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Wrestling Fans, it is that time again for Wrestling’s greatest show of the year. WRESTLEMANIA. Not only can you watch the event on the WWE Network for just 9.99, you can actually buy it on Pay-Per-View for 59.99. WOW What a deal!

But wait… you can follow along here at where you can get up to the minute rumors, and Predictions throughout the show. Follow LIVE, and comment as you see fit.

Tonight you will see the World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar defending the championship against Roman Reigns. The ICON Sting makes his WWE in ring debut to take on the WWE Chief Operating Officer Triple H. You will also see the Intercontinental Championship defended in a 7 man Ladder Match. This and much more, so refesh often as I will have Live updates as the matches complete

We will kick off with the Pre-Show with the Fatal Four Way Tag Team title match and The Andre the Giant Battle Royal.

Tyson Kidd & Cesaro vs The Usos vs The New Day vs Los Matadores

Fatal Four Way

PREDICTION: Tyson Kidd & Cesaro retain the championships

The match starts off with Kofi Kingston and Cesaro. More of a feeling out process between the two. The match was pretty much out of the referees hands from the get go. As there were alot of forced tags by all the teams. Jey Uso was injured early in the match and he is being helped to the back leaving Jimmy all alone. At one point in the match, El Torito comes in and does a suicide dive on to Kofi, Kofi catches him and throws him to the ground. Natty puts the sharpshooter on El Torito. All are back in the ring now. Big E and Cesaro have the Los Matadores on their shoulders. Tyson and Kofi are up top and hit a flipping neck breaker to both the Matadores. Jimmy up to the top rope and hits the big splash. 1-2. Cesaro breaks up the count and throws Jimmy to the outside. He covers Big E for the 1-2-3. Still tag team champions, Tyson Kidd and Cesaro

Winners: Tyson Kidd & Cesaro

The Andre the Giant Battle Royal


Prediction: Ryback

Curtis Axle out and rips his shirt off like Hulk Hogan. He turns around and all the competitors lift him up and throw him out of the ring. There seems to be a lot more people in this Battle Royal than last year. Fandango eliminated along with someone I could not see. Miz and Mizdow are double teaming Alex Riley, didnt know he was still allowed to wrestle. Riley throws Miz over the top but catches himself on the apron, Mizdow throws Riley over as Miz was holding the rope. Zack Rider eliminated by Bo Dallas, Dallas is celebrating outside of the ring doing laps. He gets back in and is quickly eliminated by the NXT Japanese wrestler, who is quickly compromised by the Big Show and is eliminated. Kane eliminates both Los Matadores. Sin Cara eliminated by Cesaro. Mark Henry throws Tyson Kidd over with a military press. Some triple teaming going on with the New Day. The Ascension eliminates Mark Henry. Connor is looking really good against the Big Show, taking him down with a single clothesline. That is until Ryback goes nuts and eliminates them both as well as Darren Young, his former NXT partner, as well as Heath Slater. Ryback looking impressive. He eliminates Titus O’Neil, and Jack Swagger in just a few seconds apart. New Day is triple teaming Big Show. Throws over the top , catches on the apron, catches all three New Day and eliminates all three. Eric Rowan going to work on the Big Show. Kane working on Cesaro, the defending champion. Show catches Rowan and throws him out by the neck. Ryback still on fire, eliminates Goldust. Ryback goes to suplex Big Show, broken up by Kane who then does a double chokeslam to Miz and Mizdow. Cesaro eliminates Kane with the Body slam over the top rope just like he did last year to Big Show. Show eliminates Jimmy Uso. Down to five.. Cesaro, Big Show, Miz, and Mizdow. and Ryback. Big Show eliminates the reigning champion, Cesaro the same way he did it to him last year with a slam. Ryback slams Big Show, goes for the running clothesline, Show catches him and eliminates him. We have Big Show vs Miz vs Mizdow as final three. Miz and Mizdow are trying to form a plan. Miz walks up to Big Show but Mizdow holds back, Miz wonders what Mizdow is doing. He pleads with Mizdow to help him, saying that the fans need him. Big Show just standing there wondering what they are going to do. Miz yells at Mizdow. Jabs him in the chest. Miz turns his back and MIZDOW ELIMINATES MIZ. Miz tries to get back in only to a big punch by Mizdow. Looks like Mizdow just turned in his notice. We are down to Big Show and Mizdow. Fans are going freaking crazy for Mizdow right now. Big Show taunts Mizdow, tries to thrwo him out but Mizdow does a Steamboat kind of move and gets back in only to get a shoulder tackle from Show. Show is walking around like he can dispose of Mizdow any time. He charges but Mizdow ducks and Show goes over the top but not out. Mizdow works on Show with some kics to try and get him off the ring. He runs and Show catches him with a choke. Mizdow counters in to a headlock, Show puts him over the top rope, Mizdow still holding on trying to power Show over the top rop. Show lifts up Mizdow and throws him off the ring apron to win the Battle Royal.

Winner: The Big Show

This completes the Pre-Show and we are ready to begin Wrestlemania 31, LIVE from San Francisco, California. The crowd is insane, the set up is incredible.

They are really trying to build up the Intercontinental Championship and how it has been one of the most pretigous championships ever. And how many Hall of Famers have held the championship like, Triple H, Edge, Eddie Guerrero, the Ultimate Warrior, Shawn Michaels, Mr. Perfect. They also show highlights of the Shawn Michaels vs Razor Ramon first Wrestlemania Ladder match, along with the other TLC and Ladder matches in Wrestlmania history. Pat Patterson, the first IC champion is out getting the title ready for the ladder match, and we are ready to start the show.

Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match


Prediction: Daniel Bryan

 Match starts with a fury as Barrett is on the outside, Truth runs and jumps over the top on to Barrett, Stardust falls back on the them. Harper with a suicide dive to the outside, Ambrose is on top of the ladder outside the ringa nd jumps on everyone. We are not even two minutes in to the match. Other highlights. Ambrose and Ziggler climb the ladder and pull each other down several times. Stardust jumps off ropes and knocks both off the ladder. The crowd has some Cody chants which irritates. Ambrose tries to set up a mini-ladder. Harper has one two and they end up throwing it at each other. Ambrose gets Power Bombed from the ring to the outside on a ladder and splits the ladder in two. All the wrestlers are going up to the ladder. Ziggler climbs and has it in his hand. Barrett comes and BULL HAMMER!! Bryan climbs up, and BULL HAMMER, Barrett gets hit and is out of the ring. Zigger and Bryan are both at the top of the ladder fighting for it. Bryan knocks Ziggler off the ladder and claims the title. Daniel Bryan is your new Intercontinental Champion.

Winner: New Intercontinental Champion Daniel Bryan

Next on tap.. Seth Rollins vs Randy Orton.


Randy Orton vs Seth Rollins

 Prediction: Randy Orton

Orton is a house of fire in punishing Rollins from the start of the match. Rollins is not able to amount any offense for the first several minutes of the match. J & J security get involved in the match, only to get DDT’d from the apron to the floor, like he does from the second rope. Rollins capitalizes of the distraction and hits a suicide dive to Orton on the outside of the ring. Orton hits the announce table hard. And now Rollins is on the offensive. After a near fall from a suplex, Rollins goes for a wear down hold with a chin lock. Orton tries to get back on the offense but Rollins throws him right into the turnbuckle face first. Rollins talking smack to Orton saying that it is “his time.” Rollins goes to springboard from the outside but misses. Orton back on offense after countering a curb stomp into a power slam. Rollins is down, they show J & J still out on the floor. Orton goes for the DDT to the inside of the ring, but Rollins counters and backdrops Orton to the outside. Rollins springboards off the second rope and hits Orton with a moonsault. Rollins hit the announce table hard on his back. He throws Orton back into the ring, goes up to the top rope Orton runs at him and Rollins falls crotch first on the top rope. Orton with a superplex attempt from the top. Rollins tries to fight off Orton, but gets backdropped from the top rope. Orton with a high cross body, Rollins rolls through it 1-2, Orton kicks out. Orton hits the DDT from the second rope. Rollins is down. Orton takes too much time and Rollins hits a school boy. 1-2 Orton out. Rollins off the ropes into an RKO!!! 1-2.. ROLLINS KICKS OUT OF THE RKO!!! Orton sets up for the kick to the head to take out Rollins. Noble in and RKO to Noble, Mercury up top RKO to Mercury. Rollins back up and hits the curb stomp..covers. 1-2 and ORTON KICKS OUT!!!! The announcers are wondering out Orton kicked out of the curb stomp..(probably the same way Rollins kicked out of the RKO.) Rollins to the top. Misses a moonsault kind of like whisper in the wind. Rollins to the ropes for a curb stomp, Orton counters. Big back drop INTO AN RKO!!! 1-2-3. Orton pins Rollins.

Winner: Randy Orton

They show UFC Champion Ronda Rousey in the crowd at Wrestlemania. She is looking like she wants to get in the ring. As we get ready for the match that has been fourteen years in the making.


Sting vs Triple H

Prediction: Sting

Sting’s entrance is something out of a Japanese gong show. There are several people playing the bongos and a guy who resembles Mr. Fuji hitting the gong. Sting out to a pretty good pop. Triple H entrance shows a tour of San Francisco with Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge. I always look forward to his entrances every Mania. Four robots from out from the stage as they assess the situation in a Robot form. Triple H out from under the stage dressed like a robot. Arnold Schwarzenegger appears on screen and says its time to play the game. Music hits and Triple H still has his robot mask on with the heads of the robots. Weird, but very cool. Lilian Garcia states that this match can only be won by pinfall or submission.

Finally the match begins after about 15 minutes of entrances. The two stare down each other from afar, they lock up and a quick shoulder tackle from Sting to HHH right of the bat. Sting plays to the crowd. HHH is pissed. HHH gains control with a side headlock takedown, HHH delivers the DX crotch chop to Sting, Sting back up with another shoulder block. The crowd is chanting you still go it. They lock up HHH gets the upper hand and starts with several punches to Sting. He goes for the knee to the face but Sting blocks, and down goes HHH, Sting goes for the scorpion death lock, and HHH slides out of the ring. Sting goes after him, goes for a Stinger splash but HHH dodges and Sting hits the barricade. HHH throws Sting into the steps. HHH puts Sting back in the ring and goes in for a rear naked choke to wear down Sting. Sting tries to counter with a few quick punches, he has HHH stunned, whips to turnbuckle HHH hits a boot. Sting counters and gets the scorpion death lock. DX music hits out comes the Outlaws in to the ring, as well as X-pac. Sting fights them off and throws them out. HHH goes for th pedigree. Sting counters and throws HHH outside of the ring. Sting to the top and jumps from the top rope to the outside and hits all the DX members. Sting puts HHH back in the ring. Billy Gunn tries to hit Sting. Sting knocks him off. But HHH quickly hits Sting with the pedigree. He covers 1-2- and Sting kicks out of the pedigree. The crowd is chanting this is awesome, and lets go Sting. This is so far a really up tempo match. Triple H goes to the outside to get the sledgehammer. NWO music hits out comes Hogan, Hall and Nash, but who are they here to help? They slowly walk to the ring, and they attack the DX guys that are outside of the ring. Announcers are saying the Monday night wars have come to Mania. Sting hits the Scorpion Death Drop.. 1-2.. HHH kicks out of the death drop. He goes for the scorpion, HHH trying to counter, but he is now in the scorpion, he tries to get the sledgehammer that is in the ring. Hogan takes it away, X-pac runs Hogan in to the post, and the NWO and DX continute to fight. HHH still in the scorpion. HHH tries to power out and gets to the ropes. Sting goes back to the scorpion when out of nowhere. Shawn Michaels hits the SWEET CHIN MUSIC..Sting is out. HHH covers. 1-2 and NOOOOOO Sting kicks out. More this is awesome chants and they are right. Billy Gunn hands the sledgehammer to HHH, he stalks Sting. Scott Hall hands Sting the baseball bat. Now its a stand off. HHH chages, but Sting hits him with the baseball bat. He then breaks the sledgehammer in two with the bat. Sting back on the offense backing HHH in a corner with fists of fury. He goes back..STINGER SPLASH!!! He goes for a second Stinger splash and HHH hit him in the face with a sledgehammer piece. 1-2-3… and HHH defeats Sting.

Winner- Triple H

Post match. DX and the NWO stare each other down. HHH approaches Sting and backs off DX. Sting and HH stare down, HHH goes for a handshake and the two shake hands in the middle of the ring. This kind of makes me think that this may have been Sting’s one and only match in WWE. We will have to wait and see how this plays out. the NWO raises Sting’s hand.

Maria Menounous interviews the New Intercontinental Champion, Daniel Bryan. During the interview Pat Patterson, Rowdy Roddy Piper, and Ricky Steamboat congratulates Daniel Bryan and Steamboat compares this to his match vs Randy Savage at Wrestlemania 3. Ric Flair comes out and starts acting a fool. Then Bret Hart comes out and says how much he deserves this and starts a YES chant. Ron Simmons comes out and gives a DAMN chant. They all start doing the YES chant.

Skylar Grey is performing on the stage at this point. What this has to do with wresting is beyond me. I guess this is like the halftime show for Wrestlemania.

Halftime back to the action.


The Bella Twins vs Paige & AJ Lee

Prediction: The Bella Twins

Paige and AJ out first skipping to the ring. Paige looks absolutely incredible, and AJ is looking cute as ever. Out come the Bellas sporting some of their merchandise. All are in the ring now, as we start with Nikki vs Paige. Paige right out of the gate takes down Nikki and starts pounding her with fists. Nikki knocks AJ off the apron and hits an Alabama slam to Paige. 1-2 and Paige kicks out. Nikki backs Paige into a corner, tag into Brie, goes up top and hits a missle dropkick to Paige. 1-2 and Paige against kicks out. Brie taunts AJ and puts Paige in a bow and arrow type move. AJ still down on the outside of the ring, she tries to get back up and Brie knocks her back down. This has bascially turned into a handicap match. Double springboard suplex on Paige, covers and again Paige kicks out at two. Paige fights off and gets a cradle. 1-2 Nikki out at two. Nikki bounces up, and hits her signature back breaker. Paige down, Nikki covers 1-2 and Paige kicks out at 2. AJ still down so Paige has noone to tag in. Paige on the offensive takes out both Bellas outside of the ring. AJ back up, Paige crawls to AJ and tags her in. AJ in and starts pounding Nikki, hits a clothesline. Boots to the face, goes for a tornado DDT off the ropes, she flies over the top and hits Nikki on the ropes. AJ goes after Nikki, but Nikki catches her. AJ has the black widow. Paige throws Brie into the steps. NIKKI TAPS!!!

Winners: Paige & AJ Lee. 

They recap last nights WWE Hall of Fame ceremony. Notice the absence of one Mike Rotunda who has not yet been inducted into the Hall of Fame. #RotundaforWWEHOF. The crowd erupts for Connor “the Crusher” Mihalek. Awesome that the fans did this. NWO music hits again and out come Kevin Nash announced as Big Daddy Cool Kevin Nash. Good solid pop for the inductees. Next year with Mike Rotunda gets in it will be a much bigger pop.


United States Championship

Rusev vs John Cena

Prediction: John Cena – New United States Champion

The Russian national anthem is played and several Russian marchers are escorting Lana (who looks amazing by the way) to the ring as she is holding the United States title. Rusev appears on top of a tank and cannons fire off. Rusev is in the ring doing his little shimmy and holds the US title up high. Rusev is getting some massive heat right now. Cena’s entrance starts with a touch of American history, including former Presidents, Washington DC, the American flag, and a host of other United States historical events. Cena’s music hits and the crowd gives him a massive pop. Maybe this new American hero gimmick for Cena will help him get over with the crowd now. The ring announcer goes to introduce Cena, Rusev interrupts and demands to be introduced first. The crowd is really hating on him now.

So they are finally ready to start the match. These entrances tonight are longer than a typical night of wrestling action on a given Raw.

Rusev attacks, but Cena counters quick into a quick cover. Rusev easily kicks out. Cena to the ropes and hits Cena with a spinning heel kick. Action is starting at a very face pace to open. Rusev in control and has several near fall attempts. Rusev hits an incredible belly to back suplex that nearly sent Cena to the clouds. Cena trying to amount to some offense, but Rusev keeps on the attack. He throws Cena and does a flip into Cena. Rusev grabs the Russian flag and waives over Cena who is out on the mat. Rusev is taunting the crowd, and hovers over Cena. Cena kicks him in the shoulder and it appears that Rusev is hurt. Cena hits several shoulder tackles, Rusev down. Cena goes for five knuckle shuffle and hits. Cena goes for the AA, Rusev counters into another belly to back suplex. Rusev covers 1-2, and Cena out at 2. Rusev back on the offensive, goes for superkick, misses and Cena counters into the STF,  but cannot quite get it on him. Rusev back up goes to Cena, picks him up to the top rope for a superplex. Cena powers out knocks Rusev off the ropes, Cena jumps and hits the leg drop to Rusev from the top rope. 1-2, Rusev out at two. Crowd is chanting “Let’s go Lana” this crowd is really into this match and the whole show. Cena goes for the AA again, Rusev counters and hits a super kick. Kicks to the back to set up the accolade. Covers 1-2, Cena out at two. Rusev runs at Cena, Cena gets the boots up, and Rusev is down, Cena covers 1-2 and Rusev out at two. Both seem to be really winded right now and we are still pretty early in the match. Cena goes after Rusev with fists, back and forth with fists between the two. Rusev yells at Cena You cant beat me John Cena and takes Cena down with a knee to the face. Covers 1-2 and Cena out at 2. Rusev goes for a stop to the face, Cena counters into the STF!!!! Rusev in the middle of the ring. Lana throws her shoe in the middle of the ring. Rusev makes it to the ropes. Rusev doesnt see the shoe obviously, Rusev up, Cena goes after him and gets caught into a slam. Rusev up to the top rope Flies and hits a Benoit Head Butt Covers. 1-2 and Cena kicks out. Rusev frustrated now that he cannot pin Cena. Rusev setting up for the accolade, kick to the back. He is going for the accolade, Cena trying to power out of it and avoids it. Cena springboards off the second rope and hits Rusev with a stunner type move from the second rope. Cena covers 1-2 and Rusev out at 2. Goes again for the AA, and again Rusev counters. Superkick, face buster on Cena, and he has Cena in the Accolade. Cena turning a purplelish color in the face. Cena tries to power out but to no avail. Cena seems to be fading. He powers up again and BREAKS THE ACCOLADE. Rusev goes after Cena, Drop toe hold into an Rusev is in danger of submitting. Rusev goes to the ropes gets pulled back. Lana on the apron, Cena goes to her. Rusev runs at Cena, he moves and Rusev hits Lana off the ring apron. HE HITS THE AA!!! 1-2-3.. Cena is the NEW United States Champion!!!!

Winner: John Cena, New United States Champion.

Rusev is yelling at Lana on the outside of the ring, and walks back ot the back leaving Lana behind. Cena celebrates with the championship.

They announce next years Wrestlemania at Jerry world. AT&T stadium in Dallas Texas.

Stephanie and Triple H are out to announce that LEVI stadium has set a new record crowd of over 76 thousand people. Stephanie thanks the crowd and reminds them of Wrestlemania 3 when she was little. She says that this would not be possible without she and Triple H. She said the WWE would not be where it is today without them. The crowd is all over them. Triple H grabs the mic and gloats of his victory and says that he has beaten everyone that bets against them, and says that he feels as if he defeated all 76 thousand in attendance, and the millions watching on the network. He continues to say how he owns everyone in the back and all of the fans. He states that the Authority always wins. CUE MUSIC. IF YA SMELLLLLL. The Rock is out. Triple H and Stephanie do not look to happy. Rock is on the mic now, the crowd is going crazy. Stephanie says we all get it you are happy to see him, now can you be quite now? More Rocky chants. Rock says to the Authority that they do not own them, and you damn sure don’t own the Rock. Rock talks about how he is a East Bay boy…fitting that they are out west, but whatever. He mocks Triple H about his outfit earlier and the Terminator gear. He tells Triple H that they can create another Wrestlemania right now with he and HHH. They stare each other down, almost like Rock vs Hogan at Mania 17. HHH says they had a hell of a ride and how he kicked his ass for most of it, and has nothing to prove to him now. Rock states that he left his heart in San Francisco, but HHH left his balls in Stamford Connecticut. HHH takes off his suit jacket, but is stopped by Stephanie. She berades Rock and states that without the McMahons there would be no Rock. She goes after his grandfather, and father, and that Dwayne Johnson would be no body without Vince Sr, Vince Jr. And Stephanie McMahon. He tells her that she talks about the Johnsons and McMahons but she woudl not be in power if it was not for Vince McMahons “Johnson” Stephanie slaps Rock. She asks what is he going to do now? She tells Rock to get out of there now!! Rock stares at her, but walks back, Stephanie mocks him again. Rock walks up the ramp, she is still talking and mocking him. He walks back to the ring, circles the ring. He walks up to Ronda Rousey and he invites her into the ring. Stephanie is wondering what she is doing. She looks a little concerned. Rock back on the mic with Ronda Rousey in the ring next to him. Stephanie is smiling. Rock states the Rock would never hit a woman but he has a very good friend who would be happy to. Stephanie says this is a nice surprise but she and Ronda are friends, and Ronda is a fan of hers too, she says tell him Ronda. She says its ridiculous to think that Ronda Rousey can have a Wrestlemania moment, she then starts to compliment her talents in the UFC, but in the WWE ring this is her ring and tells her to get the hell out of her ring and enjoy Wrestlemania like a nice little fan. Ronda gets on the match, and says that any ring she steps into is hers. She says if you want me to leave, then why dont you make me. Stephanie says again to get the hell out of her ring…NOW!! Rock on the mic and tells Stephanie to shut up as she has a look on her now, and that means she is about to play jump rope with her falopian tubes. HHH on mic saying thats the last thing he is going to say about his wife. Rock says that is correct and that is the last thing he is going to say. He then starts attacking HHH. HHH goes after Ronda Rousey and she takes down HHH. Stephanie berates Rouseygoes to slap her and Rousey grabs Stephanie and puts her in a move that would break someones arm, but Ronda let her go. Stephanie leaves the ring. Rock says that is called being owned. And what they just did was the biggest WM moment of the night.


The Undertaker vs Bray Wyatt

Prediction: The Undertaker

 Undertaker is out to a nice pop. The energy does not seem as good as it has in years past when he had the streak. However, even at 50 years old, he looks to be in great shape, and he grew his hair back partially for the occasion. He kind of looks like the Biker Undertaker. Lawler makes a comment that he looks better than the last time we saw him and JBL agreed.

The bell rings and we on underway. The crowd is really into the Undertaker now. Bray is pacing around the ring saying that he owns all of this. Bray charges Taker and Taker knocks him down. Taker begins on the offensive backing Bray into a corner and pounds him. Taker goes to work on the shoulder of Bray, He goes to the top for some Old School and delivers. Bray is down. Crowd chants You still got it. Bray hits a clothesline and then another clothesline outside the ring but Taker lands on his feet. Wyatt pulled to the outside and gets thrown in the barricade. Rolls him back in, Taker hits a leg drop on the apron. So far we are seeing some old moves from the Taker of past. They are back in ring now, Taker hits a clothesline to the turnbuckle, picks him up and hits the snake eyes. He goes for the boot but Bray takes him down. Now Bray is on the offensive. Continues to punish Taker with fists. Taker trying to counter. But Bray backs him to a corner and hits several knees, follows up with a big avalanche splash in the corner. He covers Taker 1-2 and Taker out easily. Bray keeps pounding on the back of Takers head. Bray pulls Taker to the outside and smashes Takers head into the post. Bray has Taker down he goes to pound him and Taker counters into hells gate, but did not have it on all the way so Bray got out of it. Taker trying to get to his feet, he goes to Bray and Bray hits the chokeslam on Taker, pin..1-2 and Taker kicks out. Taker is down and appears to be hurt, then again he is an old man so he really may be hurting. Bray goes upside down and looks at Taker, goes for Sister Abigail, Taker counters and grabs Bray’s throat. CHOKESLAM!!! Bray is down. Taker signals that this is it. He goes for the TOMBSTONE piledriver..HE HITS IT. The Cover. 1-2 and Bray is out at a long two. Taker back up and signals again for the end. He goes for the Tombstone again, countered into SISTER ABIGAIL. Bray goes for the quick pin. 1-2 and UNDERTAKER OUT AT 2..barely. Wyatt crawls backwards to Taker. He backwalks into Taker and Taker sits up like the Taker of old and stares him down. They are both back up and start brawling back and forth. Bray sets up for Sister Abigail. Taker counters into the Tombstone. HITS IT. Covers. 1-2-3. And the Undertaker is now 22-1 at Wrestlemania.

Winner- The Undertaker


WWE World Heavyweight Championship

Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns

Prediction: Roman Reigns New WWE World Heavyweight Champion

Simple introductions. Reigns out through the crowd as usual, Lesnar comes out with Heyman. Heyman wants to introduce Lesnar. Bell rings, and Reigns charges Lesnar, he gets caught immediately into an F5. No cover though. He picks Reigns up and delivers multiple belly to back suplexes. He goes for another one, but Reigns fights out of it. Reigns goes for a clothesline but no effect on Brock. Brock gets the upper hand and hits yet another belly to back suplex. This is starting to look like Cena vs Lesnar at Summerslam. Lesnar appears to have a small cut under his eye apparantly from Reigns’ onslaught at the beginning. He tells Reigns that he is in suplex city. Reigns comes back with a few punches, but Lesnar again hits a belly to back suplex. Reigns down but smiling at Lesnar. Lesnar is on the attack kicking and pounding Reigns, and hits the sixth Belly to back suplex of the match. Brock sets up for a traditional suplex and drops Reigns on the ropes and continutes to punish him while on the ropes. Brock appears to be unstoppable. Brock throws him off the apron right into the barricade. No offense for Reigns as of yet. Brock goes to spear him again to the barricade but Reigns catches him with a knee to the nose. Before Reigns could do anything else, Brock throws him back down to the floor. JBL acknowledges that Reigns is being dominated right now. Brock puts him back in the ring, and hits another suplex. Brock picks him up and hits ANOTHER F5. 1-2 and Reigns kicks out at 2. Brock takes off the gloves and is getting serious now. He slaps Reigns while he is down. Roman starts talking to Brock saying bring it and give him some more. Roman is laughing at Brock Lesnar now. So how about another belly to back suplex.Another one makes it ten for the match. Up for a third F5, covers 1-2 and Reigns kicks out again!!. Heyman is furious. Brock throws Reigns to the outside again. He goes to throw Reigns into the post. Reigns counters and Lesnar goes face first in the post. Lesnar is busted open..and I MEAN BUSTED OPEN. Brock is on wobbily legs. Reigns back in the ring. He is up. SUPERMAN PUNCH, but Lesnar didnt go down. An SECOND SUPERMAN PUNCH,  Brock down to one knee only. Goes for a third, counters goes for a belly to back, Reigns counters into a third Super Man punch. SPEAR!!! Lesnar back up SECOND SPEAR!!!! 1-2.. LESNAR KICKS OUT!!! Things are getting awesome now.  Reigns goes for a third spear. Brock counters into an F5, fourth of the night, but he cannot cover him. MUSIC HITS. SETH ROLLINS IS OUT TO CASH IN THE MONEY IN THE BANK! They announce that this is now a triple threat match. Bell rings. CURB STOMP to Lesnar. Goes for another one. F5!!!! Spear on Lesnar. CURB STOMP on Reigns. 1-2-3. Seth Rollins is the new WWE World Champion.

Winner: Seth Rollins New WWE World Heavyweight Champion. 

Seth celebrates on the ramp as the fireworks go off. The Crowd is shocked. Brock and Roman are still down at ringside. Reigns looks up at Rollins as they go off the air.

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