Disney, and he did less than Shaq did. Then Again, Shaq did actually get some solid backups in LakerLand, Orlando was dumb enough to trade Chris Webber for Penny Hardaway.

6) Finally some site news. Ball

The Wife has been after me to get rid of my old Laptop, but I have been resistant, since it has all the old stuff on it, and pretty much all my stuff from 2008-2012 on it. I finally found out what went wrong on it, and I was able to get all that information off of it.

So I’ll be posting the interesting stuff on here, so it doesn’t go anywhere into the either. Some things, like a preview of a Conference Final from 7 years ago will go away, but other stuff like a fine Golf article or a What-If on if Kobe went to Duke, I think needs to still be here. I’ll mostly be putting this on the weekend posts.

Now, I may never be Joe, and I may never write as well as he does, but there is one place I can beat him.


The Pictures!!

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Caroline Snipes is my 4th Child, and rotten to the core.



Good luck making it Through Mondays!

This has been Brain Droppings!

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  1. Maybe Shaq meant bashing as far as not winning the title in ’95? I saw that quote too and thought it was strange but what Shaq did in Orlando was great. He just ran into a prime Hakeem Olajuwon in 1995 and a returning Michael Jordan in 1996.

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