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I tend to just run through my pay-tv channels and see whats there, and if anything is coming up, I also hit a ton of Pawn Shops, The last movie I bought Brand New (other than the Lord of the Rings Extended Nerd Edition) was 300.

I’ve always been a fan of John Cusack, and while flipping channels, I saw this one- I’ve never heard of it.

So Lets get into it.

Adult World SqThe girl from We’re the Millers (Emma Roberts) is a poet. She is about to have sex with one of more boring people in college. Stunning, there is a camera with two jerks in the closet. She snatches the camera, and hopefully it broke. How is this still a thing in 2013? Anyway, She graduates, and with her degree in Poetry, she sends in a lot of poetry, and has to pay a lot of “reading” fees. Yeah. That doesn’t last long, and she ends up being told by her dad that she needs to get a job to start paying back her 90K student loans (HOLY SHEEPDIP) and she goes out to find a job. Her Poetry degree is almost as valuable as my degree, currently doing a great job of keeping my TV stand level in my kitchen.
She ends up getting a job in Adult World- yes, a porn shop owned by an Elderly couple (Cloris Leachman gets like 15 seconds) and managed by the guy she’s gonna end up banging- spoiler alert. I have another spolier alert. The Avengers are gonna win. She ends up meeting up with her poetic idol, who brushes her off, and moves in with a transvestite she met for 10 minutes at Adult World.

So How is the movie?

Slow, Its an indy movie, so that’s to be expected, but I get tired of the “angst” and to be honest, no one here pulls it off. Cusack is decent, but he waffles between bad writing and mailing it in. The Boy is decent in a Michael Cera way, and Emma Roberts is . . .good-ish I guess?

I can’t really think of a reason to watch this film, I just can’t. The ending is- well, the ending sucks, the pre-ending is the best part, but the payoff isn’t worth it. This is a one movie.

Spoilers Shead

OK, so lets talk about this one.

Let me ask a few Qs.

1. Rich-Bitch poet girl from the Suburbs, and she’s not only never had sex, but never tried drugs?

2. She’s a shade off goth for the bulk of the movie, and again, no drugs. adult world 2

3. Why is Cloris Leachman here? Why spend the money or have her take the day off to swing by and do this?

4. Cusack is 100% right, she has no experience in life. That doesn’t mean she can’t write poetry.

4b. Here is the biggie- her poetry is shit, because she knows nothing about life, yet she wins a WRITING contest about sex, and she’s a virgin? Isn’t that kind of a mixed message?

5. Cusack seems to warm to her for no reason. She stalks him to his house, then he gives her the run of the place because she says she will clean? Really?

6. Cusack seems to try too hard to be an A-Hole, and for no real reason- if he’s tired of stalkers then the rest of the movie kinds dings that.

7. How does Emma know where the guy lives? She says she got there from being the only bus route she knew, but DAYUM.

8. Again. The guy convinces her to take medical marijuana in 20 seconds.

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